One Determination - Persona 3 The Movie

One Determination - Persona 3 The Movie

"One Determination" is the opening theme for Persona 3 The Movie #3: Falling Down. It is composed by Tetsuya Kobayashi with lyrics by Lotus Juice while performed by him and Yumi Kawamura.


Lost a person
In a bad intent or it may have been in accident
However happened I'm lost in this world
Jaded confidence it's gone
What's to believe?
I don't even know no way no more no more no more
Somebody please allow me to mass destruct
And set me free from this sin

Oh yeah
Don't let the night cave in
Oh yeah
believe in your friends

I admit, I'm looking away
Trying to fool myself, sick of pain
There's so much to a man can take man guilty conscience eating my brain
Crawling, drooling, crying, obsessed
Tears running my soul out, oppressed by the shadow of guilt
Dark blood she spilt
Has left a mark in my heart for life
I keep on feeling like I'm falling falling fallin' down just when I thought I hit rock bottom I'm still falling down
Nothing I can do nothing I can do that's what I said to my heart excuses, then I was abusing reason to run away from the truth and be ashamed

Oh yeah
Don't let the night cave in
Oh yeah
believe in yourself

One by one I'm trying my best
Slow but definitely step by step
And I miss a step, then back in the dark
But I won't be the same anymore, refreshed
Stuck in the path then I'd laugh it out
Lost then I ask for help talk it out
Small man pride may clutter my head and not even notice it till the end

You might be
In fate there's no gravity

In this of cause
There are people
Waiting just for you

There's gonna be days of crying
Days with sun, it shall dry your tears
No man in this world can live without his friends no
Never ever
Be ambitious and brave to your heart
Step up even when you're feeling weak
There's gonna be someone to give you a hand to
Walk through
Life that's crazy

Oh stay brave

I had enough of me running away
Heavy feet, couldn't sleep
But I confronted myself
End of regretting days (Oh stay brave)
I noticed I gotta make a step
Whether I fall or grab the fate in my hand
Right about now

So here it is, the destiny is testing me always questions me
These lessons is, weaponry, it's up to the people abusing it
This right here's, hoping its the last of it
No more blood shed no tears in it
Because my mind is already made,
I'll do anything to winning it
If that means I gotta bet life for real

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