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"It's as though we're in a film...I wish I had brought my sketchbook."
—Yusuke on Okumura's Palace, Persona 5

Okumura's Palace, also known as the Spaceport of Greed, is a location in Persona 5. It is the Palace of Kunikazu Okumura.



Persona 5

A world within the Metaverse created by Kunikazu Okumura. During the Hawaii trip, Yuuki Mishima told the protagonist how people in the Phantom Aficionado Website spoke out against Okumura and his company Okumura Foods Incorporated. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts also discovered through a bug installed in Sae Niijima's laptop that Okumura's business has benefited from the psychological disturbances that occurred in Tokyo, although they have no good reason to raid his Palace for the time being, even as numerous requests were filed against him (In reality, the requests were bait by an IT Company President to frame the Thieves). It was only after the party discover that Okumura was also going to arrange a marriage between his daughter Haru Okumura and an obnoxious man for no reason other than his political gain, that they got a consensual incentive to raid his Palace to prevent Haru's doomed marriage. Haru also wanted to change his heart to get him back to his senses, since it's said that Okumura used to actually treat her like a daughter instead of a political bargaining chip.

It appears as a spaceport on Earth's orbit with the imagery of Big Bang Burger throughout, representing Okumura's status as the president of Big Bang Burger and his willfully oblivious attitude towards his daughter Haru on his goal to gain power and influence in Japan's politics. It is inhabited by robotics workers and managers, Cognitive existences that embody Okumura's view of seeing them only as a labor. If the robots were unable to work, they will be sent to become fuel for the ship. Shadows are shaped like cylinder or spherical security drones, along with the aforementioned cognitive robot workers and managers.

During the initial infiltration of the Palace, the Phantom Thieves encounter Haru, who has teamed up with Morgana during his brief resignation from the team. Due to her appearance, they initially believe her to be the black-masked Persona user causing problems in the real world, until it is revealed her "silent glare" is due to her forgetting the introductory speech she rehearsed with Morgana. After she shyly forces out her introduction, she proclaims the two will retrieve the ruler's Treasure first, due to her father's care for her allowing her to control the Palace's security systems to an extent. Naturally, the first door she opens is filled with her father's Shadows, and she, Morgana, and the Thieves are forced to make a hasty retreat.

When the party breaches the aforementioned gate once again, they meet Shadow Okumura and a cognitive version of Sugimura. Shadow Okumura tells them that he only forced Sugimura in to give himself more power, with full knowledge that he would treat Haru as nothing other than a sexual plaything. Haru is angered and decides to betray her father, allowing her resolve to fully take form and awaken Milady. Shadow Okumura leaves the cognitive Sugimura to take down the thieves alone and he transforms into a robot while summoning two MDL-WKRs to assist him, but was no match for Haru and the party.

The party later finds out the whole facility of this Palace is a factory for a plan known as "Project Utopia." When the Phantom Thieves sent Okumura the calling card and confronted him, it was revealed that the whole spaceport was working to create a UFO for him to escape the spaceport into "his utopia," with the remains of the spaceport left to self destruct and most of its residents killed alongside it. This represents Okumura's delusional conquest for premiership over all of Japan, regardless of the suffering he inflicts on almost anyone below his ranks and recently, his daughter.

At the lower floors of the Palace, the party must find ways to get an ID card from the General Manager, represented by a large, green robot. In order to do this, the party must confront the Assistant Manager and Division Manager units, represented by a tall, lanky robot. The Assistant Manager is red and the Division Manager is blue, and fighting them can be avoided if the protagonist answers their questions correctly. However, if confronted to a battle, the Managers do reveal the weakness of their higher-ups. The lesser Managers also express their frustration against their higher-ups upon being interacted with.

When the party finds the location of the treasure, Haru slips a calling card to Okumura and it was later found and she watches by a distance. This angers Okumura and his Treasure takes form, forcing him to unleash a self-destruct system onto his Palace to trap and kill the party and he will escape to utopia. Once the party makes to his hideout, he pretends to surrender while goading the thieves into a trap. Once this fails thanks to Morgana, he unleashes an army of his robots against the party and even sends out his final robot Execurobo MDL-ED, but was ultimately no match for the party.

He surrenders the Treasure and the Palace collapses, with the party escaping safely. However, the black mask assassin appears and kills his Shadow, causing him to die during his press confession a day later. The plan to frame the thieves succeeds and their support plummets, setting stone for the upcoming crisis.


