P2 Errors of Their Youth

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Persona 2: Innocent Sin ~ The Errors of Their Youth (ペルソナ 2 罪と罰 果てしなき青春, Perusona tsu Tsumi to Batsu Hateshinaki Seishun) is a jumble CD containing drama and remixed vocal tracks. Apart from the first track, which serves as the prologue to the beginning of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, the rest is purely parody featuring characters in Persona 2: Innocent Sin.

Track ListEdit

#Track nameNote
1.StigmaPrologue to Eternal Punishment
2.Open Your Heart ~ Up-Lifting House MixVocal remix of Maya's theme
3.Nanashi-kunParodying Igor's forgetfulness and Nameless' obsession with numbers
4.Luv Beam ~ Break the Rhythm MixVocal remix of Eikichi's theme
5.Rumored Hot Spring Voyeur IncidentThe party goes to a hot spring. Antics ensure.
6.China luv ~ Hong Kong MixVocal remix of Lisa's theme
7.A Man's FeelingsParody of Tatsuya's demon negotiation command, Discuss Manliness, and the party talking about the choice of their underwear.
8.Jun Kurosu ~ Contact Command (Astrology)Parody to Jun's demon negotiation command, Tell Horoscope.
9.X Trip ~ X Re-ConstructionVocal remix of Jun's theme
10.Bomb Shelter Imitation HellParodying when the party stumbled into the Bomb Shelter and Tatsuya loses his ability to imitate strange sounds.
11.Police Dog Bobby-KunTatsuya sings "Persona Ondo" vigorously and a cappella with the police mascot dog (voiced by Nameless' VA)
12.I'm in You ~ Another Night Groove Mix
13.Velvet Room Chapter 1 Parody of the Persona summoning scene in Velvet Room
14.Velvet Room Chapter 2
15.Velvet Room Chapter 3
16.Truth I Need ~ Classical Fantasy MixVocal remix of Yukino's theme
17.Chinyan's Imitation CornerParody of Tatsuya's demon negotiation command, Do Impressions.
18.Persona Mambo ~ Latin Essential MixRemix of "Persona Mambo" from the Eternal Punishment OST
19.A Dangerous RelationshipParodying Tatsuya and Jun's ambiguous yaoi relationship.

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