Naozumi Kariyazaki is a character from the Climax Theater quest "School of the Heart" in the PSP release of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. The homeroom teacher of St. Hermelin High School's Class 2-3, he teaches his students using a website called "Ambrosia".



Persona 2: Innocent SinEdit

Kariyazaki was originally a nobody teacher in danger of being fired before he became the homeroom teacher of 2-3. Using the website "Ambrosia" granted to him by previous homeroom teacher Musubu Torikiri (actually the spirit of Akari Torikiri, Musubu's own sister), Kariyazaki was able to transform himself and the students into "ideal" versions of themselves. When Maya Amano and her party arrives at St. Hermelin to interview Kariyazaki, he at first complies, but refuses to tell them anything about Ambrosia. In order to stop them from snooping, Kariyazaki infects Lisa Silverman with a Parasite Persona and leaves them in the "Netherworld". Later, after defeating the Parasite Persona and escaping from the Netherworld, the party returns to 2-3 and confronts Kariyazaki, who, in order to preserve his "ideal self", attacks them (taking the form of Pyro Jack in battle). Kariyazaki is defeated, returning him and the students to their original forms. The students, still possessed by the Parasite Persona, shun Kariyazaki. After another teacher enters the classroom, they turn her into a second incarnation of the "ideal" Kariyazaki, and has him attack the party again (this time appearing as Principality) but is again defeated, returning the students to normal.


  • Naozumi's sprite is reused for the unnamed Rock Club advisor of Karukozaka High School, appearing in the Persona Thief quest.
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