NDDS Vol.1

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New Digital Devil Story: Goddess of Enchainment

(新デジタル・デビル・ストーリー 捕 わ れ の 女 神 , Shin Dejitaru Debiru Sutōrī: Toraware No Megami )? is the first book in a hexalogy of novels written by Aya Nishitani and illustrated by Hiroyuki Kitazume. It was written in the early 1990s, and it continues the story of Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei, starring a new protagonist, Asuka Kita.


  • Original release: May 31, 1990
  • Published by Tokuma Shoten


  • Asuka Kita: The protagonist of the story, who had a strange dream.
  • Reiko Kido: Asuka's classmate. Member of the Pope's Office of the Depressed Crusade of Tokyo.
  • Father Costa: Leader of the Pope's Office of the Depressed Crusade of Tokyo.
  • Kirara: Boy, hired by Asuka. He helps him in finding Yumiko.
  • Yakumo:  Founder of the Saint Siren Cult.
  • Tashiro: Man, with information about Yakumo.
  • Bathory: The legendary female vampire, ruler of the special ward.
  • Taniguku: Antagonist, who arrived when Yumiko lost control of her power. Takes Akemi Nakajima's hologram and soul under control.
  • Earl Saint-Germain: A magician who appeared in this world as Lucifer's staff.
  • Akemi Nakajima: While being deceased, his holographic image, created by Earl, missleads Yumiko.
  • Yumiko Shirasagi: The reincarnation of now dead Izanami.
  • Lucifer: Mentioned, as mastermind.

Chapter ListEdit

  • Chapter 1: Reviving Yumiko
  • Chapter 2: Successors
  • Chapter 3: Lawless Town
  • Chapter 4: Rescue Line


Year 199X. After the death of Akemi Nakajima, Japan was still under control of Lucifer. The Devil lived in a Liberated Area, which was isolated from the general public, apparently Akemi Nakajima said, that there was no demons left in this world. Izanami, who used the body of Shirasagi Yumiko as a temporary lodging, fought against the demons at Suwa, but was defeated. Mounted on the cross, a heart was staken, and Taniguku, the God of Yamato who was reincarnated in Izanami, was about to be revived. Izanami breathes back due to the anti-soul magic. However, it was not the goddess Izanami but the person Yumiko Shirasagi herself. Like a sleepwalker, Yumiko continues to follow the illusion of Nakajima.

Earl Saint-Germain, a magician who appeared in this world as Lucifer's staff, He believed that Yumiko, as a source of the living magnetite is necessary for the demon to remain in the world. Yumiko is fascinated by the holographic graph of Nakajima prepared by Saint-Germain.

It's been a year since then. April. Asuka Kita is a second-year boy from Tosei High School, with some wretched parts. Although he was uncomfortable in high school life because of a disciplined school style, he wanted to study in there, but he felt déjà vu about Shirasagi Yumiko three years ago before the high school became a scene of a catastrophic incident. He certainly felt it.

One day, Asuka's classmate Reiko Kido got in touch with him. Even if the devil has the appearance of a normal human, it emits a wave called an X wave during metabolism. Very few people have the ability to see it and see what it is. If you tell yourself that you are, and if Asuka is not? That's it. Certainly, Asuka had something like that.

Asuka was having a delicate interval, but without being able to listen to the detailed story, on a frustrating night, Asuka had a mysterious dream. A dream that he's a baby and Yumiko Shirasagi is my mother. And the face of the man who called Yumiko Izanami was certainly that of Akemi Nakajima.

An official of the Ministry of Security and Autonomous Affairs visited Tosei High School and was carrying out a curriculum called a circuit lecture to hunt those with supernatural abilities and those with anti-governmental thought. Students monitor their brain waves with the latest audiovisual system (a system that converts digital signals into brain waves to realize virtual reality). Reiko, who had been spotted by the anti-government organization "Crusader", was found to be a capable person in this investigation and was attempted to be taken to security police. Asuka helps Reiko to escape from that.

Reiko revealed that she was a member of the Pope's Office of the Depressed Crusade of Tokyo, which the security police had seen as an enemy. 90% of developed nations are dominated by demons ... The fact that Father Costa of the Crusaders speaks was absolutely unbelievable for Asuka. In the name of Yumiko Shirasagi, Asuka decides to act with the Crusaders on the rumor that she is a Reincarnated God and lives in a special ward.

Asuka decided to sneak into the special ward along with Reiko and Father Costa. However, as soon as he entered the special ward, he was surrounded by the security police who were waiting for him.

Asuka, Reiko, and Father Costa were captivated by a lawless city known as the Liberty Zone. A mysterious surveillance robot, a town where murder has turned into a Fiesta that cannot be understood.

For the time being, he hired Kirara, a young boy who helped him, and although it was inconvenient, he began to explore Yumiko Shirasagi as he originally intended.

On the first night of the special ward, Asuka has a mysterious dream again. I am angry with my father who has the face of Nakajima. And the girl who calls herself Susanoo.

Asuka and others meet a man named Tashiro with information about Yakumo. He was the founder of the Church of St. Sirens. When he witnessed the scene where Yumiko Shirasagi reincarnated the god, he regretted his deeds until now without a cult, and continued religious activities with the doctrine of waiting for the next reincarnation by suicide.

Yakumo helped Asuka and Father Costa by sending Reiko to the ruler of the special ward, Bathory. She was a legendary female vampire. He sacrificed one Reiko to help them. Of course Asuka could not accept that. Asuka, Father Costa, Tashiro, and Kirara infiltrated the ward to rescue Reiko from the mansion of Bathory, and to help Yumiko, who is believed to be caught.

When he found Reiko who was about to be tortured, the power that inherited the trait of Asuka's Susanoo who was angry was released. Asuka helps Reiko and defeats the devil with tremendous power. Finally, he arrived at the captured goddess. However, what the group saw was the figure of Shirasagi Yumiko, who was disheartened by the real-life holographic image of Akemi Nakajima.

In a moment, Yumiko burned out Tashiro, who desperately tried to persuade her to recover her sanity. When the power of the mighty goddess had no control, the God of Taniguku finally arrived from Suwa to the special ward. And by making full use of anti-soul techniques, he succeeds in having the holographic possession of Akemi Nakajima's soul.

The art of anti-soul of Taniguku collapses. Yumiko, who lost Nakajima in front of her twice, flew away into the sky with a scream of despair.


  • Bathory, vampire appearing in the story, is named after real life serial killer Elizabeth Báthory.
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