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Nova in SMT if...

Nova (ノヴァ*)? is a character from Shin Megami Tensei: if....



Nova is an AI that operates a fortune telling booth. At the start of a new game, it will ask the protagonist's gender, name, and give them a personality quiz which will determine their starting stats. There are four types of stats spread: power, speed, balanced, and luck.


"You are much stronger than the average person. And not just in physical strength, but also your willpower. Small troubles are not likely to be a setback to you. You should make the most of your strength. Keep a positive attitude as you go through life, casting aside all worries. However, if you try to force your way through everything, you are likely to fail. Be careful."
—Power stats
"Your strong point is your exceptional speed. And I do not just mean your physical speed, but the quickness of your wit as well. You should always make snap decisions, looking ahead and acting quickly. However there are times where you will need to think things through throughly before making a decision. Be careful."
—Speed stats
"You are a jack-of-all-trades. You don't excel in any one area, but you aren't really weak in any either. Avoid rash behavior, and keep your cool as you proceed. Remember though, balance can be a curse as well as a blessing, leading to behavior that is neither here nor there. Be careful."
—Balanced stats
"You are a very lucky person. You don't have the talent that others do, but your good fortune more than makes up for it. But don't make the mistake of relying only on your luck. Make a concerted effort to improve your lesser abilities. The world is far too harsh for luck alone to see you through. Be careful!"
—Luck stats


Chiaki looking at an occult magazine.png
Nova on the back of an occult magazine


  • If the player tries to input a name that is only one character long, Nova will refuse to acknowledge it as a real name and tell the player to take this process more seriously.

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