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Part Time Job is a mechanic found in the Persona series.


Persona 3 Portable[]

Exclusive to Persona 3 Portable, the protagonist can find work by going up to a part time job at Paulownia Mall or at the Movie theater at Port Island Station. Doing these jobs will cause time to pass and will increase your Social Stats and earn money.

Screen Shot[]

The protagonist can work part time at screen shot until evening at the ticket counter. The protagonist will earn both Academics and Courage and will obtain 5000 yen.

Be blue V[]

A part time job open during daytime. Both the male and female protagonist can work here Monday through Friday.

Working here will increase Charm and Academics and will pay 4,500 yen.

Chagall Cafe[]

A part time job open during night. Both protagonists can work here Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Working here will increase Charm and Courage and will pay 3,500 yen.

If playing as the female protagonist, Junpei Iori, Saori Hasegawa, Yukari Takeba, Shinjiro Aragaki and Ryoji Mochizuki are able to invite her to spend time during Social Link events and phone calls.

Persona 4 / Golden[]

The protagonist can find jobs by going up to a bulletin board in the North Shopping District. Doing these jobs will cause time to pass and earn money, as well as initiating some Social Links. Some of these jobs require certain conditions before he can apply. Applying for an evening job besides the ones that are done at home will also allow the protagonist to leave the Dojima Residence on evenings even when Ryotaro Dojima is at home.

Envelope Constructor[]

The protagonist can work any day starting on April 23rd on the desk in his room as an Envelope Constructor. Working as an Envelope Constructor will increase the protagonist's Diligence. The protagonist is paid at least 1,000 yen, while being paid more as his Diligence rank improves.

Origami Crane Folder[]

In order to take this job, the protagonist requires Rank 2 Diligence. This job is a volunteer and will not pay the protagonist. The protagonist will increase his Understanding if working at home.


The protagonist can work as a translator every day at home on the desk of his room. Working as a translator will increase the protagonist's Expression and pays him at least 1,500 yen, while being paid more as his Expression rank improves.

Assistant Day Care Caretaker[]

Main article: Social Link/Eri Minami

Available from as early as April 23rd, the protagonist can work as an assistant day care caretaker during daytime/after school periods of Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, except raining days, which eventually starts and ranks the Temperance Social Link, Eri Minami. Working here raises the protagonist's Understanding and pays him at least 4,000 yen, while being paid more as his Understanding rank improves.

Hospital Janitor[]

Main article: Social Link/Sayoko Uehara

The protagonist can work as a hospital janitor at Inaba Municipal Hospital during evenings on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays which eventually starts and ranks the Devil Social Link, Sayoko Uehara. To work here, the protagonist requires Rank 3 Diligence. Working here increases the protagonist's Courage stat and pays him at least 1,500 yen, while being paid more as his Diligence rank improves. Leveling Sayoko Uehara's Social Link will allow the protagonist to start Hisano Kuroda's Social Link.


Main article: Social Link/Shu Nakajima

The protagonist can work as a Tutor during evenings on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays which starts and ranks the Tower Social Link, Shu Nakajima. The protagonist requires Rank 5 Understanding (Saintly) to apply. Working here raises the protagonist's Knowledge and Expression (and Diligence if the protagonist chooses to tutor PE) and pays him 10,000 yen per shift. Once Shu's Social Link is maxed, the Tutor job will no longer be available.

Pub Dishwasher[]

Exclusive to Persona 4 Golden, the protagonist can work as a Pub Dishwasher at Shiroku Pub during night time. Working here will increases the protagonist's Diligence and any other Social Stat depending on the protagonist's choice with one of the customers and pays him at least 2,000 yen. More money can be earned if there are more patrons present in the pub.

Persona 5 / Royal[]

P5 JobMagazines

One of the job applications in the underground walkway of Shibuya.

"If we sell the stuff we find in the Palace, we can make some quick scratch for the war funds, but... Like Lady Ann said--a part-time job might be the better bet. There are job magazines at Shibuya Station, aren't there? Maybe you should pick one up."
Morgana, Persona 5

The protagonist can find work by going up to a part time job magazine and looking for work at Shibuya Underground Walkway. Doing these jobs will cause time to pass and earn money. Several jobs require certain conditions before he can apply.

Convenience Store (Triple Seven)[]

A part time job open during daytime at Shibuya Central Street. Unlike other jobs in Persona 5, no Social Stats are required, but no points are rewarded either. While 2,800 yen can be earned per shift, the protagonist can earn more or less money depending on his response in situations that may occur during his shift. For success, he'll receive ¥3,800, and for failure, ¥2,300.[1][2]

Working here is necessary to identify the heist target of the Mementos request "Calling for Justice for Cats." which will be revealed during the end of a shift if the protagonist has already worked at least two shifts at the Convenience Store.

