Nobu Horinozawa is non-playable character in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

Appearance Edit

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Nobu is young man with black short hair with part of his side with gray streaks. He has a scar across his left side. He wears a white collar shirt with loose red stripe tie, and blue blazer, light tan pant take reach to his ankle, and white shoes. He is always seen carrying a brown pack.

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Edit

A popular cameraman who’s able to capture the purest beauty of any woman. His debut piece of Maiko during her gravure idol days instantly propelled him to the top of the industry.

While under Gangrel's influence he kidnaps Maiko in order to relive those past days.

Gallery Edit

TMS concept of Nobu
Concept art of Nobu Horinozawa
SMTxFE screenshot of Gangrel and Nobu Horinozawa
A corrupted Nobu "contract" with Gangrel
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