Osaka's Jail, also known as the Birdcage of Pride, is a location in Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. It is the Jail of Osaka, with Akira Konoe as its king.



A Jail created by Akira Konoe which resembles the Madicce headquarters. It is overlaid on the Osaka sky tower and takes the form of a cybernetic utopia. The area where the Tennouji Zoo was in had all of its animals replaced by holograms, and the images of the former Kings can be seen within a cage.

Unlike the previous Jails, Konoe never seems to use it for mesmerizing the public, and only Kuon Ichinose and Konoe himself knows the Jails' keyword. Its purpose is largely reserved for Changing the Hearts of anyone Konoe perceives as a criminal. Therefore, the Phantom Thieves were only capable of knowing the keyword when Ichinose tells them about it, which she obtained when Konoe gives her a business card containing it, and most of its overworld skits consist of announcements by EMMA.

While the Phantom Thieves believe that Konoe harbors nothing but malicious intent, this changes when they encounter a bird cage on the top of his Jail. It was revealed that Konoe was genuinely using the Jail function to save humanity, unlike their first impressions about him. He had a potentially abusive father who was grooming him to become the CEO of Madicce, and he would often abuse his son. Due to his position as Madicce's former CEO and his insistence in driving away social workers, nobody can prevent him from abusing his son, and authorities who went to his house are often driven away. 20 years ago, he tried to kill young Konoe after killing his mother for money only to be killed by his son mistaking him for a robber. This ended up as Konoe's motivation for using EMMA and improvising the Jail system so he can end all crime by setting up Jails all over Japan by giving anyone the power to change hearts.

After breaking the Bird Cage by defeating Konoe's Lock Keeper in his trauma room, the Phantom Thieves send a calling card by hijacking a Madicce Zephyr. Konoe wasn't affected by the calling cards, but EMMA finally stops giving false positives and refuses to respond to his queries about the Phantom Thieves, alerting him to the point that he throws his phone into the floor. When the party reaches him, he explains about the process of Jail creation, where after Ichinose sold the application to him, he sent the application to Shuzo Ubukata, a native AI researcher and improvised the application with psientific knowledge. He driven him to suicide, and proceeds to run Operation Oracle, which involved giving basically everyone the ability to change hearts as they wish by allowing them to gain access to the salvation of EMMA. EMMA creates Jails per their user's request, and its users would create Jails all over Japan, and finally the world. He then attempts to relate himself to the Phantom Thieves and claim that he's just mass replicating their methods, only for them to rebuke him that they never deprive the freedom of other people. He then used the close confrontation with his father 20 years ago to justify himself, and tells them that they were unable to avenge people like him. Once being told that unlike the Phantom Thieves everyone he "saved," the kings included just looked wrong by Sophia, he was genuinely angered and manifests his King outfit, a Sentai ranger outfit replicating his childhood hero, Zephyrman, then riding a massive robot to attack the Phantom Thieves. When the robot is destroyed, he fights them on foot wielding a light saber, while displaying abnormally higher speed and strength than the robot. Unfortunately for him, he was no match for the Phantom Thieves, and was promptly defeated and told to shut down EMMA.

Konoe, after his defeat, admits that he has been done wrong on a press conference, and his father's murder 20 years ago was a crime. He disbands Madicce and shuts down EMMA accordingly and Zenkichi arrives to his company to arrest him personally, partially also due to personal reasons about Konoe manipulating Akane in his delusional crusade of Justice. Konoe did not know about having been manipulating Akane until Zenkichi told him, and he willingly turns himself to the police so Owada can be arrested as well.


  • Zephyrman action figure
  • A cellphone that has the EMMA App
  • Madicce company badge

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  • Cerberus (Reuqired to be defeated in order to unlock its fusion)


P5S ArmoredKing
Hero Akira


  • The navigatory announcements within the Jail are all from EMMA, using the same voice as the in-game Metaverse Navigator.

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