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This article is about the protagonist of Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse. For the Velvet Room pianist in the Persona series, see Nameless.

"No longer human. Not angel, not demon. He puppet."
Dagda, Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse

Nanashi (lit. "Nameless") is the protagonist of Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Design[edit | edit source]

Nanashi is a youthful teenager with half-shaved medium length greenish brown hair and green eyes. He wears a dark green jumpsuit with the right sleeves halved and half of his left leg exposed, one grayish green glove on his right hand, and grayish green boots with orange socks, with a red stud earring on one ear.

In addition, he has a green scar on the right side of his face, and green markings on his left hand.

Before making a contract with Dagda, he had brown eyes and no scar or markings on his left hand. He regains these features at the end of the Peace route after YHVH's defeat, having fulfilled his role as Dagda's Godslayer.

In the Anarchy Ending, as the new Creator God, Nanashi develops bright yellow eyes, and loses the green scar on his cheek, and presumably the markings on his left hand.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Through the tradition of Shin Megami Tensei series, he is a silent protagonist, where his personality is based upon the players' actions and decisions.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse[edit | edit source]

Place of Birth[edit | edit source]

Nanashi was born in 2023, where he was found by Hunters as a baby in the Sky Tower. He was then adopted by the Hunter Boss.

Nanashi spends his days as an apprentice Hunter under senior Hunters Manabu and Nikkari. During a mission to retrieve some food, he and his friends and teachers are attacked by a lieutenant of Lucifer, the fallen Adramelech, who proves to be too strong for the group, killing everyone except for Asahi, who is left for the demons to devour. As Nanashi’s soul wakes up in the way for the underworld he meets the deity Dagda, whom he makes a pact with in order to return to life and save Asahi (refusing Dagda’s offer will lead to an instantaneous game over). In exchange for agreeing to working for him, Dagda will revive him. Nanashi agrees to the deal, and Dagda informs him that he is now his own personal "Godslayer" and his puppet.

After reawakening Nanashi is granted enough power by Dagda to fend off the attacking demons and protect Asahi from Adramelech, who retreats. After this series of events Asahi and Nanashi decide to take on missions for the Hunter Association in order to prove their worth to the local association’s "Boss" (Asahi’s father) and be granted the title of official hunters.

Their unofficial first mission leads them to Sky Tower where two older hunters are under attack by angels, who accuse them of having invaded their territory. After eliminating an Angel, Nanashi and Asahi are confronted by the archangel of beauty, Aniel, who came to investigate the cause of the commotion, he easily subdues them but Flynn and Isabeau arrive just in time to take the Herald down, saving the day.

Due to their bravery against the forces of heaven, Nanashi and Asahi are made official hunters by Boss, mostly due to Isabeau and Flynn praising their actions. After becoming official hunters it is possible for the player to choose Nanashi’s hunter name and Asahi, although she’ll call herself Asahi no matter what the player chooses.

As official hunter Nanashi and Asahi decide to take on their first quest, a base level one posted on the Hunter Association site by a certain Nozomi who ask for help in order to "stop a fight" without giving any details. As the duo proceeds forward to the requested location in Ueno Nanashi finds a floating, green wisp-like being who introduces himself as Navarre, the ghost of a "hero of Mikado" who fought alongside Flynn. The specter forces his company on Nanashi and decides to follow him, as the boy is the only human capable of percieving him.

Upon arrival, they make way to the underground residential area, where they meet their client Nozomi, who, in a suspicious, childlike manner, asks them to follow her to the Fairy Forest, a place unknown both to Nanashi and Asahi, where they get to through a terminal with the coordinates adjusted by the suspicious Nozomi.

The mystery of the woman’s identity is solved once they arrive to the Fairy Forest, as the true Nozomi appears, revealing the client to be a fairy Napaea in disguise. The fairy had called for help in order to help Nozomi bring back peace to the forest, domain of the fairy queen Danu (who shares her body with Nozomi) and the only safe place for fairies in a world divided by the conflict between Law and Chaos. Apparently, Nozomi had problems disciplining a bossy King Frost who had unjustly claimed the forest's spring for himself.

After Navarre is gifted a magical Jade Dagger by the fairy king, Oberon, the group proceeds through the forest, eventually facing off against King Frost, who melts back into a Jack Frost after his defeat. It turns out that the little fairy had been manipulated by a Preta working for a mysterious third party known as "the Divine Powers."

In that moment both Danu and Dagda (who is actually Danu’s son) manifest, and start arguing wheter it is right to defend the actual state of things or not, and Dagda leaves mocking his mother, telling her that she shall soon see the results of her actions. After that, Nozomi departs for the group and bids them goodbye, telling them that they may come see her whenever they like.

The Ark[edit | edit source]

After returning to the Association in Kinshicho, Asahi is soon frustrated by the lack of available missions for hunters of their level, until a mysterious old man conveniently appears to tell them he has a mission for them, telling them to search for him in a secret room in the train station. The protagonists comply to the old man’s request, who reveals himself to be the Deity Odin, he tells them that if they wish to help Flynn in his quest, they can find the necessary power in an Ark at the bottom of the Kanda No Yashiro well, he then leaves promising them that his actions are solely for the best of mankind.

