Part Time Job is a mechanic found in Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 and Persona 5.

Persona 3 Portable Edit

There are two jobs at Paulownia Mall:

  • Be blue V
  • Chagall Cafe

Although not really a "job", the player can walk Koromaru in Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable in the evenings.

Persona 4 Edit

There are six:

Persona 4 Golden adds one more:

  • Pub Dishwasher

Persona 5 Edit

The protagonist can find work by going up to a part time job magazine and looking for work. Doing these jobs will cause time to pass and earn money. Several jobs require certain conditions before he can apply.

  • Convenience Store (Triple Seven): A part time job open during daytime at Shibuya Central Street. 2,800+ yen can be earned during work.
  • Flower Shop (Rafflesia): A part time job open day or night in Shibuya Underground Mall. 3,200+ yen earned daily. Boosts Kindness.
  • Beef Bowl Shop (Ore no Beko): Open during nighttime at Shibuya Central Street. 3,600+ yen earned daily. Boosts Proficiency. Getting the orders of customers correct boosts money earned daily.
  • Bar (Crossroads): Open at night. Located in Shinjuku, Red Light District. 5,000+ yen earned daily. Depends on who you talks during the job. If you talk to the scary looking man you get Guts Boost. If you talk to the red-nosed business man you'll get Knowledge Boost.