Old Lady Shiroku is the proprietor of the Shiroku Store in Persona 4. In Persona 4 Golden, however, the player finds out that she also runs the Shiroku Pub as its hostess.



She is a sweet old lady with black hair tied in red polka dot scarf, brown eyes, and small circular glasses. She wears a red kimono with a blue apron, and light yellow socks with wooden sandals. At night, she wears makeup, a red dress and dons a tall hairdo.


Old Lady Shiroku is a kind, and peaceful person. She loves to help out and selling healing items or shaved ice at the summer festival. She was also amazed that "someone" ate all the shaved ice she had sold. When tending to her pub, she becomes a sultry lady. She treats her pet fish Akihiko with tender love and care.


Persona 4Edit

She is in charge of selling healing items at her shop, a special discount promotion can be taken advantage of during rainy days. The capsule machine in front of the store only works on rainy days, and the protagonist will spend the day there.

In Persona 4 Golden, she also plays the role of hostess during the evening; offering equipment in exchange for gems. Her pet fish can be fed bugs, depending on its mood, in exchange for "bread crumbs" which are to be used during fishing.

Persona 4 The AnimationEdit

Old Lady Shiroku has made only a couple of appearances in the anime adaptation. In both episodes of A Stormy Summer Vacation, she is in charge of vending shaved ice in the summer festival.


Shiroku hostess
The Shiroku hostess at work.
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