Enticed by the prospect, the two accept the request. However, when the group seeks out the dephts of Kanda no Yashiro, they find that the area is heavily guarded by both the forces of Law and Chaos, supposing the presence of an extremely strong power in the well. At the bottom they find a gigantic sphere in a gargantuan room, but before they can investigate they are stopped by the Kunitsu Sukuna Hikona, who warns the protagonists to stop searching for the secret of the well, unless they want to unleash a terrible evil on what remains of the World, during the battle the player can answer wheter he is fighting for the good of humanity or to eliminate all gods (this last answer will please Dagda)

Eventually, the team defeats Sukuna-Hikona, leaving them free to open the Ark. However, Odin arrives, noting that they have managed to defeat the guardian, saying he would have expected nothing less of someone serving under "Lord Dagda," much to Asahi's confusion. Odin urges them to release the seal, despite Asahi quickly realizing that something is wrong. Nanashi can choose to destroy the seal on the Ark and release the demon inside of it, or refuse to, though Dagda will simply force your body into complying into breaking the seal. As a result, the god known as Krishna is freed, who thanks both Odin and Dagda for releasing him, and shortly afterwards, declares to all in the Divine Powers that "salvation is at hand." Asahi quickly becomes worried when the entities mention that they need Flynn in order to accomplish their goals, even if they must make him submit to their ideals. They then leave shortly afterwards, with Dagda remarking that things are quickly becoming more interesting. Asahi and Nanashi then leave to search for Flynn, who is at Ginza attempting to summon Masakado.

The Divine Powers: Monotheism vs Polytheism[edit | edit source]

Asahi and Nanashi arrive at Ginza just in time to see Flynn drawing Masakado's Katana from its sheathe, though before he can, a horde of demons emerges and stops him. The group, called the Divine Powers, is led by Krishna and Odin, who ask him to join their ranks in order to defeat the creator God. Flynn refuses and prepares himself to fend them off Asahi is held hostage by the newly arrived Maitreya, forcing Flynn to surrender himself to Krishna who traps him in an energy globe in a crucified position. After Maitreya releases Asahi, Krishna boasts how they found his "Kalki" and releases his familiar, Shesha, a gigantic snake of fire that breaks through the ceiling, and proceeds to take away the Divine Powers and Flynn while Nanashi looks on helplessly.

Sometime afterwards, Nanashi and Asahi are asked to deliver supplies to Shinjuku. On their way there, they encounter a girl pushing a wheel, followed by the appearance of Stephen. Stephen states that he is aware of the current situation, but he also says that Nanashi will have to choose a "neutral" path in the future. Later, the group learns that Shesha is attacking, leading to them attacking the monster, only to find their attacks virtually ineffective. The group later receives aid from the appearance of angels and, to Asahi's immense rage, Adramelech, who states that they have much bigger concerns at the moment. Shesha is unaffected by their assault, and retreats. Adramelech and the angels also retreat, leaving Asahi furious that they were unable to avenge the deaths of their comrades.

Later, Fujiwara and Skins hold a conference meeting to discuss the emergence of the Divine Powers, who have now managed to turn the tide of the war into their favor. In order to find a way to defeat the new faction, the Association called for a meeting with the forces of Law and Chaos, led by Merkabah and Lucifer respectively, who agree to a ceasefire, before organising their human forces (Samurai for Merkabah and Hunters for Lucifer, despite their distaste for the fallen angel) as it is revealed that only humans can "kill" gods and demons in a somewhat permanent way, while demons can only seal each other away.

Dagda, however, scoffs at the whole thing, saying that while everyone is focusing on the Divine Powers, he already has Nanashi as his Godslayer. Asahi then speaks up, saying that they have new requests.

Return to the Fairy Forest[edit | edit source]

One of the two requests is the task of retrieving a powerful sword from the Fairy Forest. However, when they arrive, they find the Forest under siege by the Divine Powers, who want to get their hands on the sword as well. With the help of Nozomi, they manage to reach the dephts of the forest just in time to stop a Titan from retrieving the Holy Blade Excalibur, known by the japanese as "Ame no Habakiri," which is retrieved by Nanashi instead.

As they are leaving, Danu inquires about the current status of the war. She also claims to know of the Divine Powers' true goal: when the Creator took control of the universe, he defeated the old deities, thus in order to take back control, the Divine Powers intend to defy the Creator by creating a new universe. Dagda claims that they can accomplish this by amassing an immense number of human souls. Danu asks him if he is also a part of the Divine Powers, though her son denies these claims. Dagda also says that his goal is to take control of Krishna's attempts to establish a new universe, though this appears to anger Danu for dragging Nanashi into his schemings, as Dagda reveals the boy’s true nature.

After that, the two Celtic gods have an argument on wheter it’s right to rebuild everything from the start, as the universe itself is rotten, or to fix the established reality and live in harmony with it. Finding themselves at an impasse, the two leave. Nozomi then decides to join the party permanently in order to protect fairykind.

Ashura-kai's Comeback[edit | edit source]

One of the two requests is to retrieve parts to make a detector that will locate Shesha. Nanashi and the group head to Kasumigaseki, where the inventor behind the device says that the parts can be found in the Sky Tower. However, when they arrive, a Dominion and Virtue prevent them from entering, as their orders forbid them from doing so. Thankfully, the leader of the Ashura-kai, Abe intervenes, talking the angels into letting the group pass. Much to Navarre's glee, Abe's sidekick Hallelujah is also capable of seeing him. However, they are soon attacked by a Rukh. During the fight Hallelujah helps with his demon companion Chironnupu. After they have retrieved the parts they needed to build the Shesha Radar, Medusa attacks, as she has been revived by the Divine Powers. After Medusa's death, Hallelujah joins the party despite Dagda's warning, and the group returns back to the Hunter Association with the radar parts.

Gaston and the Crusaders[edit | edit source]

Not long after the completion of both quests, the group receives a request to escort a group of Samurai in Ueno to Kasumigaseki. Those samurai are of an elite group, the Crusaders, chosen by Merkabah himself to defeat the serpent Shesha. Leading the group is an arrogant youth named Gaston, Navarre’s younger brother, with the latter being a source of great shame to him and his family.