In Persona 5 Royal, working at the store now raises the protagonist's Charm by 2 notes and pays him 3,500 yen in regular shifts. If the protagonist works on the 7th, 17th and 27th days of each month, he will note the location of the barcode of two items chosen randomly; the player will then be prompted one of these items to correctly recall the said item's barcode location. During this, the chat log feature will be locked, so it cannot be exploited while viewing the items, but all items can be reviewed through the log before the "quiz" itself starts. The player will have two attempts to answer this and how the player answers will affect his wage and Charm points from that shift:

  • Correct answer on the first attempt: 7,400 yen and 3 notes of charm
  • Correct answer on the second attempt: 5,800 yen and 2 notes of Charm.
  • Incorrect answers on both attempts: 3,500 yen and 2 notes of Charm.
Item Correct answer
Cow's Milk Near the company logo.
Skeleton Umbrella On the back of the handle.
Zeb-ramen Next to the zebra info.
Tiger-striped Pants The inside tag.
Shonen Trip The company info on back.
Black Box By the logo on the back.
Ink Crunchies Right side of the front cover.
Panda Bread Near its tail.
Racing Newspaper By the comments section.
Black Donuts Near the brown sugar info.
Edo Rice Balls Check the back.
Jumbo Vanilla Cup Next to the mascot.

In addition, random Confidants can meet with the protagonist while he's working at the store, which will grant 1 Confidant point with the respective person. They can all appear starting from the protagonist's third shift at the store. Unless they aren't initiated yet, they'll appear in this order: Haru, Yoshizawa, Makoto, Mishima, Yusuke, Ann, Ryuji.[2]

Flower Shop (Rafflesia)[]

"Oh right, I didn't explain things to you last time. We'll occasionally get orders for bouquets, in which case I'd like you to pick out the flowers. I'll vary your pay based on how pleased the customers are with what you chose... Oh, and if you get stuck, I suggest you study up with Flowerpedia. You can do it!"
—Hanasaki, Persona 5

A part time job in Shibuya Underground Mall. In the original Persona 5, the job is available during both daytime and evening but in Persona 5 Royal, it is only available during daytime. It requires Rank 2 (Head-turning) Charm to start. Normally, 3,200 yen can be earned daily, and the protagonist can boost his Kindness by 2 notes.[3][4]

The protagonist may be commissioned to make bouquets for specific customer orders. In Persona 5, this is done every 2nd time he works at the shop while in Royal, this is done on his second shift (regardless of the day of the week) then on all Wednesdays and Saturdays afterwards. The bouquets always consist of 3 types of flowers, although some may have more types that qualify than necessary. How accurately the bouquet reflects the customer's request will affect the protagonist's wage and his Kindness yield:

  • 3 correct: 3 notes of Charm, ¥4,300 (Persona 5) / ¥7,800 (Royal)
  • 2 correct: 2 notes of Charm, ¥3,200 (Standard wages)
  • 1 or none correct: 1 note of Charm, ¥2,400

Both the orders and the flowers are divided in size and color. If the protagonist reads the Flowerpedia book that can be bought at Hinokuniya in Shinjuku, the flower choices will have more details on both their scent and their meaning, allowing him to excel at bouquet commissions starting from the 4th.

There are 9 requests which are given in order. After all of them have been completed, the requests will then be given randomly. After the first random request (specifically the 20th visit) there will be no more shifts without requests.

Flower Size Color Scent Meaning
Scarlet Rose Large Red Strong Passionate love
The Sweetest of Peas Normal Blue Strong Beloved memories
Stinking Olive Small Orange Strong True love's embrace
Gold Gerbera Large Yellow Soft Adventure
Care-nation Shiny Red Tame Innocence of love
Rainbow Sage Small Yellow Soft Happy future
Gecko Orchid Large Pink Sweet Give it to your precious one
Delightful Lily Normal Light Blue Wonderful Purity
Justice Jasmine Small Light Blue Aromatic Give it to someone adorable
Venerable Chrysanthemum Large White Dull-scented Faithfulness and truth
Fluorescent Freesia Light Yellow Calming aroma Innocence
Enamored Orchid Small White Little scent Used to confess love

The requests are as follows:

Request Flowers
Large, brightly-colored flowers Scarlet Rose
Gold Gerbera
Small flowers with soft coloration Justice Jasmine
Fluorescent Freesia
Enamored Orchid
Reddish flowers Scarlet Rose
Gecko Orchid
Expression of love Scarlet Rose
Stinking Olive
Justice Jasmine
Enamored Orchid
Large flowers with minimal aroma Gold Gerbera
Venerable Chrysanthemum
Fluorescent Freesia
Thank someone The Sweetest of Peas
Rainbow Sage
Gecko Orchid
Celebration bouquet Scarlet Rose
Venerable Chrysanthemum
Enamored Orchid
Brightly-colored flowers with pungent aromas Scarlet Rose
The Sweetest of Peas
Stinking Olive
Congratulations for the birth of a friend's child Gold Gerbera
Rainbow Sage
Delightful Lily

Working here is necessary to identify the heist target of the Mementos request "Who's Been Assaulting People?" which will be identified at the end of a shift after receiving the request if the protagonist has already worked at least two shifts at the Flower Store.

