Official artwork from Devil Children White Book.

Nathanael (ナタナエル, Natanaeru) is a demon in the series.


The Angel whose name means Gift of God. In Jewish lore he rules over fire and is the 6th angel to be created. He is one of the twelve angels of vengeance and it is said he is the angel who burned the servants of Jair in the contest between God and Baal, saving from fire the 7 men who would not sacrifice to the pagan deity. He is one of the 3 Angels to watch over hidden things.



Devil Children: White BookEdit

Nathanael was an angel who fell from the Angel world and into the Makai ten years before the story began. He would entrust his faithful servant Haamiru with giving the power of Demons to the human child Masaki Kuzuha. He has watched over Masaki from afar and reveals this to him after he meets him in the Makai. When Haamiru decides to stand by Masaki till the end he supports her decision. In the past he did a painting of Haamiru in the town of Sento Kurashiko.

After Raguel's plans have been foiled he would reveal himself to him. Revealing to his fellow angel that he gave the power of Demons to a human in order to stop his plans. When Raguel reveals his intentions of going to Eden, Nathanael chases after him to stop the awakening of Jashin. Nathanael can be fused after beating the demon by fusing a Caladcholg and Manticore. Nathanael is also an A-Class level 78 BattleNet opponent.


Devil Children: White BookEdit

Class Element Type Exp Level HP MP
General Light Holy 428 32 338 152
25 27 29 30 25 26
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