In Royal, the ID card hunt in the lower levels of the Palace has been significantly streamlined, and the protagonist can use clever talking to get the various robots to divulge the weaknesses of their superiors. The layout of the Transfer Line area is also modified to be slightly shorter, although a Will Seed is situated on the northeast-most room of its bottom floor. A Melchizedek with Hunger-inducing moves defends the Seed. The other two Seeds are situated in a room within the facility passageway and in an isolated room separated by a duct in the upper floor of the Disposal Line. Both of these isolated rooms are accessible via the Grappling Hook.

After sending the Calling Card to Okumura, if the protagonist exits the Shadow infested passageway as per Makoto's advice, he will be given a chance to use his Grappling Hook to go straight to Okumura's boss room without having to deal with the Shadows and the timer.

The boss fight with Shadow Okumura has been completely overhauled. More details can be found on Okumura's page. Furthermore, an extra obstacle appears after the Execurobo MDL-ED; a cognitive version of Haru, Okumura's daughter. It takes the form of a green-skinned android assistant who merely does whatever he tells it to do. When the Execurobo is defeated, Okumura sends his own Haru into the battlefield, turning it into a robot. If cognitive Haru's health goes down a quarter, Okumura will tell it to self destruct, displaying that in his current distorted state, he has absolutely no regard to anyone including the daughter he used to genuinely care for when it comes to his personal ambitions.


  • Lockpicks needed: 3
  • Note: The best firearm available from Untouchable at this point for Ann, No Mercy, is in the second locked chest the party comes across in this Palace. Waiting to unlock the chest will save the protagonist money for other uses.

Side Entrance

The Phantom Thieves first enter Okumura's Palace on 9/15. The party can head for the large window to examine the outside area if desired, afterward head for the large circular platform in the center of the room and examine the lever.

Facility Passageway

Head west and continue through the corridors. The party will come to a large room with a hologram that can be examined, but does nothing. Head for the northeast door for a scene. Afterward, the party will leave the Palace.

The party can make their return to Okumura's Palace as soon as September 19th.

After heading back to the biometric door, there will be a scene which ultimately ends up with the party confronting the cognitive version of Haru's Fiance and two Corporobo MDL-WKR cognitions. Haru will join the battle in place of one of the party members. Haru's Psy skills will hit the weakness of Haru's Fiance, but the MDL-WKR robots must be downed with either Fire or Wind skills. If an ally is left damaged, the MDL-WKR bots will use Recarmdra, which will drain their HP to restore Haru's Fiance and the others, although they are each limited to using the skill once.

After the battle, head east to open a Treasure Chest containing a Magic Ointment item. Then head north to the lift and activate the lift switch to descend.

At the bottom of the lift, take the west door to enter a room with a Treasure Chest containing a Druid Amulet accessory. Afterward, hit up the Safe Room to save and prepare as needed.

Taking the east hallway leads to a blocked door and a climable wall, which the party can use to enter an air vent to bypass the door. Follow the circular pathway to the east end to access Terminal Controls which will unlock doors deeper in the area and provide the party with a map of the Palace. Following the path around and through another vent leads to the next area.

The elevator to the north cannot be accessed at the moment. Heading east to the next door leads to a rank authentication door. The party finds that they must steal the ID of an employee with the rank of chief director or higher. The elevator at the previous intersection can now be accessed. Taking the elevator leads to the Barracks.


Walk to the north to see a scene where the party decides to try and gather information from the worker robots. Follow them into the room to the north and gets near each worker for hints about which enemy has the employee ID. The chief architect likes sweets.

After exiting the room, south and then east along the corridor. To the south is another rank authentication door. The next branch east to the north has another Safe Room to utilize.

A strong Shadow patrols the next circular area to the north. After defeating it continue north for a scene where two large cognitions are introduced and marked with exclamation points on the map. From here, the party can begin the guessing game between the two large cognitions or gather more intel from the middle square room. Alternatively, the party can also simply engage the two enemies and collect the badge once they are defeated.

The middle square room reveals that the chief clerk has been stressed out lately after eavesdropping on the workers.

The Corporobo to the northwest is not the chief clerk, so head to the east to question the Corporobo to the east. Choose "We're salesmen." and "We have sweets." to identify the chief clerk. Choose to fight him to obtain his ID. The Corporobo MDL-AM is weak to Electricity and Nuclear skills and will have two MDL-WKR cognitions assisting it. After the battle, the party will obtain the Chief Clerk ID.

