Inui Driving

Inui driving the cast

Noboru Inui (戌井 暢, Inui Noboru) is a character from the anime Persona -trinity soul-. He is voiced by Tomokazu Seki.



Persona -trinity soul-Edit

Inui is the caretaker of the student dormitory for Naginomori Gakuen. He takes a special interest in the main student cast of -trinity soul-, even to the point of almost inviting himself to be the driver for an overnight trip they intended to take. During the trip, it becomes apparent he has a deeper interest in the Personas the cast can use, secretly recording the events of Yumi Tasaka's rescue.

Although it is never clarified, Inui appears to work for Ayanagi City's police department, specifically looking into the Reverse cases. Together with Akihiko Sanada, he gathers together a group of Persona-users to combat Marebito. He knows a lot about Personas, claiming to have dealt with them in the past. The fact that he is able to resist the Apathy Syndrome that Ayane Komatsubara's clone inflicts on others around him shows he has a formidable mental strength.

Despite being the dorm's caretaker, he does secretly keep an old dog against the dormitory's rules.


Inui Dog
Inui and his dog
Inui Talking
Inui speaking with Akihiko
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