Palla (パオラ, Paora)? is a character from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

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Palla is a recurring character in the Fire Emblem series, specifically the titles set on the continents of Archanea and Valentia. She is the older sister of Catria and Est. Together, they serve under Princess Minerva of Macedon as part of an elite squad of Pegasus Knights known as the Whitewings.

While the Whitewings wish to join Prince Marth's Altean liberation forces, they are held back by Minerva's brother, Prince Michalis. After seizing power in Macedon, Michalis holds his and Minerva's own younger sister Maria hostage, threatening to execute her if the Whitewings refuse to follow his command. However, once Marth rescues Maria, Palla and Catria join his forces, with Est joining later.

Following the defeat of the Dolhr Empire, Palla eventually travels to Zofia on the neighboring continent of Valentia, where she and Catria joined the forces of Celica in order to rescue Est from a band of pirates. After this successful mission and the end of the war in Valentia, she returned to Macedon where she serves until a rebellion against Minerva's rule breaks out. She later learns that Maria had been taken captive by evil pontifex Gharnef, and and she rejoins Marth's forces in order to rescue her.

Following the war and the final defeat of Medeus, Palla returns to service as a Pegasus Knight of Macedon.

Palla has an unrequited crush on the Altean cavalier Abel, who marries Est. Even after Est leaves him, however, Palla never acts on her feelings.

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Palla is fought as a boss along with Ogma, and Jagen during one of Tiki's "Mirage Hunts" missions. her class is Falcon Knight. She is voiced by Risa Taneda.

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