The young man is armed with the spear wielded by the archangel Michael himself, and brags about being able to defeat Shesha with it. The group parts from him for a short time in order to retrieve the Shesha radar built by professor Fujiwara.

As Nanashi leaves, the radar goes off, revealing that Shesha has appeared in Shibuya's Miyashita Park. Before the group leaves, Gaston finds them, and requests to go with them, very likely abandoned by his fellows due to his bad attitude. The group travels to Shibuya, finds Shesha, and fights it, revealing that both the holy spear and the holy blade are capable of injuring the beast. As Nanashi deals the fatal blow instead of Gaston, he gets into an argument with the group on who had the right to take the monster’s life, ultimately leaving the party.

After returning to the Association in Kinshicho, Nanashi experiences another dream. In it, he finds Akira speaking with a man named Skins, one of the founders of the Hunter Association, as they reach "the Firmament;" the bedrock between Tokyo and the surface, they are attacked by the angelic forces, who deny them passage.

Gabriel, in the human form of sister Gabby, speaks to the humans, telling them that only a chosen few, by the mercy of God, will be allowed to live in the outside world at the cost of renouncing to all their technology, but then the dream ends abruptly.

Toki and the Ring of Gaea[edit | edit source]

Nanashi and the group, having accomplished defeating Shesha, now work to try and save Flynn by infiltrating Tsukiji Honganji, which is now under the control of the Divine Powers. Isabeau also joins them in this endeavor. In order to access the temple unnoticed the group turns to the Gaeans for help. They inform the Hunters and Samurai that many of their numbers have converted to joining Maitreya, but the leaders of the Ring of Gaea, Kei and Kii, know a way inside. The group meets with the old women, who agree to show them a way inside the temple, though in the condition that they take their best assassin, a masked girl named Toki into the temple as well. The girl is tasked with the elimination of both Maitreya and Flynn, as he killed Yuriko (a disguise for Lilith) the cult’s previous leader, forcing the group to cooperate with a potentially dangerous subject.

After infiltrating the temple, they manage to find Flynn pinned to a cross. Toki tries to kill him right then and there, but Isabeau stops her. Seeing her attempt has failed, she turns on the party and attacks them, only to be defeated. Maitreya then appears, and knocks her away. Odin and Krishna later appear. Krishna states that Dagda has betrayed them, though Dagda refutes this by saying he had never truly sided with them, as their ideals were different. Odin challenges the party, wondering if they are worthy to enter Valhalla, though he easily defeats them. Krishna also reveals to the group that Nanashi and Asahi were also the ones who unsealed him, as well as Nanashi being a corpse that was revived as a mere puppet of Dagda. This causes conflicting views amongst the group, which Dagda mocks at, saying that bonds are useless and fleeting, and that Nanashi should embrace the freedom he seeks.

Toki assists the party in escaping, though she leaves immediately afterwards. The whole group breaks in an argument on wheter wheter to trust Nanashi or not, and the Hunter Association itself turns against him, treathening to execute him for treason, only to forget about him once an earthquake occurs. A few moments later a huge magic seal is unleashed upon Tokyo, preventing all hunters from accessing their Magnetite and summoning demons, except for Nanashi who gains his powers directly from Dagda.

Tragedy soon strikes, however, as when the protagonists return to Kinshicho they find that demons have massacred the guardian angel at the entrance and most of the inhabitants, among them Boss, who sacrificed to protect Asahi from the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. Nanashi dispatches the demon, and while Asahi mourns the loss of her father, Abe approaches the group, saying that they have found a clue as to how to destroy the spell. He hands them the Miyoko Disk, which would allow them to seek council from the national defense deity Tenkai, who has knowledge of the spell.

Destroying the Tokugawa Mandala[edit | edit source]

On arriving at the Hills Building, where Tenkai rests, Nanashi uses the artifact to restore the demon to his original form, due to having been defeated by Flynn and his companions previously during their adventures in Tokyo. Tenkai states that a magic seal, the Tokugawa Mandala (which Tenkai created in his time as a living person), has been placed on Tokyo, and that it will prevent anyone from accessing their Magnetite as long as five magic jars remain opened. However, only a very self disciplined and strong individual can carry through this task, as the effects of the Aether around the jars would drive a normal person insane. Toki offers herself for this task.

Each jar is located in a small shrine, and each appears to represent a powerful sin. Each jar is also guarded by one of the Four Heavenly Kings and Marici, who attempt to stop the party. Whenever Toki attempts to seal the jars, she briefly succumbs to the effects of the Aether, experiencing each time a different unnaturally strong craving: anger, gluttony, sloth, lust and pride. She manages to return to her original self shortly afterwards to seal the jars. After the fifth jar has been sealed, Maitreya appears before the party with the intention of killing them where they stand. However, after the party defeats him, they are soon faced by the Mesopotamian mother goddess Inanna. She is unable to fully manifest, having only just managed to gather her sense of self due to the abundance of magnetite, and tries to reclaim her powers from Danu, who was born by a shard of her identity. The party fends her off, thus leading her to try and possess Toki, who is unconscious from Maitreya’s attack. Gaston saves her in the nick of time, destroying the fragment of Inanna before she could do anything.

With the jars sealed, the Mandala is now gone. After that, the party rejoices, and Toki, who has seemingly been influenced by the magnetite overdose, has seemingly gained emotions. The party returns to Kinshicho with a high morale.

Nanashi agrees to let her come with them, much to her pleasure. After resting, however, Nanashi learns that Shesha has returned to life, in accordance to Krishna’s words. However, to the group's surprise, when they arrive at Ikebukuro, they find Shesha's appearance to have changed considerably, becoming more humanoid in looks and behavior, even being capable of speech. Nanashi and the group manage to defeat Shesha once again, though Shesha claims that one day, he will resurrect and come back to kill him before dying once again.

