"I don't know what your scheme is here, but ancient demons tend to be rather troublesome, you know."
—Naomi, Soul Hackers

Naomi is a free woman employed by the Phantom Society.

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Naomi is an orphan who was originally born in Hong Kong. She was adopted by a martial arts instructor and was trained to become a powerful fighter. Her instructor was killed by Rei Reiho during a battle, and Naomi has been trying to get revenge on her ever since. Unlike other Devil Summoners, she can summon demons without the aid of a COMP - namely Chi You, Hecate, Ahriman - in the form of their retrospective skills (Overlord, Full Moon Queen, 240,000,000 Evils). In her vision quest, she is hired by Nishi to exterminate one of two demons, Tiamat or Apsu (depending on the player's choice) to make space for Manitou. During her mission, she contemplates her future, particularly her running her own Chinese restaurant. After defeating one of them, Naomi suffocates and dies. She is later sacrificed to Manitou, along with the demon she defeated. If you defeat Tiamat, encountered in the left path in the Nikamimon Ruins, Manitou becomes weak to physical attacks but uses powerful magical spells. If you defeat Apsu, found in the right path, he will be vulnerable to magic attacks and will use powerful physical skills.


  • Naomi possesses some of the strongest attacks in the game, which are otherwise only obtained by Nemissa at high levels.
  • Naomi is the only playable character besides Nemissa who cannot summon or even talk to demons. Likewise, she is the only Vision Quest character that does not have a party of demons with her.
  • Naomi is one of the bidders at the Devil Auction in the Devil Survivor games.
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