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"Together, we have become a being known as a Nahobino. This new body should allow us to fend off the demons."
—Aogami, Shin Megami Tensei V

Fusion of the protagonist and Aogami gives birth to Nahobino.

Nahobino (ナホビノ*)? is an entity in Shin Megami Tensei V. It generally refers to the protagonist of the game and Aogami's body from having fused together. It is described to resemble neither human nor demon, and a "blasphemous being."

In English, the term Nahobino (合一神, Gouitsujin)? also refers to a unique race in the game.


Nahobi-no-kami or Naobi-no-kami (直毘神*)? refers to two Shinto gods, namely Kaminahobinokami (神直毘神) and Oonahobinokami (大直毘神), who are born from Izanagi, after the netherworld filth (Kegare) washed away from his body formed two gods of calamity, Magatsuhi (禍津日神*)?. "Nao" (直*)? is the Japanese verb stem for "to fix/straighten" (c.f. naoru and naosu). Their duty is to fix or straighten the calamity brought by Magatsuhi, as "maga" (曲*)? is also the Japanese verb stem for "to turn/bend" (c.f. magaru and mageru).

In Kojiki, a third god, goddess Izunome-no-kami (伊豆能売*)?, is born along with Nahobi whose duty is to purge/cleanse Magatsuhi, but she is not mentioned in Nihon Shoki.

List of Demons[]

Shin Megami Tensei V[]

Demon Level
The protagonist (Fused with Aogami) 3+
Abdiel (Fused with Ichiro Dazai) 83
Nuwa (Fused with Shohei Yakumo) 83
Tsukuyomi (Hayao Koshimizu & Yuzuru Atsuta) 83

In Other Languages[]

Language Titles
Flag of the United States English Nahobino (entity) Nahobino (race)
Flag of Japan Japanese ナホビノ (Nahobino) 合一神 (Unified God)
Flag of South Korea Korean 나호비노 (Nahobino) 합일신
Flag of Hong KongFlag of the Republic of China.svg Traditional Chinese 創毘 (Chuàng pí) 合一神 (Unified God)


  • "Nahobino" is used for both the entity itself and the race title in the English version. In the Eastern versions, "Nahobino" (ナホビノ*)? refers to the entity only, while the race title is instead written as "Unified God" (合一神, gouitsujin)?.
  • In the Traditional Chinese translation, the entity Nahobino's hanzi is instead rendered as "創毘" (Chuàng Pí) with "" meaning "to create" instead of "to fix."
  • How a Nahobino's hands allow one to create a sword of light by their fingers may stem from the battle of Take-Mikazuchi and Take-Minakata as spoken in the Kokiji; during their fight, Take-Minakata grasped Take-Mikazuchi's arm, in which Take-Mikazuchi morphed his hand into an icicle and then a sword, causing Take-Minakata to lose his grip. Take-Mikazuchi is also said to be borne of the blood from Izanagi's Ten Grasp Hand sword upon slaying Kagatsuchi upon his birth.

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