Party Switch is a mechanic in Persona 5 that is unlocked with Star Confidant, Hifumi Togo.



Persona 5Edit

Party Switch allows the player to switch any party member (except for the protagonist) during battle. The target to be switched out must not be knocked out or in status ailments. This mechanic is useful in switching party members who show weaknesses to certain elements or to prevent them from being knocked out if the player can't heal them in time.

Initiating Hifumi Togo's Star Confidant unlocks the mechanic Koma Sabaki and only allows the skill to be used only during the protagonist's turn. The protagonist may only switch out one ally using this tactic and will use up his turn. Maxing out the Star Confidant unlocks the Togo System, which allows all party members the ability to use their turn to switch themselves out with an ally.

Additionally, Futaba Sakura can offer to switch knocked out party members through her Confidant abilities. If the player progressed Tower confidant with Shinya Oda, a switched out party member can trigger a random fire follow up attacks for additional damage.

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