#X is the opening theme for the 3DS remake of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. It is performed by wink wink and was composed by Ryota Koduka. It was released on the Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Original Soundtrack.

Official LyricsEdit

Devil Summoner Soul Hackers OP 3DS Version

Devil Summoner Soul Hackers OP 3DS Version

Tripping on #X, there is someone I'm missing.
Oh please, don't worry. Paradigm is aligned. They're all linking.
A victim of crime, and I don't realize.
You make me lie. You're leaking.
On palm-platform, I realize the devil playing with me.

I wanna be next to you right now.
See I can feel it.
Let me be straight to you.
But I'm breaking to pieces more and more.

On the X
I'm losing my mind oh I'm spinning.
In the rain, your faraway, hidden
Each day comes to the end. But
I can't find the exit.
(I'll sync with her)

Living in my evil make-up.
Oh I don't even trust myself
Still now I'm bleeding red.
See you deep in your soul.

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