Nozomi Nakahara is a character in Persona 4: Dancing All Night.



Nozomi has short auburn hair and hazel eyes. Her dance outfit is similar to Kanami's, but dark brown and dark gray with a lighter brown tie.


Nozomi appears to be a polite and friendly person. For some reason, however, she's interested in Naoto Shirogane after meeting her. Rise stated that her real self is a pretty shy and docile person and the type who gets all flustered and nervous when she has to talk about herself.

To her fans, Nozomi is the confident, uninhibited "Prince Nozomi" who is very self-assured. Nozomi's insecurity is her social anxiety, she is bad at talking to people and she doesn't want to hurt people's feelings if they see her as her true self.

After returning back to normal, she started to become more comfortable talking to people as her true-self and gets to understand how they feel, although she is still shy.


Persona 4: Dancing All NightEdit

Nozomi is a member of Kanamin Kitchen. Her "edible meat" tagline is that of a stag, and she is promoted as the Prince Charming of the group by Takura Productions. She, along with her fellow members, somehow ended up in the Midnight Stage. In Rise's search team, Nozomi is the second person to be found in her stage, where the Eerie Voice taunted her about how she hurts everyone by not being her confident princely self. Denying how she really is, she is forcefully dragged to her main stage.

After Nozomi submits to the shadow's will, she is transformed into a Shadow. However unlike the others, she appears as a portrait of her princely self with roses around the frames and a slew of women surrounding her on all sides. However, as the dance of the Investigation Team becomes more successful in her stage, the women transform into buff men and Nozomi's "Portrait" changes to one showing her complete shock at the change.

After she reverts back to her normal self, she is kept safe inside of a place that resembles a dressing room in TakuraPro. Ochimizu suddenly appears and decides to stay with her until Rise's and Yu's teams regroup and get everyone out of the Midnight Stage.


P4D Nozomi normal protrait
Nozomi's normal portrait
P4D Nozomi, tied uo
Nozomi's tied up portrait
P4D Story Mode Nozomi becomes one with her stage
Nozomi after submitting to the Shadow's will and starting to become one with her stage

Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed that in the Japanese version of P4D, Nozomi's edible animal is horse meat, while being changed to deer meat in the North American version.
  • She may have a crush on Kanji because of his tough and out there personality, or rather something she wants to strive to become within herself.
  • Her idol image is that of a Takarazuka actresses, specifically one who is playing a male role.

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