DCFB Ice Apostle Castle Town

Capital of Niflheim, with an Elf and Bear.

Niflheim (ニブルヘイム?) is a world and skill in the series.


Also Known as Niflheimr, it was one of the nine worlds in Norse myth and home to the Frost Giants.



The skill Niflheim appears in many games as the strongest Ice-element skill.

Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

The world of Ice and Darkness created by Shugoshin and ruled by the Ice Apostle. It is home to demons of darkness, several Muspellheim Elves, and a race of anthropomorphic bears. The residents of this world have been in constant war with the angels of Muspellheim, and the two have had their battle since time immemorial. The Apostles army began to interfere on both earth and Tenkai in order to continue the eternal battle between them and Muspellheim.

A giant bridge connects Niflheim with Muspellheim and the Ginnungagaap, with forces stationed on their side to prevent intruders.


DCFB Snowfields
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Ice Fortress

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