Artwork from Devil Children Fire/Ice Book.

Olofat (オロファト, Orofato) is a demon in the series.


According to Caroline Islanders, Olofat was the son of the sky deity Lugeilan and a human woman through a magical conception - because of this, young Olofat decided to visit heaven on a column of smoke to claim kinship with his celestial relatives. However, heaven's inhabitants were not happy to see Olofat and a grand war broke out. Olofat died, and it would have been the end for him if it wasn't for his father reviving him - along with that, he forced the other deities to make room for his son, and Olofat became the fire deity as a result of this reconciliation in some stories.

Olofat was also a trickster, which led to a large amount of adventures, misunderstandings and confusion. He interpreted the commands of his father to men, but couldn't resist adding his own little alterations, a majority of which had unforeseen consequences - one example being that Olofat unintentionally gave the shark its sharp teeth. Even though Olofat's gift to humans was fire, Lugeilan gave them the knowledge of tattooing, hairdressing and tillage. The Caroline Islanders say that, together, this bond of father and son established human society.



Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Olofat is the second boss faced in the bonus dungeon Highest Peak. He joins the party upon defeat.


Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Olofat Sprite
Class Element Type Exp Level HP MP
Common Fire Boss 1248 54 588 284
53 55 52 54 59 48
List of Skills
Triple ViceSamarecarmDeath Breath
CountdownJibakuEvil Eyes
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