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The male protagonist at Paulownia Mall.

Paulownia Mall (ポロニアンモール, Poronian Mouru)? is a location in Persona 3. Located in Tatsumi Port Island, it is an important commercial area. The area's theme music is "Paulownian Mall."



Game Panic[]

Game Panic, known as Game Parade in the 2023 re-release of Persona 3 Portable and Reload, is an arcade located on the right side of the mall. The protagonists may spend time with a Social Link here. In FES, Portable and Reload, certain games can be played to increase the protagonists' Social Stats or the stats of their currently equipped Persona. Besides arcade games, there is also a crane game located outside the arcade which costs 200 yen per game, and does not use up any in-game time. In Reload, there is an option to continuously spend turns playing until the protagonist wins a prize.

Power Records[]

Power Records, known as Kenneth Arnold in Reload, sells music albums. Despite the inability to enter or do anything with the store, during weekends the protagonists may spend time with a Social Link here.

Aohige Pharmacy[]

Aohige Pharmacy sells recovery items and gives a discount on Saturdays.

Shinshoudo Antiques[]

Shinshoudo Antiques, known as Mayoido Antiques in Reload, is an antique shop where the protagonists can trade gems found in Tartarus for various items, Skill Cards, and gifts. They can also fuse Personas with weapons to create unique weapons, some among the best in the game. The antique shop opens on June 9th in all versions except Reload, which opens on July 18th.

Velvet Room Entrance[]

Located below the Karaoke Bar Mandragora, it serves as an alternate entrance to the Velvet Room.


"Don't be shy... Belt it out!"
—Mandragora's menu

Mandragora is a Karaoke Bar where the protagonists can increase their Courage for 800 yen. It gets too busy to visit on Saturdays.

Police Station[]

The police station, known as the Tatsumi East Police Station in Reload, becomes available on April 22nd in Persona 3 and April 21st in Reload after Akihiko Sanada asks the protagonist and Junpei Iori to meet him at the mall. Sells weapons and armor. Depending on the level of the protagonist, more equipment will gradually become available. In P3 and FES, the police station cannot be accessed during the evening, though it is possible in Portable and Reload. Officer Kurosawa gives a 25% discount on Mondays.

Be Blue V[]

"Our special 3,000-yen program will send you to heaven!"
—Be Blue V's menu

Be Blue V is an accessory shop in P3 and FES, a healing shop in Portable, and a place where party members can remember forgotten skills in Reload. It sells at a 25% discount on Sundays and closes in the evening. In Portable, Be Blue V does not sell items and instead improves the protagonists' condition from "Tired" to "Great" for 3,000 yen. The protagonists can also work here part-time Monday through Friday, either after school or during the day on days off. In Reload, the protagonist earns ¥3,500 and points in both Academics & Charm when working part-time.

Chagall Café[]

"A charming flavor that will turn on your charm."
—Chagall Cafe's menu

Chagall Café sells Pheromone Coffee for 500 yen which increases Charm. In Portable and Reload, the protagonists can work here part-time on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights for 3,000 yen. Working will increase both Charm and Courage. The same café can be found in Okina City, a location in Persona 4 Golden.

Club Escapade[]

Club Escapade only opens at night and the protagonist requires rank 2 Courage (Ordinary) to enter. The Tower Social Link, Mutatsu, can be found here. In Persona 4, the Investigation Team visits this club during their school trip at Tatsumi Port Island.

In Reload, the club's activities have been expanded to include three new NPCs: a man who sells URLs, a man who sells accessories for exorbitant prices, and a fortune teller.

A Suspicious Man, also known as The Informant, collects information from various people about interesting sites and forums, then sells the URLs. Buying these URLs and then using them on the computer in the dormitory will have various effects.

Escapade Luxuries is a vendor that sells accessories and a key item required for one of Elizabeth's Requests.

The fortune teller will read the protagonist's future for a fee. A positive reading will affect the next journey into Tartarus but the results of a fortune only last for the day it's received. There are a limited number of readings available in a given month, as it resets with each full moon. The fortune teller cannot predict the future on nights where the moon is full.

Fortunes are as follows:

  • Rarity Fortune
    • ¥3,000
    • Increases chances of encountering rare enemies in Tartarus.
  • Gamble Fortune
    • Increases chances of enemies turning into strong or rare enemies.
  • Soul Fortune (6/14)
    • ¥5,000
    • Increases the rate at which Theurgy gauge charges.
  • Blighting Fortune (9/22)
    • ¥5,000
    • Increases chances of inflicting enemies with ailments in Tartarus.




Vincent in Club Escapade.

  • Paulownia Mall is named after the first chapter of The Tale of Genji, "The Paulownia Court/Pavilion."
  • Paulownia is a genus of flowering plants. It is also used as the emblem of the Japanese government.
  • The kiri (桐*)? in Kirijo, the name of the group that built Paulownia Mall, means "paulownia."
    • The Brazilian Portuguese translation of Persona 3 Reload renamed Paulownia Mall to "Kiri Shopping Mall."
  • Paulownia Mall is where SEES fights the Hermit Shadow during the Full Moon.
  • In Persona 3 Portable, the protagonist can talk with Vincent Brooks, the main protagonist of Catherine, in Club Escapade.
  • In Portable, during the September Full Moon mission that takes place in Club Escapade, Shinjiro says that due to issues with the electricity, the manager of Escapade had to cancel "some big event." This is a reference to Persona 4's Rise Kujikawa, who, while on the class trip to Tatsumi Port Island, claims that she had a "secret show" planned at Club Escapade two years prior that was canceled due to a "power outage."
    • As revealed in Persona 4, Naoto confirms that Club Escapade no longer serves alcohol due to an incident between several drunks one year before the events of Persona 4.
  • As revealed in the Hermit Social Link, Isako Toriumi once got extremely drunk and passed out in Paulownia Mall. In response, an older man called her a "drunk slut."[1]
  • Mandragora is a plant genus belonging to the nightshade family. According to legend, Mandrakes scream and kill all who hear it when they're dug up.
  • Jack Frost can be seen in Game Panic's logo.


  1. Hermit Social Link, Rank 4: "The other nite, i got a lil drunky, and i kinda passd out @ Paulownia... this old dude says, 'you think men want drunk sluts like you?'"

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