Password is a mechanic in the series.



Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey/ ReduxEdit

The password system allows one to obtain far more powerful demons prepared by others or to give to others by inputting a long code into the screen. A number of demons are inaccessible in the game without using their passwords. These demons don't count towards the Compendium. Due to breaking the code behind it, NPCs and Bosses that were not summonable ingame were able to be gotten via password, though they lack their boss specific skills. This includes the likes of ally NPCs like Jimenez or the final boss Mem Aleph.

Redux allows one to use the Password system to transfer demons from the DS Strange Journey to the 3DS Redux.

Devil Children SeriesEdit

Certain demons are hidden throughout the game. Upon finding them a password must be entered to have them join the party. These passwords are in Japanese with the exclusion of Demikids, where the passwords are in English.

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