Afterward, there will be a shift change with more cognitions entering the floor, and the roaming Shadows in the hallways will respawn. One new boss cognition will be in the northwest room, with two more to the southeast in the next section of hallways. Heading back to middle room, the worker bots will state that the section chief likes to yell at people.

Eavesdropping in the room to the southwest reveals that the section chief says private talks are prohibited so much it could be his catchphrase.

Head northeast to the rank authentication door. After going through, the party will find a Treasure Chest containing a Model Gun item. Eavesdrop in the far east room to learn that the section chief always says this is for your own good.

The section chief will be the cognition in the middle room of this area, just south of the room the party eavesdrops on the workers. Select "Sorry." and "The chief director." to confirm the section chief's identity, then choose to attack. The Corporobo MDL-DM will be accompanied by three MDL-WKR cognitions. It will be weak to Wind and Bless skills and resist everything else. Afterward, the party will receive the Section Chief ID and there will be another shift change.

Eavesdrop in the room to the northeast to learn that the target likes to boast about when he was young and past glories. Then enter the next rank authentication door to the south.

The chief director will be in the room on the southwest side of this area. Choose "Let's talk for a bit." and "Let's discuss the past." for confirmation, then attack. The Corporobo MDL-GM will be flanked by four Corporobo MDL-WKR cognitions. Using Psy and Curse skills will strike its weakness. After its defeat, the MDL-GM will drop the Chief Director ID.

With the needed ID acquired, use it to unlock a shortcut to the west and take the elevator in the southwestmost room of the area to the Facility Passageway. Then head northeast to open the door and examine the Lift Switch to take the elevator leading further into the Palace. The door to the northwest leads to the Facility Surroundings.

Facility Surroundings

After a short scene, board the disc and use the Lift Switch. There will be a patrolling Shadow waiting at the end, along with a Treasure Chest containing a Rasetsu Ofuda item and a new Safe Room. Save and prepare, then continue onward.

Traverse the platforms along the linear path, timing jumps to be able to ambush the patrolling Shadows after they turn away. There will be a Treasure Chest containing Spyware-laden Gear midway along the path, before it starts to sharply descend to the door to the next area.

Export Line

Take the ramp upward to find a Treasure Chest containing a Black Kogatana, then head down and follow the path south to a new Safe Room. After preparing, head east to see a scene. After reaching the conveyor belts, continue straight north to see a robot arm break and obstruct the path, then head to the southwest corner of this level. Examine the console with the flashing blue light, increase the machine's speed by any amount to break it and form a new path. Climb across the broken robot arm and head north. At the top of the ramp, continue northeast to find another console with a purple flashing light, then increase the speed to break it.

Traverse the newly broken arm to find a Locked Chest containing a Fury Blade weapon for Yusuke, Bead and Emerald. Now interact with the console with the yellow light to break another arm. Return to the room with the purple console and jump down onto the yellow arm from the ledge outside. The door leads into the Production Line.

Production Line

Continuing north, the party will come across hydraulic presses that block their path to the exit. There will be a light blue console nearby, and a light blue hydraulic press further to the west after a south turn. Clear out the Shadows in between the console and the light blue hydraulic press, then interact with the console. The protagonist must choose to set the machine to Lunch for enough time to cross the press. The other options will result in scenes of their own to view.

Once Lunch is selected run to the far west light blue press and cross it to find a Treasure Chest containing Fragmented Armor. Interact with the light blue console on this plaftorm to start lunchtime again, then loop around the hydraulic presses to reach the central southern platform. There will be a purple console on the east end of the platform, set it to Lunch and then dash across the hydraulic press and dash to the purple hydraulic press. Now enter the western door to reach the next area.

Disposal Line

There is a new Safe Room to the south. Save and prepare as necessary, then continue down the ramps to find a console with a flashing purple light. Break the arm to traverse it. At the western end of the platform, examine the blue console to set a Lunch break, then dash back east to the light blue hydraulic press.

After crossing the hydraulic press, jump to the platforms to the east to find a Locked Chest containing a No Mercy SMG for Ann, Balm of Life and an Opal. Cross the area to the west, then north to a console with a blue light. Increase its speed to break the arm to the south, then cross it. There will be a Treasure Chest at the far east end of this platform containing Shield Goggles.

