Neurisher (家畜人間, kachiku ningen, lit. "livestock human") are humans found in Shin Megami Tensei IV.


Humans found in Infernal Tokyo. They are similar to Red Pills as they are used as a food source for demons, specifically the Demonoids who were once human. The Neurishers wear red leashes with chains on them along with dirty rags for clothes and plugs on their head, which the Demonoids open in order to feed on the neurotransmitters they produce. 25 years ago the people of Tokyo were given a choice: to fuse with a demon and become a Demonoid or to remain human and become a Neurisher. Many people who fled from Camp Ichigaya when it was a war zone are said to be people who remained human and became Neurishers. Some humans like their current situation since the demons can't kill them off or they'd starve to death.

After taking Shinjuku, Akira orders the Neurishers to bathe every day and because of their numbers they can take days off from feeding Demonoids. Neurishers still enjoy television, especially the fights between Demonoids.

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