Defeat the Divine Powers[edit | edit source]

With Shesha now gone, all attention now shifts to the Divine Powers. All three factions attack Tsukiji Honganji, in order to destroy Krishna and his faction, and rescue Flynn. Nanashi and his group infiltrate the temple, and try to locate Flynn. As they do so, they notice that the temple, which should have been under the control of Maitreya’s faction, is devoid of a single devoter. A Hunter claims that they have all committed suicide by throwing themselves into the belly of Shesha prior to it's death for the second time. The group finally encounters Flynn, who is locking blades with Odin. He manages to slay the Norse god, though he suffers serious injuries as a result. Krishna arrives, though he doesn’t want to retrieve Flynn, seeing that he has no intention of becoming his Godslayer. The party then engages him in battle, though despite his defeat, he says that he will simply sit back and watch the "drama" between Lucifer and Merkabah play out.

Even after Krishna has been defeated, the group becomes hounded by both demons and angels, who try to either kill or take Flynn. When they are about to escape, they are attacked by the Ring of Gaea, led by Kii and Kei. Toki refuses to follow them any further, stating that the Ring of Gaea's (and her) sole belief was that the strong had to rule over the weak, while they have banded together betraying the cult’s ideals. Then she sides with Nanashi in defeating the followers of chaos, as she also has apparently become attached to Nanashi. As they leave the temple, Adramelech appears with the intention to kill the group. He tries to use Asahi against Nanashi, due to how he tried to protect her before, which led to his death by Adramelech's hands. Nanashi and Asahi finally claim vengeance when they slay Adramelech, thus avenging Nikkari and Manabu.

Infiltrating the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado[edit | edit source]

After Flynn is taken back to Kasumigaseki, in order to be treated for his wounds, the group returns to the Association, where a video conference is being held. With the threat of the Divine Powers now gone, Merkabah calls off the ceasefire, thus resuming his war with Lucifer. He offers God’s peace to the people of Tokyo, at the price of them serving the cause of the angels and abandoning all technology. Lucifer promises them power and freedom would they to side with him. Skins and Fujiwara state that they have already made their decision, and oppose both sides. After the conference is over, Gaston and the Crusaders receive orders to return to the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado, and much to his shock, the Crusaders have been dissolved, and he stripped of his rank of captain. He then reluctantly returns to Mikado, much to the group's sadness.

After Gaston leaves, the party is summoned by Fujiwara, who asks them to infiltrate the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado in order to gather information for the upcoming battle. In order to pass through the Purgatorium Domain set up by the angels, Dr. Matsuda makes Gauntlet mock-ups, which allow them to bypass angel security. However, a problem arises when Navarre brings up a fact upon Asahi realizing Isabeau and Flynn's age: at the age of 18, citizens must undergo the Gauntlet Rite. If they manage to activate the Gauntlet, they are welcomed into the Samurai Order. With the exception of Nozomi, everyone in Nanashi's group is underage, though they come up with the idea of using improvised disguises.

They enter Naraku, managing to fool the Power guarding the main door, and enter the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado. The Hunters of Tokyo are immediately left in awe by the site of the city, as Isabeau explains that the ruined statue was once the statue of King Aquila, though some legends referred to him by the namesake of Akira, which Asahi recognizes as the name that Hunters despise. Later, a Samurai passes through, informing them that a meeting will be held soon. The group then takes the time to explore Mikado. As they do so, they learn from the Luxurors that Gaston was not exactly viewed with respect, despite some admiring his drive to honor his family name after Navarre's escapades in the previous game. Navarre also laments that his father now acts like he is dead, and is glad for it. While optional, Nanashi can visit and take a nap at Lake Mikado. Doing so will cause a dream, where Nanashi hears a man speaking to someone. Asahi wakes him up, and finds a fishing hook in his hand, where the man's voice asks him to give it to Flynn. While visiting the Monastery, Nanashi activates an old Gauntlet, which shocks one of the monks, as the Gauntlet had been impossible to activate for years.

The party then heads to the meeting ground, where they find Abbot Hugo about to address the populace, though Merkabah in the form of Jonathan takes over. Merkabah informs those who have gathered that it is nearly time to defeat Lucifer and activate the Yamato Perpetual Reactor, thus setting off a black hole that will consume all of Tokyo. Unfortunately, Merkabah also reveals Nanashi and his party, already aware of them, and has them arrested. While imprisoned, Nanashi has a dream about Akira once again. In the dream, Akira tells Skins and Fujiwara that he intends to stay behind with everyone who have chosen to live above the Firmament. According to the angels, those who choose to live above ground, while privileged to live there, will virtually be left to revert back to the stone age, as per the angels' conditions. Fujiwara and Skins are shocked that Akira would attempt this, but he explains that he intends to use the angels, and find a way to unite the people who would live above the ceiling, and the people in Tokyo. The three then agree on the plan, with Fujiwara and Skins using the demons to help their own lives. They agree to meet back at some point in the future, and the they embark on their new mission.

Upon awakening, Nanashi and the others are locked inside of a cell, stripped of their equipment. However, they notice that Isabeau is not among them. Gaston arrives and informs them that Isabeau was taken for questioning, while the rest of them are to be executed, than informs them that their equipment is in the Monastery. Nanashi then summons a demon and destroys the prison gate, and they take their leave. Unfortunately they're ambushed by angels as soon as they escape. Nanashi quickly destroys them, and the group heads to reclaim their gear. However, when they arrive, Azrael intercepts them, and has the group beset by an army of lower ranking angels. Hallelujah notes the situation is dire, and asks everyone to please not hate him for what is about to happen. To their surprise, Hallelujah's form changes, with his eyes turning red and his hair turning brink pink. He reveals to them that he is actually a half-demon, born from the forbidden union of a human woman and a devil. This angers Azrael, who intends to purge the world from what he considers an abomination.