Set the yellow console to Lunch and prepare to dash to the yellow hydraulic press. Once across, prepare for a fight and approach the group of yellow Corporobos. The Corporobo MDL-CH cognitions are weak to Ice and Psy skills and will use debuffs to weaken the party. The party will face three waves of five of these enemies before the battle ends. Continue through the far door for a scene, then take the elevator to the Central Factory.

Central Factory

Head to the west to open a door leading to a Treasure Chest containing a Parapsy Ring, then save at the Safe Room to the south. Now the party will face an airlock puzzle throughout the rest of the Palace.

Enter the western airlock and examine the lift switch to the north to be taken up to the Transfer Line.

Transfer Line

Take the alpha airlock to the north, then the next alpha airlock to the east. Examine the lever in the next room to flip the active airlock to the omega airlock, then take it east. Take the omega airlock at the end end of the corridor to go south. Pull the lever at the east end of the next corridor to make the alpha airlocks active, then head to the alpha airlock to the west. Pull the levers with the gold paneling to make the alpha airlocks active. Enter the previous corridor and pull the lever to the east to make the blue omega airlocks active, then take the airlock at the far west end of the corridor. Pull the lever here to make the alpha airlocks active, then go west and exit the area to the north through the gold alpha airlock. Activate the Lift Switch here to go up to the next section.

There will be a new Safe Room a little bit to the east of the lift. Save and continue onwards.

This next area adds one way airlocks to the mix, and airlocks that will shift after one of them is entered. Enter the blue alpha airlock to go north. Next take the blue alpha airlock east. Ignore the levers and take the green alpha airlock in the southeast corner of the corridor. Take the green omega airlock north, then the green alpha airlock east. Take the blue alpha airlock in the northeast corner of the next corridor. Take the green omega airlock west, then the green alpha airlock west. Pull the lever here to make the blue omega airlocks active, then take the omega airlock south. Take the central omega airlock in this corridor north, then the green omega airlock east. Take the green alpha airlock north. Ignore the levers and take the gold omega airlock north. Ignore the levers and take the green omega airlock south. Head south and turn east to take the green alpha airlock north. Ignore the levers and take the gold omega airlock north. Now pull the lever to change the gold airlocks to make the alpha airlocks active. Head south through the green omega airlock. Take the blue omega airlock south.

There will be a Treasure Chest containing a Bead item. Take the gold alpha airlock west and the blue omega airlock south. Finally, take the gold alpha airlock west. Examine the elevator button and take the elevator down to reach the Weapon Production area.

Weapon Production

Head east and follow the wall around south to find a Locked Chest containing a Hero Eyepatch, Physical Ointment and Magic Ointment. Now save at the new Safe Room. Head north to find the Treasure's location and become ready to send the calling card.

Aside from one breakable object, the rest of the area is empty. Head back to reality to send the calling card or grind as desired before departing.

After returning to the Palace once the calling card has been sent, returning to the Treasure location will activate a cutscene, which leaves the party with 10 minutes to reach the end of the area. Ascend the catwalks to reach the Weapon Maintenance area.

Weapon Maintenance

The area is a straight path leading forward. There will be two patrolling Shadows (with more possibly spawning once they are defeated due to the Security Level) that the party can either engage or attempt to run past to save time. The Shadow parties may include Lilim, however, and her Spirit Drain skill will rip away 30 SP at a time prior to a long boss battle, along with her Masukunda skill making her and other Shadows harder to defeat. After taking the elevator up, there will be a Treasure Chest containing a Brigandine armor. Hitting the Lift Switch will take the party into the battle with Shadow Okumura. Once the battle starts, the party will have 30 minutes to defeat Shadow Okumura and his Corporobo cognitions.


Kunikazu's Treasure

In the Palace, Kunikazu's Treasure takes the form of a mysterious glowing orb with a metallic shell inside the Palace. When the Phantom Thieves found it, Okumura takes the orb away in order to lure the Thieves into a trap. Morgana, however, avoids the trap and saves the Thieves.

In reality, the true form of his treasure is a spaceship model kit "Galaxy" which the gigantic flying saucer that forms his Palace is based on. Haru explains that Kunikazu wanted this kit as a child. Haru's grandfather was the previous owner of Okumura Foods, which was a small company at the time. Her grandfather was a kindly man, but according to her, was not a particularly good businessman. Due to the frequent presence of debt collectors in Kunikazu's life, he desired to be successful so he could have what he wanted. Futaba finds out that the model kit is now a valuable collectible, and sells it to celebrate at Tokyo Destinyland.

