The Nightmare System (ナイトメア・システム, Naitomea Shisutemu)? is a device used by the Assembly of Nihilo during the events of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.



The Nightmare System is a weapon designed for focused absorption of Magatsuhi. Hikawa activated the device following the failed attack by the Mantra Army on the Assembly's Ginza base, targeting the Army's headquarters in Ikebukuro. The effects were devastating and nearly instantaneous: the entire garrison began losing Magatsuhi at a massive rate, and even the Army's leader, Gozu-Tennoh, lost his physical body to the System's destructive siphoning. Others at the base were heavily weakened, spelling the end of the Mantra Army.

The System was based upon the Obelisk. When the Demi-fiend managed to reach it and release Yuko Takao from its machinery, the System was shut down.

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