Osaka's Jail is a location in Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. It is the Jail of Osaka, with Akira Konoe as its king.



The Jail revolves around Madicce, a global IT company headquartered in Osaka. They're behind the development of the EMMA app.

The Jail's King is Akira Konoe, manifesting as the armored figure called "Zephyrus" (ゼフィルス, Zefirusu)?, after the Greek God of the west wind. At one point, the Phantom Thieves fight him as Armor Zephyrus (アーマー・ゼフィルセ, Āmā Zefirusu)?, a giant, towering robot.

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  • Cerberus (Reuqired to be defeated in order to unlock its fusion)


P5S ArmoredKing
Hero Akira

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