After that, the SIU Director talks to someone on the phone that they have confirmed Kunikazu's reformation by the Phantom Thieves and expects his demise will take place in time.

Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight

Okumura's Palace acts as one of the stages for Haru.


Updated gear that becomes available once Okumura's Palace becomes accessible.

Weapon User Attack Accuracy Effect Location
Pro Skinning Knife Protagonist 154 96 - Chest - Mementos, Akzeriyyuth
Airsoft Shop (¥21,600)
Dirk Protagonist 170 98 - Airsoft Shop (¥26,400)
Chief's Cutlass Morgana 150 94 - Airsoft Shop (¥22,000)
Cosmic Sword Morgana 160 90 +Shock (med) Airsoft Shop (¥27,200)
Demon Pipe Ryuji 156 92 - Airsoft Shop (¥22,000)
Boss Bush Hammer Ryuji 172 94 - Airsoft Shop (¥27,000)
Electromag Whip Ann 148 94 +Shock (low) Chest - Mementos, Akzeriyyuth
Airsoft Shop (¥20,400)
Mirage Whip Ann 158 90 +Forget (med) Airsoft Shop (¥25,000)
Masquerade Ribbon Ann 172 88 +Dizzy (low) Itemize Queen Mab using Black Kogatana
Imperial Sword Yusuke 160 94 - Airsoft Shop (¥22,400)
Fury Blade Yusuke 170 90 +Rage (med) Locked Chest - Okumura's Palace, Export Line
Shikomi Kiseru Yusuke 184 96 - Airsoft Shop (¥28,800)
Metal Duster Makoto 154 94 - Airsoft Shop (¥20,400)
Iron Fist Makoto 170 96 - Airsoft Shop (¥24,800)
Axe Haru 134 90 - Default
Airsoft Shop (¥19,200)
Death Contract Haru 140 86 +Despair (low) Itemize Mitra using Black Kogatana
Bardiche Haru 166 90 - Airsoft Shop (¥28,800)

Weapon User Attack Accuracy Rounds Effect Location
Assassin Protagonist 184 88 8 - Airsoft Shop (¥26,400)
Crimson Gun Protagonist 208 96 8 - Airsoft Shop (¥32,000)
Stronger Morgana 194 98 5 - Airsoft Shop (¥23,200)
Shooting Star Morgana 210 98 5 - Airsoft Shop (¥26,600)
Masterkey Ryuji 204 90 4 - Airsoft Shop (¥27,800)
Big Sleep Ryuji 196 94 4 - Airsoft Shop (¥28,000)
Hyakka Ryouran Ann 182 78 12 - Airsoft Shop (¥25,000)
No Mercy Ann 190 86 12 - Airsoft Shop (¥26,400)
Locked Chest - Okumura's Palace, Disposal Line
Annihilator Yusuke 202 86 12 - Airsoft Shop (¥30,800)
Blaze Assault Yusuke 194 90 12 - Airsoft Shop (¥31,000)
Justness Makoto 200 90 6 - Airsoft Shop (¥26,200)
Mirrirmina Makoto 200 92 6 Ma+5 Itemize Yurlungur using Model Gun
Wildborn Makoto 208 94 6 - Airsoft Shop (¥30,200)
GL Replica Haru 132 86 1 - Default
Airsoft Shop (¥24,200)
Pawzooka Haru 140 89 1 +Confuse (med) Itemize Nekomata using Model Gun
Scorcher Haru 170 82 1 - Airsoft Shop (¥30,800)

