Muladhara DDS1

Embryons Base in Muladhara artwork.

Muladhara (ムラダーラ, Muradāra)? is a sector of the Junkyard in the setting of Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner.



Muladhara is the territory of the Embryon tribe, and is home to their headquarters, the Embryon Base. Serph and his comrades in the Embryon begin the game here, planning to gather information on the mysterious events that occurred at Ground Zero - namely, the transformation of the Embryon leaders into demons, and the appearance of the mysterious black-haired girl, Sera. Argilla appears to be in denial over the transformation and its attendant hunger, Heat relishes in his newfound power, and Gale and Cielo look at the scenario dispassionately. Serph, Heat and Argilla go to Svadhisthana to gather information from the Vanguards, but return soon after, having killed the Vanguards' leader in self-defense.

The leaders of all the surviving tribes (including Serph) are then summoned to the Karma Temple. There, Angel instructs the tribes to eliminate one another and bring "the black-haired girl" to the Temple in order to reach Nirvana. Back in Muladhara, Gale suggests that the Embryon ally with one of the two other weaker tribes (the Maribel or the Solids), use the alliance to crush the other tribe, then turn on their allies. Argilla opposes the planned betrayal; if Serph supports this treachery, Argilla will not learn a unique skill in Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2. Regardless, the Embryon travel to Manipura to offer their alliance to the Maribel leader, Jinana.

Eventually, the Embryon and Maribel are betrayed by Jinana's lieutenant, Bat, giving the Solids the chance to kidnap Sera from Muladhara. When the rest of the Embryon leaders take Cielo to task for failing to protect Sera, his emotions awaken in the form of panic and self-recrimination. Serph and his companions use the information that Cielo overheard from the kidnappers to follow Sera to Coordinate 136; they leave Cielo in the Embryon Base under supervision, but a mysterious cat helps him escape, and he is able to rescue Sera from Bat at the last minute. Following the compromise of their base by the kidnappers, the Embryon hide Sera at a new headquarters, dubbed Embryon Base 2.


  • Revival Bead
  • Chakra Drop x 3
  • Soma Drop
  • Dis-Poison x 2
  • Ration x 5
  • HP Noise x 2 (behind a Blue Wall)
  • MP Noise x 2 (behind a Blue Wall)
  • Great Chakra (behind a Blue Wall)

Hidden areaEdit

This area is only accessible through the Manipura Waterways after defeating Fly Beelzebub; the items here are in an area behind a Yellow Wall.

  • Tyrant Skull
  • Magatama
  • Murder Rock


  • Muladhara, or "root chakra" is the name of the first primary Chakra in Hindu Tantrism.


Serph standing near the Embryon Base in Muladhara.
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