Persona Q2 OST - Nothing is Promised (Boss Theme)

Persona Q2 OST - Nothing is Promised (Boss Theme)

"Nothing is Promised" is the boss battle theme of Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth. It was composed by Atsuhi Kitajoh and performed by Lotus Juice. The lyrics on this page are not official and may be subject to change.

The theme plays when fighting a stage boss in the game.


It takes a simple mind to fall in line
But it takes everything to stand alone
Eventually, you may end up crossing the line
To fully understand that your ass is on your own
(Believe me)
I don't judge you
Just because of what you did
So, don't judge me on things I'd rather not do
It ain't easy trying not to fit in
Lost touch to a few close ones 'cause I didn't give in

Courageous (When your life's)
Falling off (Feels like)
Gotta fight for my right to be who I really wanna be
It's hard (Under pressure)
Any types (Or sort of gestures)
Don't matter (To aggressors)
But I will not
Fall apart
But I won't (But I won't)
Give in (Give in)
Even though (Even though)
I keep on walking alone
Believing in (Believing in)
Myself (myself)
And my faith (my faith)
Can't take my soul

I wanna
Live my life not to just exist
Gonna get my rights
So I fight back and resist
They wanna do it like they wanted to make another me
Like who are they, only little do they know me
You can never hold me
Felt as if I was drowning within water
The blade of pressure hits
Got my mind disordered
And I kept on shaking
Telling myself that I'm so much stronger than before
(So much stronger)

Nothing is promised
Nothing is flawless
Everything's a contest
So I gotta take a shot
I will not (Take this shot)
From any spot ('Cause I got)
To fight back
Or else death's gonna win it back
To who I was (Who I was)
Weak me (Dark me)
I don't stop for any reason
That means he's gonna beat me
Determined not to surrender
Under any circumstances
Over my dead body lies your only chances