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This article covers all negotiation dialogue in Shin Megami Tensei V. For a summary of the mechanic's functions, see Negotiation. For the demons which hold each individual personality trait, see Negotiation → Tones.



Dialogue Outcome
thERE's A hUMan sCeNt oN YA. you GOT ThE mAN-stink. whY's THAt, buDDy...? >I'm human.
>I ate a human.
>I saw humans around.
>I'm human. (RANDOM) EeeHeEeE! thEn i'm GONna eAt yA! [ENEMY PHASE]
EEHEeee...? wHAT THE hELL's A huMan DoINg hEre? >Hunting Demons.
>Moving in.
>>Hunting demons. So HEY, WhaT DO YoU AcTUAlLY Do With THE DemoNS you KILL? >Taxidermy.
>I eat them.
>Use them for research.
>>>Taxidermy. No WAY I'm GOnna be thE InTEriOR dEcOratiNg fOr sOme cHUmp-ass HuMan'S ROoM! [ENEMY PHASE]
>>>I eat them. iF YOu'rE HUman, theN EaT YoUr MAss-pRoDUcED HuMaN SLOP! [TALK END, TURN USED]
>>>Use them for research. EeHEE! YOU DUmbAsS huMaNs AnD YouR TiNy braiNs, AlwAys waSTiNG TiME puzZlINg OveR USelEss ShIt!
AlL YoU goTtA Do Is ASk fOR a dEMON's kNOWLedGE! MUcH EasIER!
>>Moving in. firST yOU dEsTROy THE hUmAN wOrLd'S EnVIronmeNT, AND nOW YoU'rE GoNNA MesS WiTH oUrs!?
FuCK OFF, bUDDy! GO die iN YOur OwN RuIned worLd, yOu GODDAmN ParaSITE!
>>Tourism. eEhee! WEll, heRE, TAKe a souVEnir! [GIVES ITEM, LEAVES]
>I ate a human. eEheE! ReALLy!?
hoW Was iT? taSTed DElicioUS, RIGhT?
>Pretty tasty.
>They tasted awful.
>Good flavor notes, and finely aged.
>>Pretty tasty. EeHEe! i wAnnA EaT A hUmAn ToO!
bUt IF i JUSt eAt YOU, ThAt's PROBably closE ENouGH!
The demon is pretending to ignore you... What will you do? >Call out to them
>Do the same
>Call out to them The demon is still pretending to ignore you... What will you do? >Call out to them
>Put your guard up
>>Call out to them The demon is STILL pretending to ignore you... What will you do? >Call out to them
>Ambush them
>>>Call out to them woW, YoU rEallY wANT mE On YOuR sIde, HuH!?
bAH, Fine! WE'lL SeE How It GOeS, jusT tHis ONce!
>>>Ambush them eEHEEEe! wAIt! DOn'T Kill mE! pLEaSE!
i'LL EvEN JOin you! So yOU DOn't miNd SPaRINg mE, RIght?
>>Put your guard up EEhEe, caLM doWN...! fInE, We can tALk BUSiNEsS! [BARGAIN PHASE]
>Do the same hMph! iGNORIn' Me, EH? I SEe HOW iT IS! [DIALOGUE SWITCH >> CHUMP]
The demon is beckoning you closer... What will you do? >Go closer
>Gesture back
>Shoo them away
>Gesture back (RANDOM) eEheE! You'RE IN A GeNErOUs moOD, Huh? [BARGAIN PHASE]
EeHeE! yOu'Re in A CHAtTy mooD, HUh? [DIALOGUE SWITCH]
>Shoo them away (RANDOM) yOu ThinK yoU caN sHoO me aWay!? LIkE i'M soMe KInda buG!?
yOu dON't GeT RID of me tHat EASY! If YoU WanNA StOP me BuZzin', THen shOw ME some InCEntIvE!
yOu ThinK yoU caN sHoO me aWay!? LIkE i'M soMe KInda buG!?
OH, i Can daNCE likE A fLy! But I'Ll StINg like A real BASTArD WASP!
The demon is trying to leave... What will you do? >Stop them
>Ignore them
>Make a sad face
>Stop them Ugh, stoP AnnoYiNG Me! IF you wAnT mY TImE, IT'S GonNa COst yA! [BARGAIN PHASE]
>Ignore them The demon left...
