Okumura Palace

Inside of Okumura Palace

Okumura's Palace, also known as the Space Station of Greed, is a location in Persona 5. It is the Palace of Kunikazu Okumura.



Persona 5Edit

  • Background Music: "Sweatshop" (and its Another Version)
  • Available: September 15 (First Infiltration), September 19 (Mission Start)
  • Deadline: October 11 (Haru's body being sold)
  • Owner: Kunikazu Okumura
  • Location: Okumura Foods Headquarters
  • Keyword: Space Station

A world within the Metaverse created by Kunikazu Okumura. During the Hawaii trip, Yuuki Mishima told the protagonist how people in the Phantom Aficionado Website spoke out against Okumura and his company Okumura Foods Incorporated. But the Phantom Thieves of Hearts make him a target only after they discover through a bug installed in Sae Niijima's laptop that Okumura's business has benefited from the psychological disturbances that occurred in Tokyo. It appears as a spaceport on Earth's orbit with fast food imagery throughout, representing Okumura's status as the president of Big Bang Burger and his willfully oblivious attitude towards his daughter Haru on his goal to gain power and influence in Japan's politics. It is inhabited by robotics workers and managers, Cognitive existences that embody Okumura's view of seeing them only as a labor. It is guarded by Shadows shaped like cylinder or spherical security drones, along with the aforementioned cognitive robot workers and managers.

During the initial infiltration of the Palace, the Phantom Thieves encounter Haru, who has teamed up with Morgana during his brief resignation from the team. Due to her Beauty Thief costume, they initially believe her to be the black-masked Persona user causing problems in the real world, until it is revealed her "silent glare" is due to her forgetting the introductory speech she rehearsed with Morgana. After she shyly forces out her introduction, she proclaims she and Morgana will retrieve the Treasure first, due to her father's care for her allowing her to control the Palace's security systems to an extent. Naturally, the first door she opens is filled with her father's Shadows, and she, Morgana, and the Thieves are forced to make a hasty retreat.

It is later revealed that she wants to change her father only to avoid the arranged marriage between her and the son of a powerful politician, Sugimura. When the party first confronts Shadow Okumura, a cognitive version of Sugimura appears alongside him and it was revealed that Kunikazu did not care about the future of his daughter and he only forced Sugimura in to give himself more power, with full knowledge that he would treat Haru as nothing other than a sexual plaything. Haru is angered and decides to betray her father, allowing her resolve to fully take form and awaken Milady. Shadow Okumura leaves the cognitive Sugimura to take down the thieves alone and he transforms into a robot while summoning two MDL-WKRs to assist him, but was no match for Haru and the party.

When the party finds the location of the treasure, Haru slips a calling card to Kunikazu and it was later found and she watches by a distance. This angers Kunikazu and his treasure takes form, forcing him to unleash a self destruct system onto his Palace to trap and kill the party and he will escape to utopia. Once the party makes to his hideout, he pretends to surrender while goading the thieves into a trap. Once this fails thanks to Morgana, he unleashes an army of his robots against the party and even sends out his final robot Execurobo MDL-ED, but was ultimately no match for the party.

He surrenders the treasure and the palace collapses, with the party escaping safely. However, the black mask assassin appears and kills his Shadow, causing him to die during his press confession a day later. The plan to frame the thieves succeeds and their support plummets, setting stone for the upcoming crisis.


  • Lockpicks needed: 3
  • Note: The best firearm available from Untouchable at this point for Ann, No Mercy, is in the second locked chest the party comes across in this Palace. Waiting to unlock the chest will save the protagonist money for other uses.

The Phantom Thieves start at the side entrance and take an elevator down to the facility passageway area, where they observed an Assistant Manager Corporobo forcing numerous worker Corporobos to work, with one falling into the floor in exhaustion. They then enter the main entrance which has a logo with "WORK!" printed in different fonts of Japanese and English. A corridor following that will lead to a hologram image of the top bread of a burger, and finally into the main entrance of the spaceport.

Despite the Thieves were unable to open the entrance as it is a biometric security system that requires a registered member to pass, Haru Okumura mistakenly opens it after a failed introduction due to her being the daughter of the president of Big Bang Burger, also the owner of the palace. This results in large amounts of shadows attacking the thieves, forcing them to escape.

On September 19, the Phantom Thieves are allowed full exploration of the palace. After passing through the entrance with the help of Haru, they are immediately confronted by Shadow Kunikazu and a cognitive version of Haru's fiance. Haru will join the team during this point and also join the thieves in defeating him. After defeating him their goal is the center building where the treasure is in. However, the passageway to the next area is blocked by an identification system requiring a chief manager key card, so the only path is to the barracks to get the key cards.

The Assistant Manager and Division Manager Corporobos must be defeated in order to gain further access to the chief manager room, and the Chief Manager Corporobo must be defeated so the thieves can access the aforementioned sealed door.

Opening the sealed door leads to the facility surroundings, then into the export line. The passageway to the export line seems to be just a straightforward path into the opposite door, but the mechanical arms operating the factory suddenly malfunctions and drops a pile of blocks on the straight passage, forcing the Phantom Thieves to find other ways around. To navigate further into the export line, the speed of the mechanical arms must be increased 10 times to make them malfunction and turn them into platforms.

