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Persona -trinity soul- The Sound of Christmas is a Persona -trinity soul- drama CD.

Release Date

  • Japan: November 27, 2008


The Sound of Christmas is an original side story set during the first half of the series and is written by Saya Matsuda, one of the anime's script writers. Set a little before Christmas, Jun Kanzato wants to celebrate Christmas Eve with his brothers and pressures Shin Kanzato to keep his schedule open for it. This leads to a misunderstanding the next day at school when Shin admits he can't have a Christmas party with Megumi Kayano, Takuro Sakakiba, Kanaru Morimoto, and Mayuri Yamazaki, who assume he's planning on spending it with a girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Ryo Kanzato and Akihiko Sanada have noticed an increase of Kagenuki activity and have found rumors tying it to the reappearance of Mori, the mysterious girl who introduced the concept of Kagenuki to Ayanagi City. Kanaru also hears about this through one of the former members of her Kagenuki circle. According to this member, Mori will be performing Kagenuki in a certain club on Christmas Eve. Kanaru decides she would like to meet Mori and claims she intends to ask her to stop performing.

Megumi and the others find out that she's been attacked shortly after going there and hurry to help her. Shin, misunderstanding the message, comes in a bear costume he claims to have found in Ryo's room. Jun, worried about Kanaru, comes along as well. After infiltrating the club and getting into a few fights, they discover that this Mori was simply a publicity stunt by the club, looking to capitalize on the popularity of Kagenuki amongst teens.

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