...except now it's coming back...?
HECk, It'S NIcE bEIng In THe spOTlight! YOU WAnNa TaLK a LiTTLe MorE?
>Make a sad face YOU looK Like A beGGAR! [GIVES MACCA, LEAVES]
DAnG, yOU'VE goT lOng hAiR! eeHEEE! whY'S Your hAiR SO lOnG? >It's a curse.
>To strangle you with.
>Gets me out of hairy situations.
>It's a curse. oOH, dID you Say cuRSe? I lOVE A Good CUrSe!
YoU got ANy mOre CooL CursES? i waNna See!
>To strangle you with. eeheE, Go AheaD And try It, AsSHoLe!
IF i EVER JoiN ya, I'lL sTAB YoU In ThE BaCK mYselF!
The demon seems to want something... What will you do? >Dance
>Flash some Macca
>Dance You tried dancing...
eEhee! HeY, YoU'Re PReTty sLICk AFteR ALL! tHAT WAs Some gOOD sHIT!
>Sing You tried singing...
WHoa! yOu goT a ReAl PrETTy VOicE, yOU Know thAt?
>Flash some Macca You flashed some Macca at the demon...
eEhEEEE! gImme gIMMe gimme!
Guard up
(The demon has their guard up... What will you do?) >Motion for peace
>Put your guard up
>Motion for peace (RANDOM) BLEH! gUESs I coULD jUst kILL you IF You StArt mOUThIN' OFF...
fINE! you WanNa TALk? LEt'S tALK!
SUre! I alwaYs Get Real pEAcefuL AftEr I KILL! [ENEMY PHASE]
>Put your guard up (RANDOM) AW Ya scAred? afrAid? WEak-Ass DEMon! [TALK END, TURN USED]
eeheE...? hey, yOu DOn't haVE TO KILL me!
JUSt tAkE tHis AND WE'Re SQUarE, OkAy?
So HEY, if I JOin YoU, WHAT ArE YOu gonna dO WiTH ME...? >I'll put you to work.
>I'll lock you up.
>I'll use you in fusion.
>I'll put you to work. EeheEHEE! noT GOnNA thRow me OUT aS cANNOn fodDEr, ArE yA?
BEttEr Be careFUL, Or i mIGHT Just puT YOU in the LInE of fIre!
Smell blood
EehEeHEEHEE! I SmEll blOoD! BLood! >Laugh with them
>Sniff the air
>Stay silent
>Laugh with them EEHEe... You GET It, rIght? you LovE THE FEELInG oF GetTINg SPLaTteReD wIth blOOD, too! >I do.
>I don't get it.
>Those stains are tough to get out.
>>I do. You DoN'T get it! yOU're TALkiN' ouT YOuR ass! You don't uNdERstaNd Me! [TALK END, TURN USED]
>>I don't get it. you saY That, bUt i KNow whaT You reAlLY arE. TheRe's somEthIN' dARK behind thAT preTtY faCe. reEeAaAL DARk.
IT's Okay. YOu DoN't hAVE To HIDe it! I miGHT evEN hELp yA!
>>Those stains are tough to get out. EehEe, Uh... gOod pOint.
heY if I jOIn Ya, You WoULdN'T mINd GIVin' Me a qUicK RINsE, would Ya?
>Sniff the air YeaH, gET A Good whiff OF thAT... ThAT's wHat surVIVaL oF tHE FiTTEsT sMelLs LiKe... >It smells great.
>I think that's just your stink.
>I prefer the smell of barbecue.
>>It smells great. StiLL, iT's NOT THe BEST-sMellin' thING AROuND.
aFtEr all, i loVe tHe SmELL Of PReSeNtS FoR me eveN mORE!
>>I think that's just your stink. eEhee! yEah, YOu CAn Tell, RIgHT? I sMeLL JUSt hOW a deMon lOrD SHoULd!
C'MOn, thE biG stiNky Demon lOrd's HunGRy For TREASURE! BrIng oUT yoUR ofFerINGs!
yOU LOOK REAl tASTy. MinD If i EaT yA? >It'll probably be disgusting.
>Try a bite.
>You look tastier.
