The additional scenario (アディショナルシナリオ) of the PSP remake of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is a side story supplementary to the main plot which details the adventure of Tatsuya Suou. The new scenario features new characters and a more novelesque presentation with monologues from Tatsuya, something that is not in the main plot.

The story is divided into three chapters and each is unlocked and accessed via Igor in the Velvet Room as the main plot has progressed at certain points. Chapter 2 and 3 are only unlockable on Kei Nanjo's route. If one chooses Eriko Kirishima's route, only the first chapter is unlocked.

Chapter, title Point of unlock
1. Lone Shadow 1 (孤影1) After GOLD
2. Lone Shadow 2 (孤影2) After Laboratory (Kei Nanjo's route)
3. Without Trace (無影無踪) After Ameno Torifune

Tatsuya is fighting alone in the first 2 chapters and his Persona is fixed to Apollo only. The rest of the party joins Tatsuya in chapter 3 and is free to change Personas. All items, tarot cards and money are inheritable between the main and additional scenarios, so it is recommended to prepare enough recovery items before proceeding as there is no shop for supplies during the additional scenario. However, one can retire from the scenario while not in a battle or cut-scene at any given time, and the items earned from the additional scenario will still pass down to the main plot.

A transcript of the scenario can be read here and here.


  • Tarot cards of the Fool Arcana, which are generally very difficult to acquire, can be easily obtained without limit by abusing the retire function in chapter 3.
  • The character Randolph Carter takes his name from one of H.P Lovecraft's most reccurring characters. He appears most popularly in "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath," where he travels to find Kadath and confronts Nyarlathotep, but survives the encounter.
  • For strange or unknown reasons, scenes in Tatsuya Scenario shows Apollo in his Innocent Sin design than his Eternal Punishment design.
  • When Tatsuya meets Tatsuya Sudou in Club Zodiac, the Innocent Sin Joker and Masked Circle flags are still hanged around the room when they shouldn't in Eternal Punishment.

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