Armor User Defense Evasion Effect Location
Spyware-laden Gear - 10 1 - Chest - Okumura's Palace, Facility Surroundings
Fragmented Armor - 10 1 - Chest - Okumura's Palace, Production Line
Black Jacket Male 120 12 Prevents insta-kill from Curse Itemize Hell Biker using Black Robe
Brigandine Unisex 124 8 - Airsoft Shop (¥23,800)
Chest - Okumura's Palace, Weapon Maintenance
Spiked Bra Female 129 12 +Repel Physical (low) Chest - Mementos, Akzeriyyuth
Airsoft Shop (¥24,600)
Memorial Collar Cat 132 18 +Resist Forget Locked Chest - Mementos, Kaitul
Airsoft Shop (¥23,000)
Gigas Vest Male 142 10 - Chest - Mementos, Akzeriyyuth
Airsoft Shop (¥24,800)
Dieting Wrap Unisex 137 8 +Resist Hunger Airsoft Shop (¥29,400)
Maillot Female 144 13 Ag+3 Airsoft Shop (¥30,000)
Rubber Scarf Cat 147 19 +Resist Shock Airsoft Shop (¥28,200)
Ghillie Vest Unisex 149 8 +Evade Physical (low) Locked Chest - Mementos, Akzeriyyuth
Rune Dress Female 156 13 Ma+3 Locked Chest - Mementos, Akzeriyyuth
Mythril Vest Male 158 11 +Resist Burn Airsoft Shop (¥30,600)
Tapsuan Female 160 12 +Evade Wind (high) Itemize Arahabaki using Black Robe
Akashic Shirt Unisex 161 13 +Resist Forget Wash Fragmented Armor
Measure Collar Cat 161 19 Lu+5 Locked Chest - Mementos, Akzeriyyuth
Space Suit Unisex 162 12 - Wash Spyware-laden Gear
Solar Wind Scarf Cat 163 25 +Resist Shock Wash Fragmented Armor
Zero-G Undies Female 168 20 Ag+5 Wash Fragmented Armor
Astro Bra Female 170 19 - Wash Spyware-laden Gear
Fluted Guard Male 172 11 Ag+3 Locked Chest - Mementos, Akzeriyyuth
Quiet Collar Cat 175 24 - Wash Spyware-laden Gear
Official's Robe Male 178 18 +Evade Curse (high) Itemize Okuninushi using Black Robe
Moon Man Vest Male 185 17 - Wash Fragmented Armor
UFO Vest Male 187 16 - Wash Spyware-laden Gear

Accessory Effect Location
Notebook +Resist Forget Airsoft Shop (¥1,500)
Shield Goggles +Resist Dizzy Airsoft Shop (¥2,400)
Chest - Okumura's Palace, Disposal Line
Brain Guard +Resist Brainwash Airsoft Shop (¥6,000)
Mind Choker +20 SP Airsoft Shop (¥10,000)
Hero Eyepatch +Evade Physical (med) Locked Chest - Okumura's Palace, Weapon Production
Psychic Mask +Evade Psy (low) Airsoft Shop (¥15,000)
Heat Mask +Evade Nuke (low) Airsoft Shop (¥15,000)
Hamaya Mask +Evade Bless (low) Airsoft Shop (¥15,000)
Protect Mask +Evade Curse (low) Airsoft Shop (¥15,000)
Druid Amulet Ma+3 Chest - Okumura's Palace, Facility Passageway
Knight's Crest All stats+1 Airsoft Shop (¥100,000)
Koh-i-Noor All stats+2/+Bless Attacks Itemize Koh-i-Noor using Black Rock
Parapsy Ring +Reduce Psy dmg (med) Chest - Okumura's Palace, Central Factory
Legion's Jail +Null Fear Itemize Legion using Black Rock
Petra Genetrix +Null Burn Itemize Mithras using Black Rock
Hua Khon Prevents insta-kill from Bless Itemize Ananta using Black Rock


Shadow Lv Arcana Personality Affinity
Melee Icon P5.png Ranged Icon P5.png Fire Icon P5.png Ice Icon P5.png Elec Icon P5.png Wind Icon P5.png Psy Icon P5.png Nuclear Icon P5.png Light Icon P5.png Dark Icon P5.png Almighty Icon P5.png
Belphegor 37 Tower Irritable - - Wk St St - - St - Rp 20
Black Ooze 29 Moon Irritable St St - St Wk - Wk - Wk Nu 20
Lilim 32 Devil Gloomy - Wk - St - Wk - - Wk Nu 20
Mithras 39 Sun Gloomy St - Dr - - - Wk Nu - - 20
Arahabaki 35 Hermit Gloomy Rp Rp - - - - Wk Wk St St 20
Girimehkala 44 Moon Gloomy Rp Rp St St - - - - Wk Nu 20
Mothman 33 Moon Timid - Wk - - Nu - St - - - 20
Decarabia 32 Fool Gloomy Wk - Rp - - - - St - St 20
Scathach 45 Priestess Upbeat - - - Rp - - - - - Nu 20
Kaiwan 36 Star Timid - Nu - - - - Nu Wk - - 20
Koh-i-Noor 25 Priestess Gloomy St St St St St St St - Nu Nu