Also, the stamps in the export line seemed to be operated manually, since there are switches that allow the stamps to rest for a break, a lunchtime break or an overtime. It is only possible to configure a lunchtime break, which lasts for 30 seconds, allowing the Thieves to walk on top of the stamps to different parts of the factory.

Once they make to the other side, the elevator to the next area is guarded by 15 Chief Clerk Corporobos, fought in 3 waves of 5.

The transfer line is the bottom part of the spaceport and it is consisted of an endless corridor of disconnected small rooms, each of them leading into the vastness of space. Despite exposure to space posing a threat to the Phantom Thieves, it is possible to survive by holding their breath for 30 seconds. In order to proceed, the air locks must be opened, which throws the party into space and sucks them into the room at the other side.

To further complicate things, There are also α and Ω locks that must be turned on and off to gain access to other rooms, and turning one on turns the other off, which effectively makes the transfer line area into a maze. Finally, a room will lead to the elevator to the weapons production area, where the Big Bang Burger logo can be seen on the wall and the formless treasure to be found.

After the calling card is sent, the Thieves simply needs to enter the weapons production area where they must rush to the boss room for the showdown with Shadow Kunikazu in 10 minutes. If they fail to do so, Shadow Kunikazu will self destruct the spaceport and fly away, killing them in an explosion. In one of the hallways leading to the boss room, it might be wise to use a Smokescreen as Shadows can spawn in it.


Okumura's Tresure

Kunikazu's Treasure

In the Palace, Kunikazu's Treasure takes the form of a mysterious glowing orb with a metallic shell inside the Palace. When the Phantom Thieves found it, Okumura takes the orb away in order to lure the Thieves into a trap. Morgana, however, avoids the trap and saves the Thieves.

In reality, the true form of his treasure is a spaceship model kit "Galaxy" which the gigantic flying saucer that forms his Palace is based on. Haru explains that Kunikazu wanted this kit as a child. Haru's grandfather was the previous owner of Okumura Foods, which was a small company at the time. Her grandfather was a kindly man, but according to her, was not a particularly good businessman. Due to the frequent presence of debt collectors in Kunikazu's life, he desired to be successful so he could have what he wanted. Futaba finds out that the model kit is now a valuable collectible.

After that, the SIU Director talks to someone in phone that they have confirmed Kunikazu's reformation by the Phantom Thieves and expects his demise will take place in time.

Persona 5: Dancing in StarlightEdit

Okumura's Palace acts as one of the stages for Haru.

List of EnemiesEdit

Shadow Lv Arcana Personality Affinity
Melee Icon P5 Ranged Icon P5 Fire Icon P5 Ice Icon P5 Elec Icon P5 Wind Icon P5 Psy Icon P5 Nuclear Icon P5 Light Icon P5 Dark Icon P5 Almighty Icon P5
Belphegor 37 Tower Irritable - - Wk St St - - St - Rf 20
Black Ooze 29 Moon Irritable St St - St Wk - Wk - Wk Nu 20
Lilim 32 Devil Gloomy - Wk - St - Wk - - Wk Nu 20
Mithras 39 Sun Gloomy St - Dr - - - Wk Nu - - 20
Arahabaki 35 Hermit Gloomy Rf Rf - - - - Wk Wk St St 20
Girimehkala 44 Moon Gloomy Rf Rf St St - - - - Wk Nu 20
Mothman 33 Moon Timid - Wk - - Nu - St - - - 20
Decarabia 32 Fool Gloomy Wk - Rf - - - - St - St 20
Scathach 45 Priestess Upbeat - - - Rf - - - - - Nu 20
Kaiwan 36 Star Timid - Nu - - - - Nu Wk - - 20
Koh-i-Noor 25 Priestess Gloomy St St St St St St St - Nu Nu


Bosses Edit

Shadow Lv Arcana Affinity
Melee Icon P5 Ranged Icon P5 Fire Icon P5 Ice Icon P5 Elec Icon P5 Wind Icon P5 Psy Icon P5 Nuclear Icon P5 Light Icon P5 Dark Icon P5

Haru's Fiance 

(Haru's Awakening)

29 - - - - - - Wk - - -
Corporobo MDL-WKR (Blue) 24 St St Wk St St Wk St St St St
Corporobo MDL-CH (Yellow) 24 St St St Wk St St Wk St St St
Corporobo MDL-AM (Red) 24 St St St St Wk St St Wk St St
Corporobo MDL-DM (Light Blue) 24 St St St St St Wk St St Wk St
Corporobo MDL-GM (Green) 24 St St St St St St Wk St St Wk
Execurobo MDL-ED (Black) 24 - - - - - - - - - -


(Kunikazu Okumura)

34 - - - - - - - - - -


  • Even though this Palace represents the Deadly Sin of Greed instead of Gluttony, the status ailment "Hunger" is mostly inflicted by enemies appear in this dungeon (and subsequently the same regular Shadows which can be encountered again in Mementos). The exceptions are few quest bosses in Mementos and the final boss.
  • The fact that the palace is a space station may be a reference to him trying to metaphorically reach for the stars.
  • This is the only Palace in the game where Shadows don't act as mid-bosses. Instead, the mid-boss obstacles are Shadow Kunikazu's own Corporobo army.