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Okina Station Front

"It's a funny place. Wide, yet narrow. It's grey and full of squares."

Okina City (沖奈市, Okina-Shi)? is a location in Persona 4. Originally limited to social link cutscenes in the PS2 game, the area was made accessible in Persona 4 Golden.

Okina City is the nearest big city to Inaba. It is connected to the town via Okina Station. Many students from Yasogami High School frequent the city due to shops and sights that aren't found back home. Once the protagonist obtains their bike license and rides around the neighborhood three times after June 8, the city becomes accessible.


Cafe Chagall
A cafe owned by Mumon. The coffee served gets the mind thrown into a dark, muddy tailspin. Each cup of the "Owner's Original Blend" costs 5,000 Yen and causes time to pass here. The player can obtain skill cards from the Persona he is equipped with, provided the card icon is shown with that skill. The trophy "An Acquired Taste" is unlocked here.
Croco Fur
The clothing store where the protagonist can shop for costumes. Run by Reiko Osa, charismatic "fashionista". Clothes not listed as a part of a set can only be worn by a specific character.
Okina Station
The train station that connects Okina to Inaba. No gameplay purpose.
Crane Game
A UFO-catcher doll machine. Each attempt costs 100 yen for one try. Normally the player may only use the machine five times per day, but days ending in 2, 6 or 0 offer two tries per use. Small prizes include weak battle items such as Ice Cubes and Firecrackers, while the Grand Prize is always a Persona doll. Grand Prizes include:
Grand PrizeDate Available
Jack Frost DollJune 11
Pyro Jack DollJuly 27
Neko Shogun DollSeptember 12
King Frost DollNovember 6
Black Frost DollJanuary 1
Movie Theater "30 frame"
Taking a member of the Investigation Team to the movies costs 1500 Yen and grants them an immediate level up, and possibly bonus stats if they enjoyed the movie. Watching three movies unlocks the Trophy "Movie Buff".
Police Station
A middle-aged police officer can be engaged into conversation.
Okina Station Bookstore
The Okina Books sells books, CDs and DVDs. It has no gameplay purpose.


  • In Mumon's introduction, he mentions having an estranged, "socially awkward" older brother who became a Buddhist monk according to family tradition, possibly alluding to Mutatsu.
  • A movie aired on February 3rd titled "Orco Rosso" is a reference to a Studio Ghibli movie, Porco Rosso.
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