Orlov's status page in Persona 5.

Orlov (オルロフ, Orurofu)? is a demon in Persona 5.



The Orlov is an Indian diamond which has never been officially weighed but estimated to be around 190 carats. It sets in the scepter named after the Russian Count, Grigory Grigorievich Orlov, by Empress Catherine the Great.


Persona 5Edit

"A diamond stolen from a Hindu temple that is said to drive its owner to their death. It was cut into smaller pieces in an attempt to break the curse."
—Persona 5 background

Orlov is the fifth Persona of the Strength Arcana and can be found as a Shadow in Niijima's Palace and in the Sheriruth area of Mementos. After clearing Shido's Palace, its appearances will be restricted to the first 5 areas of Sheriruth. It is the first Persona with access to the Mapsio, Mafreila and Maeiga skills, but since it cannot be used in battle, these skills must be passed on through fusion to be accessed. When itemized through Electric Chair execution in the Velvet Room, Orlov yields the Orlov accessory, which increases the wearer's Magic stat by 3 and adds the Repel Physical (high) effect.

Despite being immune to normal Gun skills, the most effective way to capture this Shadow is by using the protagonist's special Down Shot gained from the Tower Confidant, which will knock it down. Barring this, the only other way of downing it using Physical attacks with high critical rates, such as Lucky Punch or Miracle Punch.


Persona 5Edit

Arcana Level HP SP Type
Strength 30
Magic 30
Endurance 27
Agility 32
Luck 30
Strength 30 700
Phys Gun Fire Ice Elec Wind Psy Nuke Bless Curse Almi
Strong Null Null Null - Null Null Null Null Null 20
EXP Yen Material Drop Skill Card
2,000 20,000 Magic Stone Makajam

Arcana Level
Strength 30
Magic 30
Endurance 30
Agility 30
Luck 30
Strength 30
Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak
- - - Gun, Fire, Ice, Wind, Psy, Nuclear, Bless, Curse Phys -
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect Level
Maragion 16 SP Medium Fire damage to all foes. Rare chance of Burn. Innate
Mabufula 16 SP Medium Ice damage to all foes. Rare chance of Freeze. Innate
Magarula 14 SP Medium Wind damage to all foes. Technical dmg: Burn. Innate
Mazionga 16 SP Medium Electric damage to all foes. Rare chance of Shock. Innate
Mapsio 16 SP Medium Psy damage to all foes. Technical dmg: Mental ailment. Innate
Mafreila 16 SP Medium Nuclear damage to all foes. Technical dmg: Burn/Freeze/Shock. Innate
Makouga 16 SP Medium Bless damage to all foes. Innate
Maeiga 16 SP Medium Curse damage to all foes. Innate

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