NDDS Vol.2

Original Novel Cover

New Digital Devil Story 2: Queen of the Ice Fields(新デジタル・デビル・ストーリー2 氷 界 の 女 王, Shin Dejitaru Debiru Sutōrī 2: Kōri-kai No On'na-ō)? is the second book in a hexalogy of novels written by Aya Nishitani and illustrated by Hiroyuki Kitazume.


  • Original release: February 28, 1991
  • Published by Tokuma Shoten


  • Yumiko Shirasagi: Reincarnation of Izanami, flew away after her powers awakened.
  • Lucifer: Antagonist with a master plan.
  • Earl Saint-Germain: Lucifer's right hand.
  • Beelzebub: Lucifer's subordinate, was sent to Hell to capture Asuka.
  • Astaroth: Lucifer's subordinate, was sent to capture Yumiko.
  • Asuka Kita: Protagonist, who goes to Shinjuku Special Ward.
  • Reiko Kido: Friend of Asuka, helps him in his journey.
  • Kirara: New found ally, part of Asuka's group.
  • Taniguku: Frog-God, sacrifices himself to reincarnate Amaterasu.
  • Amaterasu: Reincarnated Sun Goddess.
  • Charles Feed: Old friend and tutor of Nakajima.
  • Nagi (DDS): She is looking towards Aya Yaegaki.
  • Hel: Fenrir's sister and Nagi's half-sister.
  • Fenrir: Son of Loki.
  • Aya Yaegaki: Ally, who helps party in Yamato Special Zone.
  • Satoru Yaegaki: Aya's younger brother.
  • Kuebiko (DDS): Old man familiar with Ayakashi.
  • Asayama: Professional inspector and currently a yakuza.

Chapter ListEdit

  • Chapter 1: Escape from the Mato
  • Chapter 2: To Asuka
  • Chapter 3: Nibbleheim Fairy
  • Chapter 4: The Battle of Hades



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