Nanashi and Hallelujah eliminate Azrael, and to the latter's surprise, everyone welcomes him all the same, since their group isn't exactly full of "normal humans." Toki arrives with their equipment and smartphones in tow, as well as the Gauntlet that Nanashi had activated earlier. The group then heads to the Terminal in Aquila Plaza, as it would allow them to return to Tokyo. Unfortunately, none of their smartphones connect to it, as the angels had rewired it to not recognize the Hunters' smartphones, or the mock-up Gauntlets. However, Gaston arrives, using his Gauntlet to transport them to Kasumigaseki, intending on journeying with the party. Upon arrival, the group then reports to Fujiawara and Skins.

Armageddon[edit | edit source]

The next day at a video conference, Merkabah declares the end of the ceasefire, and continues to wage war against Lucifer, who responds in kind. The Hunters Association chooses to rally behind Flynn for the final battle, while some have chosen to side with either Merkabah or Lucifer. Hallelujah learns that the Ashura-kai have chosen to side with Lucifer, much to his dismay, but resolves to stay with the group. Afterwards, the party heads to Camp Ichigaya, which is surrounded by demons and angels. When they arrive at their destination, the group is surprised to find Isabeau, who was released by Samurai commander Hope on his behalf, and was put on probation. Isabeau intends to fight with Flynn and the others. Flynn then rallies everyone to his side, and the Hunters begin their assault. Unfortunately, the path to the Reactor is blocked by a barrier, which requires two seals to progress further in, and said seals are guarded by Lucifer's generals, Belial and Lucifuge. After both are defeated, Nanashi and the others press on, though they are forced to enter another domain, this one set up by Abe. Abe is displeased by Hallelujah's decision to stay with the group, but tells him to give him his reasons when they meet. When they arrive, Abe reveals himself as the demon Samyaza, a name Hallelujah recognizes as the name his mother often mentioned. Samyaza states that he wasn't able to lead Lucifer's army and raise a child at the same time, and asks Hallelujah to side with him, given his potential as a half-breed.

Hallejuah rejects Abe, however, in favor of his bonds with his friends. Samyaza is defeated, noting that he's been surpassed by his son, and the group heads to the Reactor. Upon arrival, they find that the battle has already begun, with the sides engaging one another. Flynn calls out Merkabah on his views as he slaughters several hunters, offering God's peace to those who join its ranks. Nanashi can choose to either accept Merkabah's salvation, or reject it and fight him. Choosing the first will cause Flynn to leave out of disgust, with everyone too tired to fight back, and Nanashi fighting Lucifer. Afterwards, the Yamato Reactor activates and swallows up Tokyo. Choosing to reject Merkabah's salvation will encourage the Hunters to fight back. Merkabah orders Gaston to kill Nanashi, though he refuses, preferring to protect humanity over complying to the angels, then somehow snapping Michael's Spear in half.

After Merkabah is defeated, Lucifer congratulates the protagonists, offering them great power were they to join him. Like before, Nanashi can choose to accept Lucifer's offer, or deny him. The former option will have the same result as accepting Merkabah's offer. The latter option will result in a battle against Lucifer, with the Ashura-kai deciding to follow Hallelujah instead. When Lucifer is defeated, he laments with his dying breath that he will always be used as a tool by the creator God.

With the death of Merkabah and Lucifer, the Hunters celebrate their victory, now free of the demons and angels. Those who sided with them are still welcomed, and are healed, despite their previous allegiances. Nanashi and Asahi then return him to Kinshicho.

The Cosmic Egg[edit | edit source]

A day after the battle at Camp Ichigaya, a celebration is held at Kasumigaseki, shere the group receives a warm welcome, with everyone calling them the heroes, alongside Flynn. The latter gives a grand speech, causing an unnaturally overexcited reaction in his spectators, who then fall lifeless to the ground. Flynn then reveals his true identity and visage as Shesha, who is now resurrected from the previous battle and has evolved in such a way to imitate Flynn’s appearence and mannerisms, thus snatching the souls of humans through charisma and not by eating their bodies. He then proceeds to lunge at Nanashi, who is saved by Asahi, who gets devoured instead, then Shesha, full to the brim with souls, leaves for the outside.

The group then gives chase to Shesha, exiting of the base just in time to see him become the Cosmic Egg. Krisha and Odin then reveal themselves, along with the real Flynn in tow. The avatar of Vishnu states that salvation is almost at hand, and with the Full Moon, their new universe shall be born. Afterwards, they retreat into the Cosmic Egg. Not long afterwards, the group encounters several demons who belong to the Divine Powers, who attack the Underground Districts and Kasumigaseki in order to harvest their souls and eliminate any remaining active hunters respectively. When the group reaches the Egg, Odin halts their advance. He then reveals that he and Dagda were once one and the same, but split and become their own entities, then he challenges the group to a duel, promising his powerful spear Gungnir to the winner. Once defeated, he curses Dagda’s name before collapsing.

With Odin gone, Gaston claims his spear as his own, noting how fitting it is for him. Dagda also tells Nanashi that it is almost time for him to hold up his end of the bargain, saying that he is counting on him. The group then enters the Egg, noting the lack of security. Krishna then emerges, awakening Inanna in Toki's body. She then "rebirths" Maitreya into existence in the form of Mithra-Buddha, who then proceeds to cast a magic seal on the Cosmic Egg that prevents Dagda from releasing the souls within (dying in this instance will result in a game over), and the gods Seth, Apsu and Baal (previously trapped in the form of Beelzebub).