>It'll probably be disgusting. eehEe? WELL, I GUESS YOu dO StiLL SEeM grEEN Around THE eDges. pRETTy UnriPe.
gUEsS I'LL Join YA, anD wAIt uNtil yOU're riPe enouGh tO eat!
eEhEE! wherE DO yOu WaNt me tO StART? >My head
>My hand.
>My leg.
>>My head. But IF I bItE yOur heAD Off, i'Ll have to eAt tHE REsT of YoU HeRE! I'm nOT caRryiNG yOUR coRpsE AROund!
uGH, I'Ll JuSt TAKe tHe wHole BODY tO GO. i'LL eAT yOu wHEn We GeT back tO MY plaCE.
>>My hand. yEeSH, yoUR hAnD LOoKs sO boNY! yOU goT Any musCLe in tHEre? [DIALOGUE SWITCH >> HANDSHAKE]
>>My leg. I cAn't do thAT iF WE'Re ABOut tO neGOtIaTE!
...caUsE thEN yOu woUlDn'T haVE A LEg TO sTAnD On! EeheE hee Hee HEe!
>You look tastier. UH... YoU PRObAblY doN't WAnNa Eat Me. thE fOod POISoning Would pRoBaBLy kiLL Ya. mESsY WAy TO go OuT.
IT'd be mUcH EaSiEr iF I jUST kIlL YOU right hErE!
C'mOn, ShAKe My HANd! and puT sOmE ooMPh InTo It! GImMe ALL thE POweR yOU goT...! >You're on.
>No way.
>You're on. (You and the demon shook hands with a ferocious grip...) [Strength stat between the 2 users is compared]
[USER STRENGTH IS HIGHER] (...The demon couldn't take it, and pulled their hand away!)
aLL RigHT AlrEAdy! YeESh, yOU GoT A GRiP liKe A VisE!
bUT Hey, GOtTa Say i'M iMPressED! i'LL JOIN UP WITH YOu!
>No way. wHat, yoU dOn't wANnA SHAke? FInE, I GeT it... [TALK END, TURN ISN'T USED]
lOoK HeRe, chUMp! dON'T yOU KNoW WHO I aM!? >[DEMON].
>Master [DEMON].
>Kid [DEMON].
>Master [DEMON]. I CAn HEAr the sArCasm, wise-aSS! [ENEMY PHASE]
(The demon is approaching... What will you do?) >Stop them
>Glare at them
>Keep calm
>Stop them GETtiNG cOld FeEt? aRE YA THAT scAREd oF me? >I am.
>You're cute.
>You're funny.
>>I am. but Ya sTilL tAlKeD To mE! and THaT TakES gutS bUDdy! [BARGAIN PHASE]
>>You're cute. WHoA, YOU tHink I'M CUte? MAYbE THIS is MY biG BREAk! i cAn fInalLY BE AN iDOl!
wELL, IF i'm An idoL, YoU goTTA wOrShiP Me! leT'S see SOmE giftS!
>>You're funny. yoU tHiNk I'm fUnNy!? MAN, YouR lifE mUSt Be BORINg AS HELL!
>Glare at them YoU lOoKIN' at me...?
I tHinK YOU oUgHTa hAvE a LittLE mORe rESPEcT! noW let's SeE sOmE ofFEriNgS!
>Keep calm EeHEe... thEre WE gO! Now LEt's hAVE ourSELVeS A LITtle chaT! [DIALOGUE SWITCH]
eEHeehee... how AbOut I tELL yOuR FutuRE? >Sure.
>I'll make my own future.
>I have no future.
>Sure. eEheeHEe... LET'S Take A LOOk...
...hEE? WHAt the hEll'S ThIS LIgHT!? cAn't sEe a DAmN thiNg...!
WhO tHe heLL arE YOu!? >I'm a god.
>I'm a student.
>I'm a protagonist.
>I'm a god. wEll, I sUrE DoN't rECOGNIZe ya! yOu neW To tHe whOLE "God" biZ?
wELL, YOu'Re Not GOnNa get mY WOrshIp for freE! LeT'S see sOMe MiRAClES! ProVide for ME, DIPshiT!
