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Multi-hit attacks (多段攻撃, Tadan kougeki)? is a property of certain skills in the series.


Multi-hit attacks generally land multiple hits to a target at once. This trait generally applies to some Physical skills, but in the case of Magic skills, usually each individual hit targets a random enemy instead. Skills like these may have a specific amount of hits that they can deal, or they may have a wider range (4-6 attacks possible, for instance.)

Shin Megami Tensei V[]

The accuracy of multi-hit skills is only examined against individual enemies: if the attack misses, none of the attacks in the multi-hit skill will be able to land successfully.

The Critical rate of multi-hit skills is calculated with each individual attack: only one of all the attacks is necessary to unlock an additional turn icon.

Multi-hit skills with random targets can only hit 1 enemy the minimum amounts of possible hits at most. For example, if Fire Breath, an attack that can hit 2 to 5 times, if used on a single enemy, will only be able to hit 2 times. On the other hand, Hassou Tobi, a skill that functions the same in range, but deals 8 hits every time, always lands this amount of blows regardless of how many enemies there are.

In the case that random multi-hit skills miss one of their targets, how the individiual hits are divided between the enemy party is calculated first, and all the hits meant for the enemy that was missed will not be relocated. For example, if Wrath Tempest were to hit 2 enemies 4 times each, the enemy that it didn't miss will still receive 4 hits only.

If a multi-hit skill is blocked by a shield, such as Phys Block or Tetrakarn, the skill will only hit the respective target once, with the remaining hits that were directed towards the target being skipped.

Persona 5 / Royal[]

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In Persona 5, specific properties of the skill, as in whether the attacks will hit or if they'll land a Critical, are only determined on the first hit: all hits of the attack share the exact same status: if the first attack misses, so will the rest, and if the first attack lands a Critical, so will all others. These properties are not examined beyond the first turn, so their status cannot change mid-way (e.g. the second hit cannot suddenly land a Critical if the first one hasn't.)

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