Nagatacho in Persona 5 at night

Nagatacho (永田町, Nagatachō)? is a location in the series.


Nagatachō is a district in Tokyo, Japan. It is where the National Diet and other government buildings are located, such as the Prime Minister's office and various political parties headquarters.

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Devil SurvivorEdit

A battle against Naoya's summoned demons takes place on the 5th Day here. The destroyed National Diet building is a symbolic to the fact that the government cannot help its citizens anymore.

Persona 5 Edit

Nagatacho is where the National Diet Building is located. It appears in the scenarios revolving around Masayoshi Shido and the parliamentary elections taking place in December, and after the Phantom Thieves of Hearts enacted their plan after infiltrating Sae Niijima's palace. The Thieves also spent time there to figure out the keyword to Shido's Palace after realizing that the building is its location. However, despite location being shown on Tokyo map, it can never be visited ever again.

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