"We, and Algon Soft, promise you all a life of light and convenience."
—Nishi, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

Nishi is the secondary antagonist in Soul Hackers.

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Nishi appears as a tall, groomed business man wearing a dark brown suit with slightly tanned skin. His hair is styled in a widow's peak, and his beard is fashioned into a goatee.


Nishi is the vice minister of the government and the general manager of the "model city" project in Amami City, from his office at the Amami Monolith. He is first seen on Paradigm X's Airvision giving a speech over the news about Amami City alongside Kadokura.

He is later seen during the second Vision Quest, where he is hiring Judah Singh to stop the infection caused by the Manitou Net at Amami Airport. He appears again during the third Vision Quest, hiring the freelance Naomi at a restaurant with the job of deal with a demon residing in the Nikamimon ruins.

Behind his corporate facade, Nishi is an executive of the Phantom Society, and his true identity is the Tyrant Azazel. He oversaw the true purpose of Paradigm X and Algon Soft: harvesting souls with the Krypto Chip. To that end, he employed Shemyaza as the factory manager of Algon Microelectronics, with the promise that he'd eventually confront the Spookies when they inevitably investigated the chip.

While the protagonist and Nemissa are clearing the contamination at Algon Headquarters, Nishi has the remaining Spookies taken hostage. Upon returning, they receive a message from Nishi bidding them to come to the Monolith. After rescuing Six and Lunch and reaching his office in center of the complex, Nishi realizes that Nemissa had been with the Spookies all along. He reveals his true form and engages the team in battle.

Upon his defeat, he initially reacts in disbelief that he could be defeated by "mere beasts," but soon laughs it off stating that the Phantom Society is eternal and his death will only be the beginning.


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