The Old Documents are key items in Persona 3.



Persona 3Edit

The Old Documents a series of eight extremely short reports about the Kirijo Group and Tatsumi Port Island, written by a researcher in the Kirijo Group while the Shadow experiments were taking place. These documents can be found in Tartarus, placed in suitcases on floors where the team cannot advance any further.

Elizabeth will have requests that require the protagonist to recover them before the next of the Full Moon Operations. There are exactly eight reports that can be found.

Description of Old DocumentsEdit

Old Document 01

The electricity's hooked up. But, why do they need so much? There's only a school on this island...

Old Document 02

Weird... Kirijo's Ergo Research branch plans to build a lab on this island. I wonder what for...

Old Document 03

They built a research facility here; they want me to join the team, but I have a bad feeling...

Old Document 04

The team leader asked me himself... I was so surprised! It's the same man who once saved my life.

Old Document 05

I wanted to be with him, so I joined. What a mistake... We shouldn't be experimenting with these 'Shadows'.

Old Document 06

I knew it. These Shadows arise due to human emotion. If I'm right, collecting them will...

Old Document 07

I've heard it all. The plan is evil. But, there's hope. If people could control the shadows inside them...

Old Document 08

I'm leaving the team. I can't break the law. But, he won't come with me. Maybe I'll open an antique store...


  • In Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable, it is revealed that the owner of the Antique Shop in the Paulownia Mall was the researcher who wrote the documents. If Aigis talks to her when visiting the Antique Shop in The Answer, she will immediately recognize Aigis as an Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon, hinting that she may have also been involved with the development of the androids. 

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