The Parasite Persona is a Persona that appears in Persona 2: Innocent Sin, specifically, the Climax Theater quest "School of the Heart". According to Alice, they are negative Personas who plant their pain into their hosts.



Persona 2: Innocent SinEdit

The Parasite Persona is the Persona of Musubu Torikiri, forged out of her sister's soul and her own feelings towards her death. She used the Parasite to infect Naozumi Kariyazaki and the students of Class 2-3, brainwashing them into using the website "Ambrosia" to transform themselves into ideal versions of themselves as part of a plan to get revenge on the school. The Parasite Persona also created the "Netherworld" that Kariyazaki sends Maya Amano and her party to. When Maya attempts to investigate Ambrosia, Kariyazaki attempts to "add her to his class" by infecting her with the Parasite, but is intercepted by Lisa Silverman, who is infected instead. With the guidance of "Alice", the party is able to find and destroy the Parasite Persona's main body (which takes the form of an Angel), curing Lisa and allowing them to return to the real world.

When the party returns to further investigate Kariyazaki by interviewing Rose Futaba, they are met by Umiko Shiyama, the class representative of 2-3, who tries to infect them with the Parasite again, this time hitting Eikichi Mishina. The party again fought their way through the Netherworld and defeated the Parasite's main body (this time taking the form of a Gandharva), curing Eikichi and allowing them to return to the real world again. Alice reveals that the Parasite Personas are actually fragments of her own hatred, and the Netherworld is formed from her own grief. The party returns to the real world and confronts and defeats Kariyazaki and Persephone, a demon created from Akari's spirit. The party then moves to confront Musubu, who lost control of the Parasite after Persephone's defeat caught her off guard, but she was talked out of her grief by Minato, causing the Parasite to be destroyed.

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