Mutatsu is a non-player character from Persona 3.



Mutatsu is bald, has gray eyes, and wears a black, tattered, Buddhist monk's robes, with golden rings and a wristwatch.


Mutatsu speaks harshly and often will warn the protagonist to not come talk to him again. Although he says he doesn't care about what the protagonist does, he still keeps asking them. While he does claim during his Social Link he became a monk and took over his parent's temple because he believed it'd be an easy job, he seems to have some appreciation for the Buddhist teachings he extols.

He claims to be content on his own and has nothing good to say about his family. However, near the end of the Social Link he confuses the protagonist for his son while drunk. During this time he seems genuinely pleased to hear his "son" call him Dad, and it appears that his harsh tone belies a concern for his son's well-being. At the very end of his Social Link he finds the resolution to seek out his family. He is prepared to claim responsibility and take whatever abuse they might have for him for abandoning them before and attempt to win his wife's heart again.


In order to create this Social Link, the male protagonist has to level up the Strength Social Link to 4, then talk to Yuko the next time she is available; then, instead of asking to go out, she will first talk about the rumor of a monk who drinks and smokes in the club at night. In the case of the female protagonist, it is Rio who tells her the rumor in the same way after reaching rank 3 of the Chariot Arcana; Courage level 4 is required.

Mutatsu can be found in Paulownia Mall's Club Escapade (next to the Café) on the evenings of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (including holidays). Initially, Mutatsu wants more booze, and the protagonist must speak with the bartender downstairs, who asks the protagonist to take orders from everyone in the Club (Bloody Mary, Margarita, Screwdriver, Oolong Tea). After completing this task, the bartender will serve the drink to Mutatsu and the protagonist will be able to establish the Tower Social Link.

Mutatsu is a monk who tells the protagonist that he just goes to the Club to get drunk, since his wife and son have left him alone. Though he begins their encounters with a blunt tone, as the Social Link progresses, he will become more considerate. While leveling up the Social Link, he will give advice about how not to expect anything in life and that time is precious and shouldn't be wasted simply working. He hires a private detective to search for his wife and son, who ends up locating them. Mutatsu then decides to stop running away and apologize to his family.

Upon completion of this Social Link, Mutatsu will give the protagonist a Reserve Tag, enabling the fusion of Chi You.


Mutatsu's expressions
P3 manga Mutatsu
Mutatsu appears in the manga adaption

In Other LanguagesEdit

Flag of the United States English Mutatsu
Flag of Japan Japanese 無達 (Mutatsu)
Flag of South Korea Korean 무타츠 (Mutacheu)


  • "Mutatsu" is a Buddhist given name which literally means "without achievement." His mundane name is never revealed in the game.

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