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The Path of Da'at, is the ninth path of Mementos, and acts as the true depths of the Palace of the Masses during the Third Semester's events in Persona 5 Royal.


The Path of Da'at can be first accessed by the Phantom Thieves on January 13th, when the Third Semester's free time window is open. This path consists of 16 areas (with waiting rooms for rest on areas 5 and 11), with the 16th area as the Cognitive Control Room, which must be reached to continue the infiltration in Maruki's Palace.

Da'at possesses a white ambience, with turquoise roots spreading across the areas and the first eight zones of Mementos, to symbolise Maruki's control over the Palace of the Masses following Yaldabaoth's defeat on the Day of Reckoning. 

These roots also are seen in the first eight paths of Mementos and are concentrated in the centre of the Hall of the Grail, where the Holy Grail was placed. The same roots were also used to invoke berserk Cendrillon from Sumire Yoshizawa way before.

The Hall of the Grail is the area that lies beyond the Path of Iweleth, after the Prison of Regression is destroyed, and acts as the compressed remnants of the Shrine of the Holy Grail and has an elevator ascending upwards into Da'at.

When the Shadow Selves for the four Mementos Requests inhabit an area, the walls become turquoise as well, symbolising Maruki's lack of control over the targets, since he has not overwritten the world with his actualization for the time being.

The Shadows found in here take the form of slender human-like creatures with fossilized appearances and wear white and turquoise masks. They have thin hands that flail about and eight tentacles to move forward.

List of EnemiesEdit

The Shadows found on this path are found in both the Depths of Mementos and the Qilpoth World, so if they have not been recruited yet, the protagonist can do so in this zone. There are also much stronger groups of Shadows found in past Palaces with different titles that cannot be recruited or negotiated with.


  • Da'at, in Kabbalistic mythology, is the state where all ten Sephirah in the Tree of Life are united as one. Sometimes, it is considered a proper Sephirah on its own. In particular, this path is based on the lower Da'at or the personnification of Zeir Anpin as opposed to the upper Da'at represented by Adam Kadmon. Zeir Anpin embodies mental aspects, including reason and emotion. It is also associated with ideas or powers that rely on recognition, perception and consciousness, tying it to Maruki's (Or Azathoth's/Adam Kadmon's) ability to manipulate cognition.
  • Unlike other Mementos areas, the Path of Da'at is named after the unison of all Sephirah (Or in some interpretations, a Sephirah itself) instead of a Qliphah.
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