Full Moon
eEHEe! See THAt MoONLight SHiNIn' DOwn!? MAKeS ME fEeL LikE A KInG! a demOn kiNG! [RANDOM]
[GOOD OUTCOME] (The demon seems to be in good spirits. Could this be due to the full moon...?)
yOu waNt Me on Your SIDE, EH? SURe, I'm ActUalLY feeLIn' kINdA GenEROUS! EehEE!
New Moon
EEHEe... WHere'd the MooN go...? No, nOT yOU, IdIot! i'm LoOkin' for thE MooN!
(It's no use! Could this be due to the new moon...?)


Dialogue Outcome
Hey, lemme smack you. >Sure.
>It'll cost you.
>Sure. Actually, I changed my mind. Let's have a little Strength contest.
(The demon suddenly challenged you to arm-wrestling!)
[Strength stat between the 2 users is compared]
[USER STRENGTH IS HIGHER] (You beat the demon!)
You got some power, man! You're callin' the shots from now on!
[USER STRENGTH IS LOWER] (You lost to the demon...)
So freakin' weak! Here, I'll toughen you up a bit!
>No What, you scared? >Yes.
>I'm not feeling well...
>>Yes. Man... at least try to pull yourself together. Damn coward... [TALK END]
>>No Heh heh heh... So you can stand your ground after all.
But can you pay up? Actin' all tough ain't gonna help you there.
>>I'm not feeling well... Man, you're pathetic... Here, fix yourself up. [GIVES ITEM, LEAVES]
>It'll cost you. Yeesh, they're monetizing everything these days. Hope this covers it. [GIVES MACCA, ENEMY TURN]
Strength battle
Let's compare Strength like real men. I challenge you to arm-wrestling. >You're on.
>No way.
>You're on. (You challenged the demon at arm-wresting...) [Strength stat between the 2 users is compared]
You got some power, man! You're callin' the shots from now on!
So freakin' weak! Here, I'll toughen you up a bit!
>No way. Ha! Then get outta here! [TALK END, TURN ISN'T USED]
The demon is beckoning you closer... What will you do? >Venture closer
>Gesture back at them
>Put your hand out
>Venture closer I was just thinkin' of joinin' up with you. But first, I want somethin' from you. [BARGAIN PHASE]
>Gesture back at them Whoa, was that one an insult? You got balls, man. Alright, let's talk then. [DIALOGUE SWITCH >> FIGHTING]
>Put your hand out Huh... Shoulda figured you wouldn't fall for my trick. [DIALOGUE SWITCH]
Human stink
Y'know, you kinda got some human-stink on ya. >I am human.
>I used to be human.
>I have human friends.
>I am human (RANDOM) Any way I look at ya, all I see is a demon...
Oh wait, this is some kinda test, huh? Guess I'd better test you, too.
>I used to be human Got sick of bein' human, huh? Figured you'd have a better life as a demon?
Smart thinkin'. Let's talk demon-to-demon then.
>I have human friends. Oh yeah, friends are important. That goes for both demons and humans. You oughta quit wastin' time here with me. Go have fun hangin' out with them. [LEAVES]
So, what kinda work do ya do? >I'm on a journey to train.
>I'm seeing the world.
>Academics and athletics.
>I'm on a journey to train. Yeah? Let's see if that training's paid off, huh?
Show me some Strength! Let's see whatcha got!
(The demon suddenly challenged you to arm-wrestling!)
[Strength stat between the 2 demons is compared]
[USER STRENGTH IS HIGHER] (You beat the demon!)
You got some power, man! You're callin' the shots from now on!
>I'm seeing the world. That's the dream, huh? I've been wantin' to take it easy too. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to tag along with you. [BARGAIN PHASE]
>Academics and athletics Oh yeah, studying's important. Me, I suck at it.
But I'm pretty good with the whole athletics thing. Maybe I'll help you, if the price is right.
The demon is approaching... What will you do? >Stop them
>Glare at them
>Keep calm.
>Stop them (RANDOM) Wha...? I just wanted to be friends, man.
...I don't care anymore. See ya.
Dumbass! You're too late to stop me! [ENEMY PHASE]
>Glare at them (RANDOM) Dammit. Guess you're smarter than you look. [DIALOGUE SWITCH >> MURDER]
Damn, you're lookin' daggers right at me!
Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, I guess. You wanna make a deal here?
>Keep calm Man, you got guts...
Fine, maybe I'll chat with you for a while.