Later, they encounter Inanna, who demands that Danu return her power to her so that she may give birth to new souls in Krishna's new universe. As Danu refuses, the Mesopotamian goddess attacks, even taking control of Toki and forcing her to confess her feelings for Nanashi while in a frenzy. In the end, Inanna is defeated and absorbed by Danu, allowing her to return to her senses.

The group then encounters Mitra-Buddha, who greets them casually. Having been revived into his true form, he states that his role is to grant enlightenment, and reveals that Flynn and Nanashi are the reincarnations of the boy who merged wth Masakado to protect Tokyo, and Akira, who later became King Aquila of Mikado, respectivelly. This shocks Isabeau, but Mitra-Buddha says that the cycle of reincarnation is a curse, and he will free them from it. Once defeated, his seal upon the Cosmic Egg starts to unravel.

Upon reaching the Sixth Floor of the Cosmic Egg, and at the entrance to the Heart, Dagda stands before the group, saying that Krishna and Flynn are nearby, and that the Full Moon is nearly upon them. He then asks Nanashi what he intends to do about the Cosmic Egg, either destroying it to maintain the status quo or use it to make a new universe, where humans will finally be free from God and the gods' control. As Danu emerges, the two start arguing again, as Danu wishes for the world to be fixed and return to its natural harmony, then Nanashi’s companions ask him to join them and rebuild the world together. Dagda instead asks Nanashi to forsake his friends and obtain true freedom by undoing the current existence. Depending on the player’s choices one of two endings will unfold and Maitreya's seal will finish unraveling, allowing Dagda to revive Nanashi and release the souls trapped within.

Bonds Route[edit | edit source]

By choosing to retain what little humanity he has left, and choosing to side with his friends, Nanashi chooses to destroy the Cosmic Egg. Everyone sides with him, but Dagda, disappointed with him, tries to take back the life he gave to Nanashi, stating that he can regret his decision while returning to the brink of death. During the battle, Nanashi constantly loses health, and his demons do not obey him. Danu manages to save Nanashi by creating a new Dagda using the power she gained from Inanna. As a result, the new Dagda supplies Nanashi with his energy, and allows him to retain his free will. Old Dagda is then defeated and has his ideals crushed as he vanishes, seeing Nanashi and his friends triumphing over him.

With the old Dagda gone, and embracing his humanity, Nanashi obtains the "Awakened Power" passive skill. Dagda then revives all of the souls inside the Egg, including Asahi, and then they proceed to meet with Krishna in the core of the cosmic egg.

Krishna is aware that without the souls to power the Egg, even the full moon will not result in the creation of the new universe. He still vows that he will never give up his salvation, and since the party refuses to cooperate, he battles them, merging with Flynn to form Vishnu-Flynn. During the battle, Nanashi calls out to Flynn, causing the fusion to begin to unravel as Flynn remembers his identity. With the defeat of Vishnu-Flynn, Flynn takes up Masakado's Katana and erases Krishna's existence, while Nanashi destroys the heart of the Cosmic Egg using Ame-no-Murakumo.

Flynn returns to Ginza's crosswalk to finish what he had intended to do - revive Masakado in order to lift the Firmament from Tokyo. However, Masakado had decided that, between Flynn and Nanashi, both Mikado and Tokyo are capable of coexisting in harmony. Masakado deduces that Tokyo is no longer in need of his protection, and leaves it to both messiahs to coordinate the new alliance with Mikado and Tokyo. With the Divine Powers, Merkabah, and Lucifer defeated, the party returns home to contemplate their future of freedom.

Massacre Route[edit | edit source]

By choosing to throw away his humanity, and sever his bonds with his friends, Nanashi chooses to create a new universe with Dagda. This causes everyone to turn on him, stating that their goals and motivations cannot allow Nanashi to succeed. They then attack Nanashi. Dagda tells his Godslayer to slaughter them all, so that he can take their souls.

Each member gives a piece of dialogue after they're defeated.

With everyone dead, Nanashi has cast aside his bonds with them, and embraces his role as a Godslayer, leading to him obtaining the Awakened Power passive skill. He also obtains Masakado's Katana off Isabeau's body. They then head to the Heart of the Cosmic Egg, where Krishna awaits.

Krishna merges with Flynn and proceeds to do battle with Nanashi, is defeated, and is killed with the power of Masakado's Katana. The full moon arrives as the heart of the Cosmic Egg transforms into a new Creator's throne, while Dagda tells Nanashi to rest and prepare for the next day as the Cosmic Egg prepares to hatch into the new universe.

The Creator[edit | edit source]

Regardless of route, Nanashi has a dream where he is visited by Stephen in the Monochrome Forest, telling him of the nature of gods. The Axiom had given humans the power to derive faith, and the ability to turn this faith into truth, thus giving the gods the ability to exist. Denial of this faith, in turn, can completely destroy a god, thus gifting humans with the ability to completely kill gods and become Godslayers. He also informs Nanashi of the presence of YHVH, and tells him to head to the stone in Ginza, where he will show Nanashi the way towards YHVH.

Bonds Route[edit | edit source]

Nanashi awakens from his slumber in his room, greeted by his companions as they all agree to take on YHVH and win true freedom for humanity. They head to Ginza crosswalk where they also meet with Flynn and the other Hunters, who had also received the same dream from Stephen. Stephen arrives, and tells the player to place the nine columns he had gathered from the Cosmic Egg on the giant stone. The stone absorbs each column and transforms into a giant obsidian monolith, and Stephen tells Nanashi that touching the monolith will transport him into YHVH's Universe. Flynn joins Nanashi's party in YHVH's Universe, acting as a separate unit who can help engage nearby enemy units.