Shadow Lv Arcana Personality Affinity
Melee Icon P5.png Ranged Icon P5.png Fire Icon P5.png Ice Icon P5.png Elec Icon P5.png Wind Icon P5.png Psy Icon P5.png Nuclear Icon P5.png Light Icon P5.png Dark Icon P5.png Almighty Icon P5.png
Belphegor 37 Tower Irritable - - Wk St St - - St - Rp 20
Black Ooze 29 Moon Irritable St St - St Wk - Wk - Wk Nu 20
Lilim 32 Devil Gloomy - Wk - St - Wk - - Wk Nu 20
Mithras 39 Sun Gloomy St St Dr - - - Wk Rp - - 20
Arahabaki 35 Hermit Gloomy Rp Rp - - - - Wk Wk St St 20
Girimehkala 43 Moon Irritable Rp Rp St - - - - - Wk Nu 20
Mothman 33 Moon Timid - Wk - - Nu - St - - - 20
Decarabia 32 Councillor Gloomy Wk - Rp - - - - St - St 20
Thunderbird 34 Sun Upbeat - - - - Dr - Wk - - Wk 20
Kaiwan 36 Star Timid - Nu - - - - Nu Wk - - 20
Kumbhanda 42 Hermit Gloomy - - Nu - - - Wk - - - 20
Koh-i-Noor 25 Priestess Gloomy St Wk - - - - - - - -



Shadow Lv Arcana Affinity
Melee Icon P5.png Ranged Icon P5.png Fire Icon P5.png Ice Icon P5.png Elec Icon P5.png Wind Icon P5.png Psy Icon P5.png Nuclear Icon P5.png Light Icon P5.png Dark Icon P5.png
Haru's Fiance 38 - - - - - - Wk - - -
Corporobo MDL-WKR (Blue) 43 St St Wk St St Wk St St St St
Corporobo MDL-CH (Yellow) 43 St St St Wk St St Wk St St St
Corporobo MDL-AM (Red) 43 St St St St Wk St St Wk St St
Corporobo MDL-DM (Light Blue) 43 St St St St St Wk St St Wk St
Corporobo MDL-GM (Green) 43 St St St St St St Wk St St Wk
Execurobo MDL-ED (Black) 43 - - - - - - - - - -

Mammon (Kunikazu Okumura)

43 - - - - - - - - - -


  • All Corporobos can be affected by Forget, Dizzy, Panic, Freeze and Shock and can be hit by technical damage as a result.
  • Execurobo can be affected by any of the statuses above bar Panic.
  • If Execurobo MDL-ED is affected by Forget, it cannot use anything but Executive Punch.
Shadow Lv Arcana Affinity
Melee Icon P5.png Ranged Icon P5.png Fire Icon P5.png Ice Icon P5.png Elec Icon P5.png Wind Icon P5.png Psy Icon P5.png Nuclear Icon P5.png Light Icon P5.png Dark Icon P5.png
Haru's Fiance 38 - - - - - - Wk - - -


??? Justice - - - - - Wk St - Dr Nu
Corporobo MDL-WKR (Blue) 43 St - Wk St St Wk St St St St
Corporobo MDL-CH (Yellow) 43 St - St Wk St St Wk St St St
Corporobo MDL-AM (Red) 43 St - St St Wk St St Wk St St
Corporobo MDL-DM (Light Blue) 43 St - St St St Wk St St Wk St
Corporobo MDL-GM (Green) 43 St - St St St St Wk St St Wk
Execurobo MDL-ED (Black) 43 - - - - - - - - - -
Cognitive Existence "Okumura Haru" 43 - - - - - - - - - -

Mammon (Kunikazu Okumura)

43 - - - - - - - - - -


  • Even though this Palace represents the Deadly Sin of Greed instead of Gluttony, the status ailment "Hunger" is mostly inflicted by enemies appearing in this Palace (and subsequently the same regular Shadows which can be encountered again in Mementos), likely due to Okumura's corporation's association with food. The exceptions are few request bosses in Mementos and Yaldabaoth, the final boss of the original Persona 5.
  • This is the only Palace in the game where Shadows don't act as mid-bosses. Instead, the mid-boss obstacles are Shadow Kunikazu's own Corporobo army, composed exclusively of cognitive beings.

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