What're you botherin' me for? You wanna be one of my flunkies or somethin'? >I'd consider it.
>YOU be MY flunky.
>If you'll join me.
>I'd consider it. (RANDOM) If you were my flunky, what do you get out of it? What would you be lookin' to learn? >How to be a man.
How to be a demon.
How to be smart.
Who the hell would want a smartass like you!? [TALK END, TURN USED]
>>How to be a man. Well, the first lesson on bein' a man is: don't be a cheapskate! [BARGAIN PHASE]
>>How to be smart. You kiddin' me? Do I LOOK smart to you? >Nope.
Not even a little.
>Absolutely not.
>>>Absolutely not. Then don't freakin' say it! [ENEMY PHASE]
>YOU be MY flunky. What, you want me to become your crony? Really? >Yes.
>Or my friend.
>Or my lover.
>>Yes. Y'know, I've actually been lookin' for a boss to follow.
If you were my boss, you'd give me what I want, right?
Hey, we oughta get along, yeah? I mean, peace has gotta be our first priority, right? >You're right.
>I don't believe in peace.
>It's around third place.
>You're right. So you're gonna let me go? >You can go.
>There's no escape.
>Let me think...
>>You can go. You're the best, man! Here, I owe ya! [GIVES ITEM, LEAVES]
>>There's no escape. C'mon man, we can work somethin' out! Maybe you want me to join you instead, huh? [BARGAIN PHASE]
>>Let me think... Sure, take your time... I'll just be over here... oh hey gotplacestobeBYE! [LEAVES]
>I don't believe in peace. Damn, you really are heartless. You even human? What color is your blood? >Red
>I don't bleed.
>>Red Then what're those blue lines on your body?
...Guess I'll find out when I cut you open.
>>Blue That's one cool color. I'm a fan of blue, myself. [BARGAIN PHASE]
>>I don't bleed. Yeesh, is your circulation that bad, buddy? You gotta see a doctor. Here, this oughta help. [GIVES ITEM, LEAVES]
>It's around third place. Does that mean... you put ME at first place?
Wow, you're a standup guy... I think I'll join you.
You lookin' at me, buddy? You want some of this? I'll stone cold murder you. >Glare at them
>Ignore them
>Walk closer
>Glare at them What, you think you're hot stuff? With a gross-ass face like that? >It's just how I look
>Still better than you.
>I'm kind of a stud.
>>It's just how I look You don't get a face like that without havin' survived a lot of bad shit...
Well, if we can figure somethin' out here, maybe I can give you a hand.
>>Still better than you. Dammit, no one asked you! [LEAVES]
>>I'm kind of a stud. Doesn't matter if you're a prettyboy on the outside. You're still gross on the inside. [TALK END]
>Ignore them What, you scared? C'mon then, beg for your life. >Please spare me.
>Spare me or I'll kill you.
>Help... save... me...
>>Please spare me. Wow, you actually frickin' did it!
And while you're at it, let's see what's in your pockets, too.
>>Spare me or I'll kill you. W-Wait! Please don't kill me!
Here, you can have this--just spare me!
>>Help... save... me... Huh? Shit, did I really get you that bad? If you die, it's... it's gonna be my fault...
I-I didn't do it!
>Walk closer Hey, keep your distance. I'm serious. >Go closer
>Step back
>Fold your arms
>>Go closer Tch, you must really want some of this, huh... [ITEM RECEIVED, LEAVES]
>>Step back God, what a wimp! A man's gotta know when he can't back down! [TALK END, TURN USED]
>>Fold your arms What, you're not gonna move until I join you?
Fine, fine, let's talk this shit out...
Hya HA! Hyahahahaha!
Hya HA! Hyahahahaha!
(The demon is laughing maniacally... What will you do?)
>Laugh just as maniacally
>Give them a cold stare
>Go right up at them
>Laugh just as maniacally (You laughed maniacally...)
>Damn, you're frickin' nuts...
>Give them a cold stare Uh, yikes... You don't have to stare, buddy.
Wait, am I actually a celebrity out here?
>Can I have an autograph?
Can I shake your hand?
Can I take a picture?
>>Can I have an autograph? If that's how you make a contract with a demon, you got a lot to learn. We gotta negotiate first. [BARGAIN PHASE]
>>Can I shake your hand? (RANDOM) I am NOT touchin' that hand, man.