Massacre Route[edit | edit source]

Dagda wakes Nanashi from his slumber, and has him choose between one of the souls of his companions to serve as the goddess of their new universe, while the rest of his companions' souls will become the foundation of the universe. He also notes that as long as YHVH exists, the Cosmic Egg will never hatch and their plans cannot reach fruition. He suggests to go along with what Stephen suggests, and also revives Flynn as Nanashi's secondary Godslayer and brainwashed servant.

Nanashi arrives at Ginza's crosswalk, and is stopped by a group of Hunters led by Fujiwara and Skins. They had also received the same dream from Stephen, who had informed them of Nanashi's decision. Furious that they had misplaced their trust in him, and the fact that the Flynn who stands with him is no longer the Hopebringer of Tokyo, the Hunter group mounts a last stand in an attempt to kill Nanashi, who effortlessly slaughters them all. Stephen arrives after the battle, and Dagda is a little apprehensive given that Stephen had a hand in starting this fight. Stephen defends his actions, saying he only told them the truth, and what happened afterwards was not under his control. He then instructs Nanashi to place the nine columns he had gathered from the Cosmic Egg on the giant stone. The stone absorbs each column and transforms into a giant obsidian monolith, and Stephen tells Nanashi that touching the monolith will transport him into YHVH's Universe.

To Defeat YHVH[edit | edit source]

While traversing YHVH's Universe, Nanashi and his party encounter the lingering spirits of Walter and Jonathan, who wander due to the "hearts" of Lucifer and Merkabah. They also encounter enemies they have defeated in the past, such as Lucifer's general Lucifuge and the Morning Star himself, as well as Merkabah, Azrael, and Aniel. According to Stephen, these are actually copies based on YHVH's perception of what transpired in the past through the eyes of others, and thus recreated it. Eventually, upon reaching the Fourth Brane, Nanashi finds Walter and Jonathan again, who claim that they realize their purpose, which is to return Lucifer and Merkabah into their original form. The two assume their demonic forms, and fuse together, creating Satan. Satan states that his role is to abide by the ever-changing laws that are formed as time progresses, recognizing Nanashi's desire to defeat YHVH as part of the cycle, offering to lead him to YHVH's Throne, but only if he defeats him.

After a difficult battle, Satan grants Nanashi his blessing, and leads him to YHVH's Throne. Upon reaching the doors leading to the Throne, YHVH warns Nanashi to turn back, lest he face eternal suffering. Regardless, he pushes on, and eventually comes to face him. YHVH's presence seemingly encompasses everything, as several golden heads occupy the space around them. YHVH calls Nanashi a poor son of man who has been led astray by demonkind, and does not fully understand what this transgression shall mean for them.

Bonds Route[edit | edit source]

Satan judges YHVH, in order to see him worthy of his place, and then splits himself apart, granting life to both Jonathan and Walter, who form a separate party with Flynn and Isabeau. At first, YHVH proves difficult to defeat, but the party uses their experiences to form a new understanding of YHVH, undermining his divinity and transforming him from a divine being into a demonic one. YHVH is outraged by this, and informs them that all that awaits them now is eternal suffering.

After his defeat, YHVH is still unable to believe that his order is wrong. He even condemns Nanashi and his friends for trampling over his ideals, believing that humans cannot live without his order, and that he is slipping away from the minds of humans. YHVH claims that they will regret this, and then dies.

Massacre Route[edit | edit source]

Satan judges YHVH, in order to see him worthy of his place, causing YHVH to grow angry that Satan would reject even Him, proclaiming that he is now beyond his protection. Flynn then forms a separate party with Satan. At first, YHVH proves difficult to defeat, though by denying certain aspects of him, Nanashi slowly degrades him from a divine being to a demonic one. YHVH is outraged by this, and informs him that all that awaits him now is eternal suffering.

After his defeat, YHVH laments that Nanashi continues to reject him, reducing him to his current state and trampling over his plans and ideals, even as he slips away from the minds of humans. However, he states that this is not the end, and that humans are weak, always yearning for his law and order. He tells Nanashi that he will regret this, and then dies.

Endings[edit | edit source]

Bonds Ending[edit | edit source]

After YHVH's defeat, Nanashi and his allies are returned to the monolith in Ginza. Isabeau notices that Jonathan and Walter have not appeared with them. The disembodied voices of Jonathan and Walter respond and explain that Satan, being a part of YHVH, will vanish, and that by extension, the pair will also vanish as they return to the Axiom. They go on to state that they have no regrets for the choices that they made, and that they hope to reunite as friends and rivals upon reincarnation. Isabeau tearfully bids them goodbye as their voices fade.

Immediately after, Stephen (with the Goddess of Tokyo) appears to congratulate the group, telling them that their power of observation should no longer be affected by YHVH. The goddess then proceeds to regain her lost form. She implores the two messiahs sent by the Axiom, Flynn and Nanashi, to continue leading humanity. She and Stephen then depart, but not before Stephen warns the group not to let their eyes deceive them, as their power of observation is what drives the existence of gods and demons.

After Stephen leaves, the group reflects on humanity's new place in the Universe with optimism. They each decide to go their separate ways as they work to rebuild Tokyo and Mikado. Dagda, in preparing to return to the Fairy Forest with Nozomi and Danu, releases Nanashi from service as his Godslayer; in doing so, he completely restores Nanashi's humanity, removing the green markings and eye color while deeming Nanashi's life his own. The group notes that, though they may be parting ways, this truly isn't goodbye for them, as their paths will inevitably cross each others' time and again.

