Padparcha (パパラチャ, Paparacha)? is a shop in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.



Persona 2: Eternal PunishmentEdit

Originally a jewelry shop located inside Hotel Pleiades in the Narumi ward, it's possible to transform it into a shop that makes custom weapons and armor via a rumor obtained from the Rumor-Lovin' Bartender. The player must not only pay the price for the custom equipment but also provide the materials necessary to make them.

Once the player has obtained the Secret Document, it's possible to make the Legendary Weapons. Unlike other pieces of equipment, the player can only make one of each even if they possess enough materials to craft more, which can be detrimental to characters who share the same type of weapon, such as Maya/Katsuya (guns) and Tatsuya/Nate (swords).

When the Narumi wards becomes unavaiable thanks to the Ameno Torifune, it's possible to transfer Padparcha to the Konan ward through a rumor obtained from the Rumormonger Barkeep. The custom equipment made by Padparcha is also special because it can be sold for more money than the amount paid to craft them.


At the beginningEdit

Diamond RingVIT +1; It is very beautiful...100,000
Emerald RingAGI +1; It is very beautiful...
Crystal RingTEC +1; It is very beautiful...

After spreading rumorEdit

Diamond RingVIT +1; It is very beautiful...100,000
Emerald RingAGI +1; It is very beautiful...
Crystal RingTEC +1; It is very beautiful...
Rainbow PieceBeautiful stone that shines like a rainbow900,000
Dream DropletStone that holds wondrous powers
Moon StoneStone with a mysterious shine
Sun StoneStone that emits bright light like the sun

ItemTypeForPower/DefenseAdded EffectMaterialsPrice
After spreading rumor
Penta SpiritWeaponMaya/Katsuya70Type: Lightning
Electrified effect (rate: good)
Mithril Silver x1
Obsidian x1
Shining CoinBaofu14,300
Damascus HandUlala75Critical rate: goodDamascus Steel x216,500
Damascus SwordNate/Tatsuya70Hit rate: good.
Critical rate: good
Sword BreakerEllen65Df. +2015,000
Mithril ArmorArmorAll27Evade rate: fair
SDf. +40
Mithril Silver x210,000
After clearing the Undersea Ruins
Super NovaWeaponMaya/Katsuya134Critical rate: greatHihi-irokane x1
Sun Stone x1
Luna HandUlalaType: Dark.
Unconscious effect (rate: great)
Orichalch x1
Moon Stone x1
Orichalch CoinBaofuHP Absorption (rate: good)
Hit rate: fair
Orichalch x1
Gem Ring x1
Star FreezerEllenType: Ice.
Frozen effect (rate: great)
Meteorite S x1
Moon Stone x1
Kusanagino TsurugiNate/TatsuyaType: Wind.
Muted effect (rate: good)
Hihi-irokane x1
Sun Stone x1
Hihi-irokane ArmorArmorAll67Evade rate: good.
SDf. +50
Hihi-irokane x2
Obsidian x1
After clearing Sumaru Castle
Meteor DragoonWeaponMaya/Katsuya155Type: Earth.
Muted effect (rate: great)
Meteorite S x1
Dragoon x1
Sol HandUlala150HP Absorption (rate: great)Beyondite x1
Sun Stone x1
Micro ChakramBaofuType: Almighty.
Sleep effect (rate: great)
Hihi-irokane x1
Sun Stone x1
Musou KenNate/TatsuyaHP Absorption (rate: great).
Critical rate: fair
Beyondite x1
Orichalch x1
Dream Droplet x1
Helmet of EternityArmorAll38Evade rate: goodSun Stone x1
Dream Droplet x1
Rainbow Piece x1
The Gorgeous75Nullifies critical hits.
TEC +5; LUC +5
Rainbow Piece x1
Best Dresser x1
Thule Greaves39SDf. +40Meteorite S x1
Moon Stone x1
Dream Droplet x1
After obtaining the Secret Document
Legendary HandgunWeaponMaya/Katsuya160 -Legenbright x1
Akashic Ring x1
Legendary GloveUlala
Legendary CoinBaofu
Legendary KatanaNate/Tatsuya
Legendary RapierEllen

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