P3 - Owari no Kakera Cover

Persona 3: Owari no Kakera (ペルソナ3 オワリノカケラ?, lit. "Persona 3 Fragments of the End") is a Persona 3 novel written by Kenichi Fujiwara and illustrated by Shigenori Soejima.


  • Japan: October 30, 2006


Owari no Kakera is an original story taking place one month prior to the beginning of the original game. It is told mainly from Akihiko Sanada's perspective beginning with him seeing a mysterious humanoid-shaped Shadow while exploring the Tartarus together with Mitsuru Kirijo.

The following day, the story introduces Aya Tokitou (時任亜夜), an upperclassman to the two of them and an original character created for the novel. She is a graduating senior who worked as a manager for the boxing club and harbors a romantic interest in Akihiko which is unrequited due to his generally oblivious nature.

Due to a chance meeting, Akihiko discovers she can experience the Dark Hour as well, though until they can discover if she can use a Persona, she stays at the dormitory with the others.

The novel expands upon Shinjiro Aragaki's relationship with Mitsuru and Akihiko, as well as touches on Yukari Takeba's entrance to the dorm and Mitsuru's execution techniques. During the climatic battle, Shinjiro and Akihiko are shown to be able to use fusion spells together.

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