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Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth Soundtrack - Nothing is Promised

Nothing is Promised.

"Nothing is Promised" is the boss battle theme of Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth. It was composed by Atsushi Kitajoh and performed by Lotus Juice.


It takes a simple nod to fall in line
But it takes everything to stand alone
Eventually you may end up crossing the line
And then you fully understand that your ass is on
Your own
Believe me
I don't judge you just because of what you do
So don't judge me on things I'd rather not do
It ain't easy trying not to fit in
Lost touch to a few close ones cuz I didn't give in
Courageous way of life
Forever it feels like
Gotta fight for my right to be who I really wanna be
It's hard under pressure
Any types of the gestures
Don't matter to aggressors
But I will not fall apart
But I won't
Cave in
Even though
I keep on walking alone
Believe in
My faith
Can't take my soul, nah!

I wanna live my life not to just exist
Gonna get my rights so I fight back and resist
They wanna do it like they own me
Make another me like cloning only little do they know me
You can never hold me
Felt as if I was drowning with no water
The blade of pressure hits me got my mind slaughtered
And I kept on shaking telling myself
That I am so much stronger
Than before so much stronger
Nothing is promised
Nothing is flawless
Everything's a contest
So I've got to take a shot
I will not take a swat
From any spot
Cuz I've got
To fight back
Or else I'm just gonna be back to who I was who I was
The weak me the dark me
I don't stop for a reason
That me's gonna beat me
Determined not to surrender
Under any circumstances
Over my dead body is their only chances

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