The Path of Chemdah

The Path of Chemdah (節制奪われし路, Sessei Ubawa Reshi Michi)? is the third area of Mementos in Persona 5.


The Path of Chemdah can be accessed by the Phantom Thieves on June 6th. Chemdah consists of eight areas, with the rest platform being in the fifth area and the end platform as the eighth. Visually, Chemdah consists of the same subway zones, but with deteriorating tiles and a yellow ambience. Chemdah also introduces breakable walls which Morgana can ram through to reveal treasure chests. Shadows found in the Path of Chemdah correspond to the Shadows found in Madarame's Palace.

Search ObjectsEdit

Item Type Item Type Item Type
Devil Fruit Item Kagutsuchi Orb Item Straw Doll Item
Thick Parchment Material Plant Balm Material Thin Copper Treasure
Hole Copper Treasure Thin Silver Treasure Pearl Treasure
Amethyst Treasure


Item Type Item Type Item Type
Blank Card x1 Skill Card Thin Gold x1 Treasure Hole Gold x2 Treasure
Talwar Curved Sword Imitation Katana Japanese Sword Acrylic-coated Gear Armor
Paint-flecked Armor Armor Army Vest Armor Power Camisole Armor
Athletic Shirt Armor Blank Card x3 Skill Card Papal Robes Armor
Elysian Robe Armor Id Collar Armor Plate Vest Armor
Armada Belt Accessory


Shadow Arcana Lv HP SP Affinity Type Drop Area
Melee Icon P5 Ranged Icon P5 Fire Icon P5 Ice Icon P5 Elec Icon P5 Wind Icon P5 Psy Icon P5 Nuclear Icon P5 Light Icon P5 Dark Icon P5
Girl of the Hanging Tree Hanged Man 9 169 105 Wk Rpl Wk Upbeat Plant Balm 1-3
Leafy Old Man Hermit 9 188 93 Str Wk Str Str Timid Silk Yarn 2-3
Night-walking Warrior Death 9 230 78 Str Wk Gloomy Silk Yarn 1-4
Waterside Nymph Priestess 11 145 105 Str Wk Upbeat Plant Balm 1-4
Foolish Monk Temperance 11 168 87 Wk Str Wk Upbeat Cork Bark 6-7
Mocking Snowman Magician 11 214 129 Wk Nul Timid Plant Balm 4,6
Corpse Bird Moon 12 206 102 Wk Str Wk Nul Gloomy Tin Clasp 3-4
Embittered Blacksmith Hermit 13 365 96 Str Wk Rpl Str Str Upbeat Tin Clasp 1-4
Possessing Dog Ghost Hanged Man 14 223 105 Nul Wk Nul Timid Thick Parchment 4,6-7
Hunting Wolf Spirit Temperance 15 305 111 Wk Str Str Nul Upbeat Thick Parchment 6-7
War-hungry Horseman Emperor 16 285 108 Str Str Wk Str Irritable - 3-4
Noisy Mountain Spirit Hermit 17 159 150 Wk Rpl Wk Timid Plant Balm 6-7
Night Chimera Moon 20 312 168 Wk Str Nul Irritable Tin Clasp 4
Bringer of Misfortune Chariot 21 565 126 Nul Nul Wk Nul Nul Irritable Thick Parchment 6-7
Regent Emperor 10 165 93 Str Str Str Str Str Str Wk Wk Str Str Upbeat - 1-4,6-7


Shadow Arcana Lv HP SP Affinity Area Request
Melee Icon P5 Ranged Icon P5 Fire Icon P5 Ice Icon P5 Elec Icon P5 Wind Icon P5 Psy Icon P5 Nuclear Icon P5 Light Icon P5 Dark Icon P5
Shadow Odo Emperor 23 750 150 Str Str Nul Str 1 Part-time Job, Full-time Hell
Shadow Oyamada Emperor 23 800 1,200 Str Dr Str Str Str Str Nul Nul 2 Bad Medicine
Shadow Uchimara Moon 34 550 720 Str Str Dr Wk Str 3 Ending the Boyfriend's Abuse
Shadow Mrs. Takase Empress 30 600 850 Wk 7 A Teacher Maid to Suffer
Shadow Mr. Takase Emperor 31 800 162 Wk Str 7 A Teacher Maid to Suffer
Shadow Mogami Fool 35 1,300 600 8 The Lovesick Cyberstalking Girl

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