As a montage of the restoration efforts plays, Dagda thanks Nanashi for carving a new path for both humans and gods alike while expressing pure admiration for carving his own path. He reflects that, though he does not entirely disagree with the views of his old self, his new self exists because of Nanashi's actions and has achieved new understanding. He states that his new goal is to help Nozomi and Danu rebuild fairykind and work to coexistence with mankind. As Nanashi and his friends reunite in Mikado Castle to witness the unveiling of a new statue in Flynn and Nanashi's honor, Dagda remarks that he was glad that he wound up stuck with Nanashi.

Massacre Ending[edit | edit source]

After YHVH's defeat, Nanashi finds himself drifting among clouds as Satan speaks to him. Satan says that he, being a part of YHVH, will vanish, and congratulates Nanashi for defeating YHVH. Nanashi returns to the Creator's Throne in the Cosmic Egg, and is greeted by Stephen and the Goddess of Tokyo. Stephen, too, congratulates Nanashi for his achievements, and the Goddess of Tokyo vanishes, seeking another messiah to dethrone Nanashi and restore her to her true form. Stephen warns Nanashi not to befall the same fate as the gods before him. Flynn vows to defeat all other messiahs and gods who oppose Nanashi, and his chosen goddess swears to create more followers to replace them.

Nanashi sits upon the Creator's Throne, and uses the souls of his other former companions to add the finishing touches to the new universe. The Cosmic Egg hatches, and as the old world gives way to the new one, Dagda thanks Nanashi as he can now return to being one with nature has he was before. As Dagda fades away, so does the green scar on Nanashi's cheek, before Nanashi opens his eyes to reveal that they are now gold, symbolizing his status as the new creator God.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Like Flynn in SMTIV, Nanashi can learn skills from his demons via Whisper events, and use it to power his existing skills up. Unlike Flynn, who has no passives due to the mechanics of Demon Whisper, Nanashi gains an "Awakened Power" passive after his choice between either Neutral route. This passive greatly powers up his attacks and lets them bypass resistance.

While the Awakened Power passive can be overwritten, Nanashi will also gain a Stone of Destiny that will allow him to re-learn it at any time outside of battle. It also has infinite uses.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On his jumpsuit, one can read: "Imagine there's no Heaven, it's easy if you try, no Hell below us, above us only sky. Imagine all the people, living for today." These are the lyrics to John Lennon's signature song, "Imagine."
  • His jumpsuit is reminiscent of Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey's Demonica suit in color and style, albeit the unarmed version.
  • Similar to Flynn who is the reincarnation of the man who fused with Masakado, Nanashi is the reincarnation of the Akira of the neutral route.
  • The character design provides a contrast between Flynn and Nanashi, due to their respective roles in their stories. Whereas Flynn was born in a more peaceful world, and later accepted into nobility, bearing a dignified and mature air to him, Nanashi lives in a chaotic, war-torn world while having the look of a delinquent.
    • Nanashi also mirrors Flynn in some ways, as his first demon partner is a Centaur, which is also the first demon Flynn negotiates with in Shin Megami Tensei IV.
  • Prior to his death, Nanashi was listed as being a part of the Human Race. However, after making a deal with Dagda, his race is changed to "Godslayer." This is similar to the circumstances of the protagonist of Devil Survivor, where in two of the 3DS remake's endings, specifically in the Messiah and Overlord 8th Day Routes, his race is changed from human to "Bel."
    • Curiously, Danu says that Nanashi is not quite human. Additionally, Dagda says that, after being revived as a Godslayer, Nanashi is no longer human, but he is neither angel nor demon.
    • After the boss battle following the choice to side with Dagda or to destroy the Cosmic Egg, Nanashi's Race changes to "Awakened." Oddly, this title carries over to "New Life" New Game Plus cycles.
  • The original designs for Nanashi have him resemble Asahi's father, Boss, a great deal. Furthermore, rather than having green markings, he had a possible prosthetic or a black demonic arm with white markings.
  • If the player has chosen to follow the Anarchy route, then Nanashi's voice will become darker and more malicious while opening up the menu.
  • As shown during his imprisonment in Mikado, Nanashi is capable of summoning demons without the aid of an external device. He is the second character to be able to accomplish this, the first being the Demi-fiend.
  • In one of the three lore DLC Hunter Notes, in one world, Nanashi had chosen to refuse Dagda's offer, and died permanently, thus setting the events of what would transpire in Shin Megami Tensei IV.
  • Nanashi is the second youngest protagonist of the mainline Shin Megami Tensei franchise, the first being Aleph.
  • One of the Relics that can be found is a thermometer. It's description implies Nanashi's body temperature is at 35.3 °C, below normal ranges and barely above the threshold for hypothermia. This may be a side-effect of his revival.
    • Another relic's description, a manometer, states his blood pressure is at an average 118 over 59.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse
SMTIV Final Dagda and Protagonist.jpg
Nanashi and Dagda.
SMTIVFinal illustration by Masayuki Doi.jpg
Illustration of Nanashi and the main characters by Masayuki Doi
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Illustration of Nanashi for TGS 2016 by Doi
Nanashi Initial Design SMTIVF.jpg
Initial older design depicted in Famitsu.
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Nanashi killed by a demon
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Nanashi after being revived
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Nanashi in an animated image video, "Tokyo Collapse"
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Nanashi's swimsuit
DLC Armor
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Nanashi's DLC Costume HMV Exclusive
Vivid T Armor (Tsutaya Pre-order) (Japan only)
Best Buy DLC costume
Prime Suit (Amazon Pre-order)
GSEB Power Suit (Gamestop/EB Pre-order)
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Tokyo's Past Set DLC
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Asahi/Nozomi Set DLC
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Green Pompadour DLC
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Chironnupu Mask DLC
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Avatars Hat DLC
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Last Chronicle’ Card Illustrations of Nanashi
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Makoto as Nanashi in Persona 5: Dancing Star Night

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