Nagahisa Kai is a character in Devil Children Black Book & Red Book. He is Setsuna Kai's younger half-brother. Unlike Setsuna, Nagahisa is an Angel Child. His demon partner is a Sphinx. He's known as Hisa in DemiKids.

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Devil Children Red & Black Book[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the game, Nagahisa is captured by demons and taken to the Expanse, and his rescue is the main force driving Setsuna for the first half of Black Book. According to Isis, Nagahisa was indeed taken in by demons but he was almost immediately rescued by the angels.

During his stay with the angels, Nagahisa meets his biological father Michael, who convinces him that demons are sinful and corrupt, and thus their world must be destroyed so it can be rebuilt. Nagahisa then takes an antagonistic role in the story, fighting against both Setsuna and Mirai Kaname.

Nagahisa and Michael are last seen inside the Orgel Room, where they give the game's protagonist one last choice of joining their cause. Should the protagonist say yes, Nagahisa will be overjoyed and the scene will lead to the first bad ending of the game. Should the protagonist refuse Nagahisa's offer, they will then fight. Nagahisa accepts his loss and, after his defeat, the protagonist will also sense the power of angels coursing through their veins.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children (Manga)[edit | edit source]

In the manga adaptation, Nagahisa has no relation to Setsuna at all. Instead, he is an artificial human created by the angels as a weapon they would use in their plans to subjugate the Expanse. Nagahisa didn't know this at first, instead believing a false memory that he was kidnapped from the human world by demons due to being a potential Devil Child. Nagahisa's powers include being able to kill living beings, as well as taking away their memories and judgement. At first he was merely using his powers unconsciously, which caused the sudden death of all life in Forest Land and made Mirai take him along with her despite his incredibly suspicous background.

During the attack by the angel forces on Fire Land, Nagahisa was recognized by the angels and appointed commander of their army. This was all a plan by Raphael, who decided to use Nagahisa as a figurehead while acting as the de facto leader of the angel army. Thus, Nagahisa spent most of his time hanging out with a brainwashed Mirai, whom he had developed feelings for.

Mirai was snapped out of her brainwashing once she saw Setsuna, who had infiltrated the angels' citadel as an astral projection. In a fit of jealous rage, Nagahisa declares that Mirai belongs to him only and orders her imprisonment in the citadel's dungeon. Nagahisa is then visited by Zett Takajō, who reveals Nagahisa's origin to him. Nagahisa's powers start going haywire, threatening to destroy all of Fire Land. Zett was originally going to let Nagahisa self-destruct, but is urged by Mirai to save him.

Once the main characters reach Central Land, Nagahisa is taken hostage by a group of attacking Taown, but is saved by Mirai. Nagahisa doesn't participate in the final battle, but is seen in the epilogue attending the same middle school as Setsuna, Mirai, Zett, and Elegy.

DemiKids: Light & Dark[edit | edit source]

Hisa is a A-Rank BattleNet Opponent. He appears after the protagonist wins countless A-Rank Battlenet battles. After giving the protagonists his first demon, he awakens to his angelic power and gains a star upon his forehead, spiky hair, and has a change in attitude. After giving another demon he returns to normal though. Hisa tends to use Angels in battle. Defeating him 8 times earns a Sphinx, 16 times a Dephinx, 28 a Helphinx, and 35 times a Neuphinx.

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