"Fool! This is a battlefield!"
—When contacting any Longinus member

The Knights of the Holy Lance, or Longinus 13, are powerful robotic enemies in Persona 2: Innocent Sin, the elite soldiers of Hitler's Last Battalion. They get their name from their thirteen members and from the legend of Saint Longinus, the Roman soldier that stabbed Jesus Christ with a spear when he was crucified.


Persona 2: Innocent Sin

All of the Longinus mecha carry a "Longinus copy spear" (the "original" one, the Spear of Destiny, is held by Hitler), capable of sealing Personas away, making them formidable opponents. The 13 Longinus robots all have different voices and personalities. In fact, they were all originally intended to be female, but this was changed before the game was finalized.[citation needed] They're most likely based on Himmler and his Round Table of 12 Lieutenants.

The Longinus 13 are apparently the executors of the Himmelsfeuer "Marionettenjäger" (Heavenly Fire "Marionette-Hunters.") This means, in short, that their job is to hunt Persona users, especially the Masked Circle members and the Joker. Hitler also intends to use them to replace the 12 Zodiac Houses and Seven Sisters High School and raise Xibalba using their power.

The player meets all thirteen Longinus mecha during the game, but does not necessarily fight all of them.

  • Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier (Holy Knights #1, 2, 3, 4): On the 8th floor of Xibalba, in the Lamat Room.
  • Fünf, Sechs, Sieben (Holy Knights #5, 6, 7): Sacred Urn Room of the Aquarius Shrine.
  • Acht, Neun, Zehn (Holy Knights #8, 9, 10): If you bring Yukino along to the central bridge of Caracol.
  • Elf (Holy Knight #11): If you choose to fight with Maya or Eikichi on top of Mt. Katatsumuri
  • Zwölf (Holy Knight #12): If you choose to fight with Lisa or Yukino on top of Mt. Katatsumuri.
  • Dreizehn (Holy Knight #13): If you choose to fight alone on top of Mt. Katatsumuri.

Longinus #1

Unlike all of the other Longinus, he wields a white mech that has extra sensors on its "head" piece.

Longinus #10 & #12

Longinus #10 and Longinus #12 are the only female pilots of the Knights of the Holy Lance.

Battle Quotes

  • "Feuer!" (Firing their MG32. This is the German equivalent of the "Fire" military command)
  • "Bravo!" (Casting a Spell)
  • "Gute Nacht." (Using Longinus Copy. German for "Good night")
  • "Geistesblitz!" (Using Geistesblitz)
  • "You know nothing..." (Defeat)

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