"Dear Phantom Thieves. I live with my older brother, who physically abuses me everyday. He's threatened to kill me if I ever tell, so I can't ask anybody for help... It's like I'm my brother's slave. It seems my brother has been committing some kind of crime with his no-good friends. And I think he's been beating me up to vent his stress over that. I'm begging you, please help me, Phantom Thieves! At this rate, I'm gonna end up dead!"
—Naoya Makigami on the Phantom Aficionado Website, Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers

Naoya Makigami is a character from Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers. He is Kazuya Makigami's brother.


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Persona 5 The Animation The Day BreakersEdit

Naoya Makigami is a student at Kosei High School. He makes a request for help to the Phantom Aficionado Website that his brother Kazuya Makigami is physically abusing him. He is Yusuke Kitagawa's classmate, and they appear to be friends as the two are seen walking down the hallway and talking together on multiple occasions.

As depicted in Persona 5 The Night Breakers, when Yusuke asked him about the injuries on his back, Naoya didn't want to tell about it due to him being threatened by Kazuya. However, Yusuke wants to know the truth because he really worried about him as a friend. Naoya later tells the truth about these injuries.

After Kazuya is apprehended, Naoya receives the key to Kazuya's desk drawer from Morgana with the instruction to remove and burn everything inside. Inside, he sees a framed picture of him and Kazuya. Naoya realized in the beginning that Kazuya was actually jealous of him due to Naoya becoming the 1st champion in kendo.


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