Also in Persona 5 Royal, Yusuke Kitagawa or Haru Okumura can meet the protagonist while he's working, which will grant 1 Confidant point with the respective user under normal circumstances. They can both appear starting from his 3rd shift at the flower shop. Yusuke appears on odd days, and Haru appears on even days. They might not appear on certain days.[4]

Beef Bowl Shop (Ore no Beko)[]

P5 BeefBowl

The protagonist working at the beef bowl shop in Persona 5.

"This job is ludicrous. You have to do everything all by yourself from the very beginning? Oh well. Just give it your best shot, I guess. I'll be cheering you on."
Morgana, Persona 5

A part time job open during nighttime at Shibuya Central Street. It requires Rank 2 (Decent) Proficiency to start.[7][8]

Under normal circumstances, 3,600 yen can be earned per shift. In addition, working here boosts Proficiency, normally yielding 2 notes.

Sometimes, the protagonist has to listen to and memorize 4 orders the customers make: if he gets all of them right, his pay will be boosted up to 4,800 yen, but failing twice or more will reduce it to 2,600. His Proficiency gain is also affected: successfully preparing all orders will yield 3 notes, whereas failing twice or more will grant only 1.[7][8] After all orders are given, the log feature will be locked, so it cannot be exploited while preparing the orders, but all orders can be reviewed through the log before the "quiz" itself starts.

The possible orders are differed by size and type: they can be medium or large, as well as either curry, natto, beef, barbeque and hui guo rou. The meals will also have to be memorized in the order they were given.

Working here twice is necessary to unlocking Toranosuke Yoshida's Confidant.

In Persona 5 Royal, Ryuji Sakamoto or Toranosuke Yoshida can encounter the protagonist, which will grant 1 Confidant point. They can both appear starting from his 3rd shift at the shop. Ryuji appears on odd days, and Toranosuke appears on even days. They might not appear on certain days.[8]

Bar (Crossroads)[]

"Let's see... There's just one of me, so sometimes I can't pay attention to all my customers. Would you be on the lookout for those times? I'm sure they'll want to talk to you, too. They're all great people, so don't worry. I'm sure it'll be a good experience for you."
—Lala Escargot, Persona 5

A bar only open during nighttime in Shinjuku, Red Light District. It requires Ichiko Ohya's Confidant to be started, Rank 3 (Empathetic) Kindness and Rank 3 (Skilled) Proficiency. This job is not accessible through the job magazines in Shibuya Underground Walkway; instead it simply requires the protagonist to talk with Lala Escargot. 5,400 yen can be earned per shift.[9]

Working here is necessary to identify the target of the Mementos request "We Aren't Just Your Slaves." which will be identified at the end of a shift after receiving the request if the protagonist has already worked at least two shifts at the Bar.

By working there, the protagonist is able to boost any of his Social Stats by 2 notes, however, he is only able to choose between the available patrons. The options rotate every day of the week.

  • Red-faced Businessman (Nagai) - Boosts Knowledge
  • Scary-looking Man (Yasutora) - Boosts Guts
  • Female Office Worker (Kasumi) - Boosts Proficiency
  • Downcast Woman (Machiko) - Boosts Kindness
  • Woman in Evening Dress (Maria) - Boosts Charm
Day of the Week Options
Patron Schedule Monday Knowledge Kindness
Tuesday Charm Proficiency
Wednesday Knowledge Guts
Thursday Charm Guts
Friday Knowledge Kindness Proficiency
Saturday Knowledge Charm Kindness
Sunday Charm Proficiency Guts

In Persona 5 Royal, the protagonist will instead receive 7,200 yen for working at Crossroads, but will instead receive 12,000 if on Sundays. Additionally, the means by which Social Stats are received has been modified: generally, the protagonist will receive 2 notes of Kindness, but on Sundays, he can also talk to one of 4 patrons for an additional point of a different stat:[10]

  • Scary-looking Man - Boosts Guts
  • Female Office Worker - Boosts Proficiency
  • Downcast Man - Boosts Kindness
  • Woman in Evening Dress - Boosts Charm

Trophies & Awards[]

Trophy Icon Description For Reward
The Grindset Mindset P3R Trophy 40 Earned over 50,000 yen total from part-time jobs. P3R trophy Bronze Trophy
Punch That Clock! P5R Trophy 41 Worked a part-time job. P5R trophy Bronze Trophy
Working Student ThievesDenAward 44 Work in part-time jobs 15 times. Thieves Den 35P


  • In Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES, during Career Experience Week, November 25-27, the protagonist is forced to do unpaid work for four straight days, moving heavy boxes at an unknown jobsite. In Persona 3 Portable and Persona 3 Reload both protagonists work at Wild-Duck Burger instead, cleaning and throwing out the trash. While the work is still unpaid, the protagonist gains a great increase to their Academics stat afterwards.
  • At the start of Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden, the gas station attendant at MOEL informs the protagonist that they're looking for part time help, although the protagonist never gets the option to work there.
  • The protagonist will also work in Junes during Yosuke's Social Link Rank 6 event, in August 15-19 and optionally on Halloween (Golden only) while being paid for the former two cases.
  • The name of the flower shop in Persona 5, "Rafflesia," is a reference to the shop in Persona 3 of the same name in Port Island Station, which only sells gifts.


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