P5S MyDearJoker

My Dear Joker

My Dear Joker (マイ・ディア・ジョーカー*)? is a boss in Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers.



My Dear Joker looks like the protagonist as Joker but with vivid orange hair, dark skin and golden eyes.


Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom StrikersEdit

My Dear Joker is the cognitive version of the protagonist created by Shadow Akane Hasegawa to fight against the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Due to her paranoia, resentment, and sense of betrayal she feels towards her idols, she believes My Dear Joker and the cogntive version of the Thieves she also creates are the real versions until they're defeated and she calms down.

The protagonist is required to defeat this cognitive copy alone in order to advance to the next stage. Unlike most boss fights, due to the protagonist being the only party member during it, his defeat will result in an automatic game over.


P5S MyDearPhantomThieves1
My Dear Ryuji, Ann & Haru
P5S MyDearPhantomThieves2
My Dear Morgana, Yusuke, Makoto & Futaba


  • My Dear Joker is the only major boss in Scramble that is not available for rematch via one of Lavenza's quests.

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