NDDS Vol.6 Cover

Original Novel Cover

New Digital Devil Story 6: Bonds of Reincarnation(新デジタル・デビル・ストーリー6 転 生 の 絆, Shin Dejitaru Debiru Sutōrī 6: Ten-sei No Kizuna)? is the sixth book and final book in a hexalogy of novels written by Aya Nishitani and illustrated by Hiroyuki Kitazume.


  • Original release: December 31, 1993
  • Published by Tokuma Shoten


  • Asuka Kita: Protagonist, who tries to save the world.
  • Reiko Kido: Friend of Asuka, who tries to save the world.
  • Lucifer: He declared war on the United States of America.
  • Lilith: Lucifer's wife, decides to lure Asuka and group into Central Park of New York.
  • Alexander Strasvic: Nuclear physicist from Russia, dream-breaking and drowned in alcohol.
  • John Quark: Vice president of the United States of America.
  • Gabriel: The one who sends god's wraith.
  • God: Cleanses the Earth of demons and most of the mankind.
  • Earl Saint-Germain: Right hand of Lucifer.
  • Beelzebub: Subordinate of Lucifer.
  • Kengo Nomura: Old friend of Asuka and Reiko.
  • Eri Hara: Old friend of Asuka and Reiko.
  • Emperor Sutoku: Finally, recovered his original purpose by learning about the history of 800 years of Japan, especially the history of the massacre of Japanese troops during World War II. .
  • Sawa: Priest of Yamato.
  • Kirara: Ally of Asuka and Reiko, who now possesses Michael.
  • Kisanadu: Horse of Lucifer.
  • Michael: Archangel of God.
  • Fujiwara no Yorinaga: Fujiwara statesman, who got reincarnated. Who now travels alongside Sutoku.
  • Minamoto no Yoshinaka: General of the late Heian period, who got reincarnated. Who now travels alongside Sutoku.
  • Cerberus: He was the one who struck the meteor at the will of "God".
  • Professor Feed: In the year of 2020, Charles is looking for survivors of the Great Cataclysm.
  • Yumiko Shirasagi: The girl who was revived by the angel. She sees someone familiar in him.
  • Angel: Mysterious boy who Feed met in India.

Chapter ListEdit

  • Chapter 1: Washington's Tragedy
  • Сhapter 2: Chase!
  • Chapter 3: Whirlpool of Plots
  • Chapter 4: The Outbreak of the Final War
  • Chapter 5: Fairy Tale
  • Chapter 6: Forever
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