If I'm grabbin' anything, it'd gonna be a fistful of swag!
I dunno, man, that looks like a pretty flimsy hand. Lemme test your Strength real quick.
(The demon suddenly challenged you to arm-wrestling!)
>>Can I take a picture? What, with your phone?
Man, if all you do is take picture, you'll miss out on the real memories! You gotta live in the present, man, live your damn life!
>Go right up at them HyahaHA! Hyahahahaha! (The demon left, laughing...)
Top or bottom
So here's the big question. Top or bottom? >Top
>Top (RANDOM) So you wanna go to heaven, huh? Kay, I know just how to send you there! [ENEMY PHASE]
So you like to set your sights high, do ya? I like that. C'mon, let's make a deal. [BARGAIN PHASE]
>Bottom (RANDOM) So you like to go low, huh? Fine, then I'll send you to the lowest circle of hell! [ENEMY PHASE]
So you tend to keep your eyes to the ground, huh? Yeah, that's smart. Let's make a deal. [BARGAIN PHASE]
>Middle (RANDOM) So if I was gonna eat ya, you'd want me to start from the middle, huh? You're the boss! [ENEMY PHASE]
Well, fine, I guess. Show me what you've got in the "middling" price range, then. [BARGAIN PHASE]
Guard up
(The demon has their guard up... What will you do?) >Motion for peace
>Put your guard up
>Motion for peace (RANDOM) Sure, I guess, if you say so. But you better make it worth my time, yeah? [DIALOGUE SWITCH >> GOT HUMAN STINK]
I dunno, man. Still got all this pent-up energy... [DIALOGUE SWITCH >> STRENGTH]
Yeah, that sound good. Relax a little, talk a little, and everything's gonna be fine...
...except YOU'RE gonna be DEAD!
>Put your guard up Welp, if we're stuck in a stalemate like this, only one thing to do.
Time for a test of Strength!
(The demon suddenly challenged you to arm-wrestling!)
(You beat the demon!)
The demon is trying to leave... What will you do? >Stop them
>Let them go
>Make a sad face
>Stop them You're really gonna go that far to stop me, huh?
Fine, let's see what you got. Show me the goods.
>Let them go Don't play so hard-to-get, man. At least hear me out. [DIALOGUE SWITCH]
>Make a sad face C'mon, don't be like that... Makin' me feel like I'm the bad guy here.
All right, fine, enough with the puppydog eyes... Let's make a deal.
Say, why's your hair so long? >It's just my style.
>Last haircut was a while ago.
>A god must smite hair-etics.
>It's just my style. Yeah, maybe long hair was popular in the human world a long time ago...
Still, nothin' wrong with a retro look, get me? I wouldn't mind hangin' out with you.
>Last haircut was a while ago. Too tied up with work, huh? Yeah, that happens. [DIALOGUE SWITCH >> WORK]
>A god must smite hair-etics The hell...!? Is this guy the world's biggest idiot, or an actual god...?
...Probably an idiot.
The demon is pretending to ignore you... What will you do? >Call out to them
>Do the same
>Call out to them Whoa, when did you get here? You wanna talk? [DIALOGUE SWITCH]
>Do the same All right, I've made up my mind!
Gimme somethin'!
Hey, boss! Lookin' slick as always! >What?
>I'm not your boss.
>What? Man, you got no sense of humor. Don't you ever wanna get in on the joke, man? >No thanks.
Let me try again.
>>Sorry. I don't give a shit about your apologies! [LEAVES]
>>Let me try again. That's more like it! Ahem...
Hey, boss! How about a little bonus?
>Thanks. Ha, congrats on missin' the joke. You weren't supposed to take that seriously. >What's wrong with being serious?
I was going with the bit.
I wanted to be the boss...
>>I was going with the bit. Man, you don't have to try so hard to keep a joke goin'. Let's talk business instead. [BARGAIN PHASE]
>I'm not your boss. If you're not the boss, then what are you? >A patriarch.
>The president.
>A god.
>>A patriarch. Oh. OH. Uh, I had no idea, sir. I apologize for the rudeness.
Since you've come all this way, how about we make some kinda trade?
>>The president. What? That's nothin' special.
