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Okinawa Jail, also known as the Cage of Desolation, is a location in Persona 5 Strikers. It is the Jail of Okinawa with Shuzo Ubukata as its Monarch, though he is deceased by the time the Phantom Thieves arrive to investigate.



Manifesting around a facility in Okinawa, the Okinawa Jail is the prototype of all subsequent Jails. It took form from the cognition of Shuzo Ubukata, a researcher performing experiments with the goal of changing hearts, acting under orders from Akira Konoe.

The Monarch ran experiments on changes of hearts in the hopes to realize a utopian dream of completing a Penitentiary System that would end the suffering of mankind, using EMMA as a guide. However, Ubukata would go about using unscrupulous methods to test the extent of what changes of heart would do to a person. Island locals were ordered to eliminate anyone approaching the laboratory without clearance in order to test a change of heart's ability to facilitate complex commands and whether their own personal morals would override such commands. Scientific staff that objected to the experiments or tried to report the research would become subjects of the experiments themselves. Ubukata would justify the use of human experimentation as following orders and needing to be able to manipulate the cognitive world themselves after hearing of another party manipulating the cognitive world for their own purposes, not wanting the other party to progress beyond them and waiting to attain the ideal society.

Only too late did Ubukata learn that he would be required to hand over his own Desires as well, and that the Penitentiary System wasn't actually meant to save humanity. That the secret purpose of the project was to simply turn all of humanity into slaves. Faced with the fact that his Desires would be seized at any moment, Ubukata would pitch himself over a cliff near the facility, killing himself in an attempt to stop the Penitentiary System from being realized. The Jail fell dormant with the loss of its Monarch, though the locals remained brainwashed.

Some time later, on August 17, the Phantom Thieves arrived at the island. Asking about and approaching the lab drew the ire of the locals, who became a murderous mob that night. The Thieves escaped thanks to Zenkichi Hasegawa picking up on their strange behavior, and later attacked a local man and looked through his phone to find the Jail's Monarch and keyword. After entering it, the jail awakened and EMMA admitted passage.

Records of the experiments at the facility manifest in the form of notes and tape recordings inside the Jail, detailing the events of what happened there. Sophia also hears a mysterious, familiar voice shortly after entering, and runs ahead on her own in an attempt to locate it.

Once the Phantom Thieves help Sophia reach the depths of the facility, they enter the Cage of Desolation, where they find the Desires suspended from the ceiling, still solidified from the warning that Ubukata received. The mysterious voice will speak directly to Sophia, inquiring of her purpose and parameters, but when Sophia is unable to answer the voice summarily labels her as worthless. After Ryuji becomes enraged at this and berates the voice, it will cease communication, activating its security in the form of a Lock Keeper that attacks the party. Following the defeat of the Lock Keeper, the cage will collapse, leading to the party needing to evacuate the area.


Treasure Type Location
Kris Dagger Protagonist weapon Lock Lv 2 Treasure chest - Experiment Area
Hacker Gear Mk. 3 Futaba protector Lock Lv 1 Treasure chest - Storage Area
Mediarama Skill Card Treasure chest - Research Lab
Soul Drop Item Treasure chest - Transport Area
Revival Bead x2 Item Treasure chest - Research Lab
Speed Incense Item Treasure chest - Document Storage Area
God Saber Morgana weapon Lock Lv 3 Treasure chest - Transport Area


Updated gear once the Okinawa Jail becomes available.

Weapon User Attack Effect Location
Killing Scalpel Protagonist 138 - Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥13,400)
Quality Kopis Protagonist 148 - Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥15,800)
Kris Dagger Protagonist 154 Ma +2 Lock Lv 2 Treasure chest - Experiment Area
Spike Rod Ryuji 136 - Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥12,200)
Bush Hammer Ryuji 150 - Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥14,600)
Shamshir Morgana 134 - Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥11,800)
Resting Sword Morgana 140 +Sleep (med) Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥13,600)
Comet Spiral Sophia 128 - Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥12,800)
Assassination Top Sophia 140 +Fear (low) Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥14,400)
Hero Whip Ann 136 - Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥13,000)
Whip Sword Ann 144 - Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥14,600)
Imperial Katana Yusuke 140 - Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥13,200)
Fury Blade Yusuke 156 +Rage (low) Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥15,400)
Crusher Makoto 144 - Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥12,400)
Demon Fist Makoto 150 - Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥14,000)
Great Axe Haru 144 St +2 Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥13,600)
Beheading Axe Haru 154 - Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥15,400)

Protector User Defense Effect Location
Papal Robes Unisex 114 +Reduce Bless dmg (low) Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥12,200)
Elysian Robe Females 114 +Reduce Curse dmg (low) Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥13,200)
Sparkly Collar Cats 116 +Reduce Curse dmg (low) Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥11,400)
Athletic Shirt Males 118 Ag +2 Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥13,400)
Hope Shirt Unisex 128 +Reduce Psy dmg (low) Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥15,800)
Dogwatch Kimono Females 128 +Null Sleep Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥16,800)
Morose Collar Cats 132 +Null Rage Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥15,000)
Saint's Tunic Males 134 +Null Rage Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥17,000)
Resilient Scarf Cats 138 En +3 Complete request, "Junk Collection, Part 3"
Hacker Gear Mk. 3 Futaba 172 +40 HP Lock Lv 1 Treasure chest - Storage Area

Accessory Effect Location
Hot Water Pouch +Null Freeze Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥2,000)
Rubber Gloves +Null Shock Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥2,000)
Shield Goggles +Null Dizzy Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥2,000)
Calming Gem +Null Rage Sophia's Shop, Okinawa (¥2,000)
Seashell Necklace +Null Burn Speak to Ann on the beach on 8/17
Coral Necklace +30 HP The Okinawan Experience, Ferry Dock, Okinawa (¥7,600)
Salvia Charm +Null Forget Talk to Haru in Odori Park in Sapporo on 8/13 Night


Normal enemies[]

Shadow Lv Arcana Affinity
Melee Icon P5.png Ranged Icon P5.png Fire Icon P5.png Ice Icon P5.png Elec Icon P5.png Wind Icon P5.png Psy Icon P5.png Nuclear Icon P5.png Light Icon P5.png Dark Icon P5.png
Black Ooze 33 Moon Str Str - Str Wk - Wk - Wk Nul
Bomber 34 - - - - - - - - - - -
Legion 34 Fool Str - Str - Wk - Str Wk Wk Nul
Shiisaa 35 Chariot Str - Wk - - - Wk - Nul Wk
Arahabaki 36 Hermit Str Str - Wk - - Wk Wk Nul Nul
Vanitas 42 - - - - - - Wk - - - -



Bonus Bosses[]


The respawning treasure chest to the northeast will yield every elemental Resist passive skill as a Skill Card.


  • The name of this Jail's theme, "Singularity", may be a reference to a few things.
    • A Singularity is another name for a Black Hole, a Cosmic phenomena that has gravity so strong, even light cannot escape it.
    • A Singularity can also refer to a hypothetical point in time where technology advances beyond humanity's control and becomes irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to civilization.

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