These days, anyone can call themself a president so long as they got a fancy suit and some dirty money.
>>A god. Seriously...? If you're a god, gimme some blessings. [BARGAIN PHASE]
The demon looks bored... What will you do? >Dance
>Flash some Macca
>Dance (You tried dancing...)
Damn, you got some moves. Not bad, kid!
>Sing (You tried singing...)
Hey, you got some pipes on you, kid! Pretty good!
>Flash some Macca (You flashed some Macca at the demon...)
Cold, hard Macca... Ah, nothin' like that shine.
Y'know, once I start fighting, I'm unstoppable...
You got what it takes to shut me down?
>I do.
>I don't.
>I do. All right, let's find out if that's true. [DIALOGUE SWITCH >> STRENGTH]
>I don't. Then don't ask me to join you. [TALK END, TURN USED]
Full Moon
Yeah! I'm feelin' sky high! That moon makes me feel like I could do anythin'! [RANDOM]
[GOOD OUTCOME] (The demon seems to be in good spirits. Could this be due to the full moon...?)
So what's the deal? Want me to join you?



Old Man[]



Jack Bros[]




Dialogue Outcome
(The demon is gazing expectantly at you... What will you do?) >Dance
>Flash some Macca
>Dance (You tried dancing...)
You're a really really good dancer! I kinda wanna be your friend!
Hey, why is your hair so long? >You got a problem with that?
>I'm actually a girl.
>Because I never take "short cuts".
>You got a problem with that? No, why? It's just so pretty, you remind me of a doll. [DIALOGUE SWITCH >> Doll]
Won't you be my doll? >Sure.
>Depends on what you do for me.
>You should be MY doll.
>Sure. Really? Hmm, how should I play with you...?
Hey... Can I rip off your arms and legs?
>I'll rip yours off.
>>No. Why, though? >Because it's cruel.
>Because I'll die.
>No means no.
>>>Because it's cruel. But being cruel is so much fun... I love that feeling of breaking something so bad that it can never be fixed again.
If I can't rip off your limbs, can I maybe rip some things from your pockets?
Full Moon
[GOOD OUTCOME] (The demon seems to be in good spirits. Could this be due to the full moon...?)
You want me to join you? Okay! But you gotta give me something first! It doesn't have to be big!




Dialogue Outcome
Hmph, you're certainly a noisy one. Why do you fuss about like this? What is it you want? >Be my demon.
>I'm here to talk.
>I'm not making any fuss.
>Be my demon. Joining you means betraying my own kind.
Have you the guts to turn against your own friends, if it came down to it?
>I'd do it if need be.
>I could never.
>I'd find a way around it.
>>I'd do it if need be. You're that determined? Seems I've mistaken you for a carefree child...
That changes things. You hereby have my attention.


Tutorial Pixie[]

Tutorial Pixie always starts with the Introduction dialogue. She will always demand a single Life Stone, after Aogami has prepared one for the protagonist in advance.

Dialogue Outcome
Whoa, he talked to me! Could this demon want me to join him...? Okay then, let's talk! I'm gonna ask you a question, so make sure you answer in a way that'd make me happy, okay? [NEXT SECTION]
Dialogue Outcome
So, do you think I'm cute? >You're cute.
>Not really.
>I'm leaving.
>You're cute Ahaha! Thanks! Well then, lemme ask you one more question. [SWITCH TO JOIN CONVERSATION]
>Not really. Grr, you're supposed to say that I'm cute! Okay, let's try one more time! [REPEAT CONVERSATION]
>I'm leaving. C'mon, don't go. You gotta do this right! Okay, let's try one more time! [REPEAT CONVERSATION]
Dialogue Outcome
Do you want me to join you? >I do.
>I don't need you.
>I'm leaving.
>I do Gotcha! I wouldn't mind giving that a thought, y'know? But demons won't join you for free! You gotta give them all kinds of stuff, like items or Macca. I'm gonna tell you what I want, so make sure you give that to me! [BARGAIN PHASE]
>I don't need you. You say that, but deep down, you need me, yeah? Okay, let's try one more time! [REPEAT CONVERSATION]
>I'm leaving. C'mon, don't go. You gotta do this right! Okay, let's try one more time! [REPEAT CONVERSATION]




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